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kik00 t1_j9uqbfg wrote

Mental health problems caused by the French team management (coach Corinne Diacre is hated by several players, and the FFF who are in the middle of a big fucking drama atm)


BrotherItsInTheDrum t1_j9uvfys wrote

I'm out of the loop. Why do they hate the coach?


kik00 t1_j9uzkor wrote

Harsh woman-management, cast off big players in the past, conservative tactics, basically she's trying to be like Didier Deschamps except it doesn't really work.


TheTrenchMonkey t1_j9v75fm wrote

I just read through her Wiki page and the section under controversies makes me question why she is still in charge.


kik00 t1_j9v7tuh wrote

Because the FFF is in fucking shambles, right now the president has had to step back because he's accused of sexual harassment (among 200 other things), the general director is gonna get fired because of her authoritative management, the whole executive committee is made of people who have shit on each other so no one can talk or do anything without getting burned by the others. Like we say in French it's a big fucking crab bucket. In this situation of course taking decisions is difficult and everything is political, nothing is done for the good of French football.


inbruges99 t1_j9ylt1r wrote

It’s a miracle France is so good at football.


Mentalfloss1 t1_j9uszl0 wrote

I’m sorry to see this. She’s a wonderful player. As a USWNT fan I will still miss Renard.


terry_bradshaw t1_j9vw5v7 wrote

Must be pretty damn bad to back out of the WC


FireUpDatDiesel t1_j9vwrs5 wrote

Yeah. It’s supposed to be fun.


kagalibros t1_j9xsik4 wrote

at that lvl of competition its only fun if you are some kinda masochist with a deep love for breaking limits.


theqofcourse t1_j9vrdzf wrote

How incredibly difficult to have to bow out of an event you've always dreamed of. Some things are even more important. I hope she will be well and that those around her will give her all the love and support she needs.


WickedTeddyBear t1_j9xsvig wrote

This not about mental health but because of the manager Corinne Diacre and the environnement she makes in the team. La toro and Diani did the same.

It’s an attempt to make diacre resign or being fired


LAsDad t1_j9x81fp wrote

Why is it only female athletes backing out of competition due to mental health? And don't tell me toxic masculinity. I want the real reason. The scientific reason.


MoonSurferLN t1_j9xij7f wrote

Patrick McCaffery


kagalibros t1_j9xsye1 wrote

Ben Stokes.

I bet my ass a lotta athletes just lie and say something else to keep face too. I would do that too.


forsakenpear t1_j9z11wj wrote

There are plenty of male examples too. I’m not sure what you’re getting at here? In this case it’s largely due to the immensely toxic environment at the FFA right now, so this is as much a protest absence as it is purely a mental health thing


xSAV4GE t1_j9v1p1u wrote

I wonder how much this turmoil will affect them in the upcoming world cup


Musicferret t1_j9x2cqb wrote

It takes true character to do this. Not to miss the world cup, but to say publicly that it’s because of mental health.

I’m sharing this story with my two little ones to help them see what bravery looks like.


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usernametaken5648 t1_j9zgfjp wrote

I assume you’ve never played team sports before.


BababooeyBreath t1_j9zl2ad wrote

I have. The individual sacrifices for the sake of the team. But the 2020s is a time of extreme narcissism and the individual is putting themselves first.


Fancy_Female t1_j9y5cge wrote

What happened? Is she schizo?


NJ-B t1_j9wymnj wrote

So she’s a hero now right? Isn’t that what we say when a person occupies a spot on a national team and then bows out at the last minute?


jmja t1_j9x0s9y wrote

Do you think she joined with the intention of leaving? Or what are you trying to imply with your comment?


Maleficent_Passage t1_j9xcdfk wrote

And if you say any differently then you’re the problem. I guess some people are just built differently. Unfortunately the days of Kobe and MJ have passed us by. Everyone is a little softer these days.


me7alic t1_j9utax9 wrote



un_sherwood t1_j9vm8x7 wrote

France's captain Wendie Renard. Not that this will help, since you must be illiterate to have not seen it in the post title.


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Witch_e_ t1_j9utzbd wrote

Yeah, this sentiment is exactly why men die from suicide at higher rates.

Great job!


luvs2sploooj t1_j9uxpkn wrote

One thing that drives me crazy, the whole “if I had to suffer everyone else does too” mentality.


tobydiah t1_j9v21n0 wrote

I mean.. it's not even about depression, suicide, etc.

It's literally a person who simply doesn't want to be involved in something while mental health also deals with regulating your health. I don't understand how similar types of people understand the need for exercise, nutrition, medical checkups, and rest days; but, the idea of maintaining ones mental health (which is still physical, it's definitely not magic) makes one weak, spoiled, or... not manly (that's another ridiculous topic as well).

Would many of these same guys leave for different companies / jobs, fully use their vacation days, tell their partners or children to give them a break, or resort to alcoholism (or other unhealthy coping mechanisms) if they felt unhappy or mentally drained? Yes, they would. But the moment they read "mental health" (especially when associated with any celebrity or athlete), they picture some spoiled, weak caricature they have in their mind.


delli t1_j9uzv9b wrote

What a moronic comment. Delete this


starxidiamou t1_j9v16wp wrote

I’m guessing it’s sarcasm with how ridiculous it would be otherwise


Head-Working8326 t1_j9xp9aj wrote

a couple other players followed her lead and quit the team. more of a protest against the current management/coach.


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vannucker t1_j9xo36p wrote

That's sexist. Use the gender neutral "nut up" next time.