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stench_montana t1_ja96fdh wrote

Showing why American free speech is the best version I've seen. I think it would be fine to kick a fan out for something like that, but to arrest them is absolutely ridiculous.


NiceHeadlockSir t1_jaatb9d wrote

No expert, but I believe a criminal record means different things in the UK to the US.

Get a criminal record in the US and kiss goodbye to most jobs, I believe? Something about legal liability?

In the UK, you’d be excluded from some jobs, but the 1974 rehabilitation act sees to it that you’re still pretty employable. Not speaking from experience there, but it’s certainly a different ball game.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d like to know more.


HorizonZeroFucks t1_ja9asm2 wrote

It isn't at all. It continually allows repulsive hate groups like the KKK operate.

The reason people are charged for hate crimes in the UK is because hatred like that can lead to violence against minority groups. Because other morons join in and it festers and grows and then one day, someone gets hurt, or dies, or both.

And arresting people and showing them there are consequences to hate speech, is the best way to deal with it.

America has so many hate groups that continually visit damage on others, because no one will take responsibility. The "muh freedumb" crowd just carry on whilst people get hurt.

People are still, even today, terrified of coming out, because of this kind of shit. Because they are told in the US, that they are an abomination, or against God or some other stupid, religiously bigoted crap.

And no one can do anything. So they keep living in fear, because of what? Someone's right to be a hateful fuckwit?

So no, mate, the US doesn't handle it the best way, not at all.


CruisinForABrewsin t1_ja9oo26 wrote

Throwing somebody in jail just for being an asshole? Where do you draw the line, and who ultimately gets to decide where that line is?


teabagmoustache t1_jaa70c8 wrote

I'm pretty hypocritical in that I never used care about racists and homophobes getting arrested for being aresholes, it wasn't something I could get worked up enough to defend.

When I saw people being threatened with arrest for holding up blank pieces of paper to protest the monarchy, during the Queen's funeral, I changed my mind on the subject.


CruisinForABrewsin t1_jaa9olz wrote

Exactly, it's an unfortunate reality, but it is a slippery slope. Comedians used to get arrested for cursing on stage. Not for saying an offensive joke, simply just for cursing.


Jackamalio626 t1_ja9gd13 wrote

Oh yeah that's a great way to fight hate.

Throw them all in jail and create a hate validating echo chamber.


ChevyCheeseCake t1_ja9ehm5 wrote

Arresting people for hate speech isn’t the best way to handle it. Go into those communities and educate people why their hate speech is wrong. Throwing them in jail just breeds more dissension and hate


geetarzrkool t1_jaa3r7m wrote

Neither I, nor your Government gave you permission to write that. Expect a visit shortly.


s1lentastro1 t1_jaayuim wrote

>It isn't at all. It continually allows repulsive hate groups like the KKK operate.
>And arresting people and showing them there are consequences to hate speech, is the best way to deal with it.

imagine a timeline where the government declares progressive SJW's as deplorables and starts arresting them all any time they show up to protest any given event. pink/blue hair with a septum piercing and you decided to show up to peacefully protest? nah fuck that noise, you're under arrest.

I'm just gonna leave it there. this is one of the more braindead takes I've seen on reddit lately. hopefully you're still an angsty teen.


Fishflakes24 t1_jacouk7 wrote

Look at it this way, when Obama was in power he could have introduced laws which restricted free speech in the name of hate speech. Maybe he bans a few words and phrases no one like and life goes on. But then 8 years later his term is up and he hands over to Donald Trump. Now Obama is no longer deciding who can say what, Trump is. Do you think he would have used this power well?

What is and isn't offensive isn't fact, it's opinion. What some people see as a funny joke others see as hate speech and you shouldn't make laws based on opinions, they need to be based on facts.


Zeeko76 t1_ja9xtr5 wrote

UK Police are rent boys


_NotMitetechno_ t1_jaafh7d wrote

Idk if they should be arrested, but they should probably be banned from the stadiums.


Thewackman t1_jac0i3b wrote

I'm sure this is going to be a civil comments section.


GregorKendoll t1_jabq5jz wrote

I condemn homophobia but I'm also very glad I live in a country where freedom of speech is guaranteed. Genuinely can't wrap my head around being arrested for calling someone a "rent boy"


Fishflakes24 t1_jacp24t wrote

In the UK someone got arrested for calling a horse gay


1rexas1 t1_jacalkk wrote

Figure there's more to this than the article lets on, if this is a chant that's being heard around the stadium and only one arrest has been made then I highly doubt they just picked out the guy who was singing it closest to a police officer or whatever.

Don't think someone should be arrested for chanting and I think it is pretty... unpleasant how certain groups and certain chants get condemned whereas others just kinda get left, it's an ugly line to be drawing, but I'd be amazed if all this guy was doing was joining in the chant.


geetarzrkool t1_jaa3jl6 wrote

This from a "sport" where a "good game" is 0-1 and the fans literally riot and burn the stadiums down for funsies on a regular basis.

Surely, we're all getting tired of the "Progress" that's being forced upon us all, surely.


mileswilliams t1_jaa8z3o wrote

fans literally riot and burn the stadiums down for funsies on a regular basis.


Can you share with me the last 5 times that happened please?


Zeeko76 t1_jaabjw2 wrote

I hate when I buy a ticket, only to found out they burnt the stadium down last matchday


Riverwalker12 t1_ja8i2fb wrote

And so the good intention road to hell liberal oppression begins


TBHBP t1_ja9qcbq wrote

What political party do you believe is in charge of UK?


mileswilliams t1_jaa8u2h wrote

When a new party is put in power all the laws don't just change, so it is kind of irrelevant.


TBHBP t1_jabp7xs wrote

They've been in power for 12 years


mileswilliams t1_jabyhsl wrote

Ah yes, our freedom of speech laws were written in that time with no say from any party whatsoever?

Hint... Labour.


_NotMitetechno_ t1_jaafc99 wrote

My guy the tories (the right wing party) have been in charge for at least a decade lmao


Demmandred t1_jaby9v8 wrote

Please stop ruining the word liberal. It stands for the ideals of classical liberalism which hilariously includes freedom of speech as one of it's core ideals.

American word does not mean the same across the world, keep that taint to yourself.


[deleted] t1_ja8qi6u wrote



ChevyCheeseCake t1_ja9eau2 wrote

Throwing someone in jail for hurting another person’s feelings is ridiculous