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kik00 t1_j9uqbfg wrote

Mental health problems caused by the French team management (coach Corinne Diacre is hated by several players, and the FFF who are in the middle of a big fucking drama atm)


BrotherItsInTheDrum t1_j9uvfys wrote

I'm out of the loop. Why do they hate the coach?


kik00 t1_j9uzkor wrote

Harsh woman-management, cast off big players in the past, conservative tactics, basically she's trying to be like Didier Deschamps except it doesn't really work.


TheTrenchMonkey t1_j9v75fm wrote

I just read through her Wiki page and the section under controversies makes me question why she is still in charge.


kik00 t1_j9v7tuh wrote

Because the FFF is in fucking shambles, right now the president has had to step back because he's accused of sexual harassment (among 200 other things), the general director is gonna get fired because of her authoritative management, the whole executive committee is made of people who have shit on each other so no one can talk or do anything without getting burned by the others. Like we say in French it's a big fucking crab bucket. In this situation of course taking decisions is difficult and everything is political, nothing is done for the good of French football.


inbruges99 t1_j9ylt1r wrote

It’s a miracle France is so good at football.