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kaynkayf t1_jab1w31 wrote

They names him best player of 2022 7 times? Wasn’t once enough?


MyrddinSidhe t1_jabyshq wrote

Seven times in one year has to be a record. What an over achiever


dessimus t1_jacivsm wrote

Each member of the committee felt like they had to be the one making the announcement.


McRambis t1_jaa2ubu wrote

Did they keep doing recounts?


Adventurous_Battle42 t1_jabi3m9 wrote

The award should have been Fifa World Cup 2022 best player awards


kamilo87 t1_jabj6kb wrote

4 billion people worldwide watched the Final Match which is deemed as one of the most impressive matches of all time, where The Best scored 3 times and won his first World Cup. (MBappé scored 4 times but didn’t win).


neeeeonbelly t1_jabkzlh wrote

Are you out of your mind? There’s no fucking way 4 billion people watched that lol. Not a chance.


Nikolateslaandyou t1_jabmi6q wrote

It was 1.5 billion


kamilo87 t1_jac6sf2 wrote

You’re right, it was 1.5B but my point stands, that’s still like 5 times the American population. There was nothing bigger than that sport-wise in 2022, not even the Champions League Final in 2022. Also Argentina lost their first match so it wasn’t the favorite all the time. France had a better team with the best bench in the tournament. It was the best setup and it delivered a great match after the 2nd half of the game.


TJLOL t1_jacc0nh wrote

Lmao I love the confidence did you just make up a stat and then say “my point stands”


kamilo87 t1_jacc920 wrote

It’s not like the other finals are even closer. I acknowledged my mistake, I’m sorry for throwing that stat but that doesn’t change the fact that Argentina’s win was bigger than anything else in football last year.


LockCL t1_jaau7ql wrote

Men player award? O.o


dolphin37 t1_jadp61x wrote

They also announced the Fifpro best XI

It plays a 3-3-4 with a back 3 of Van Dijk, Hakimi and Cancelo


BadDub t1_jacszox wrote

🐐 💩


asibhf021 t1_jabtfyc wrote

He should go celebrate in Mexico


MercenaryForHire_76 t1_jaa69a7 wrote

I mean, why dont they just rename it to "Sexiest FIFA Men's Player"


WalmartDarthVader t1_jabj4ql wrote

Penalty for Argentina.


Gabaghoulz t1_jabjtbq wrote

Lol France had 2 in the finals


WalmartDarthVader t1_jabk8zn wrote

Because the one Argentinian player guy climbed on the french player and the other one was a massive handball. Di Maria tripped, and Argentina had so many other penalties throughout the tournament.


nafarafaltootle t1_jabvdy6 wrote

You're discovering the rules of football. I'm proud of you


WalmartDarthVader t1_jad81eu wrote

A penalty isn’t given if you trip on your own feet. What rule is that?


Gabaghoulz t1_jabko6t wrote

DiMaria tripped lol No he’s a master technician and baited Dembele into making contact which was all he needed to draw the foul. Good teams and good players put themselves in position to draw fouls.