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SWWayin t1_jakqtzf wrote

“Unless the NCAA is gonna place sanctions on me…then ‘Fuck you guys, I’m out.’”


Igottamake t1_jalwxdt wrote

Thank you, Astros fan, for calling out wrongdoing in professional sports.


lionheart4life t1_jan68o8 wrote

Hey I think the Astros paid their $10k fine or whatever the punishment was.


[deleted] t1_jalx62a wrote



sumlikeitScott t1_jalarx1 wrote

Fuck the NCAA for only targeting non SEC teams. Bama has had them wrapped around their fingers for years.


tayroarsmash t1_jamd4nn wrote

You could have just said “fuck the NCAA,” they have a list of unethical bullshit they do to profit off an infrastructure they didn’t build.


stewmander t1_jan82u0 wrote

They let Cam Newton and Tyrell Pryor play in the BCS championship and Sugarbowl games in the middle of their pay for play and jersey selling scandals.


MathMaddox t1_jatkg00 wrote

Didn't Cam steal a laptop too?


stewmander t1_jau0hk6 wrote

Yeah, when he was at Florida, then he threw it out the window when he was about to get caught lol. He transferred right before they were gonna expel him I think.


SWWayin t1_jalw65b wrote

Alabama received sanctions in 2009. Ole Miss in 2017. LSU is currently under sanctions as well as Alabama basketball.


seattlesportsguy t1_jamp3cw wrote

The crazy part is if you were to rewind the clock back a couple years, most of our fan base would have been onboard with the idea of shitcanning Pete and keeping Russ


Olbaidon t1_janioy1 wrote

Russ was good at PR and Media spinning to keep fans on his side, until he wasn’t.

Also given his track record as a player, to fans, all signs pointed to coaching being the issue, until he was gone.

Lots of fans in the Seahawks sub have no issues admitting they were on the “fire Pete” train until this most recent season.

It was a very common thought.


Razorbackalpha t1_jaoc07r wrote

Yeah I was definitely on that boat. It was easy to see all of the 3 and outs as a scheming issue holding russ back instead of Russell just not being smart with the ball


Ok_Patience_6957 t1_jamirkl wrote

That’s not what he did to his players when stuff hit the fan at USC!


MicheleKO t1_janbm46 wrote

Players got screwed and he got a cushy high paying job with Seattle.


deerboxer t1_jan9rw6 wrote

Ol’ sneaky Pete slippin’ out the back door.


jeffspicole t1_jamiwxc wrote

Now Broncos fans are requesting to have Wilson fired


heresmyownthrowaway t1_jan3wn1 wrote

We are?


jeffspicole t1_jan81jb wrote

You should be


heresmyownthrowaway t1_jan8yqt wrote

Well if Jeff says so


jeffspicole t1_janbppc wrote

Oh you think he has a huge comeback career year in him? He’s just delaying and potential success for the broncos as long as he’s under center.. call me crazy but that contract is a huge liability.. I like the dude as a person, but I don’t believe he’s got much left


heresmyownthrowaway t1_janhyut wrote

That’s a valid opinion for you and I’m not saying it’s a guarantee he will turn it around but random fans of other teams on reddit don’t usually get to talk for me 😂


jeffspicole t1_jankskg wrote

I’m from southeast Wyoming.. I’ve been a broncos fan for 40 years


heresmyownthrowaway t1_jannqah wrote

So you addressed yourself and every other Bronco fan? Weird way to go about it but by all means. I’m hung up on the way you brought it up but in reality I just don’t agree with you here. Cheers.


rashomon t1_janrbc4 wrote

As a Bronco fan I was requesting a coaching change and got it. Part of the problem with the NFL [and particularly some Bronco fans] is that they want immediate success. An all or nothing approach will frequently leave us with nothing. We can't always get an Elway [who took a few years to blossom btw] or a Manning who was a good gamble. But often it takes a combination of the right coaches and the right players to make a spark. Sometimes it means patience. Let's see what this season brings.


TypeOpieNegative t1_jamv6dl wrote

" position for a second Super Bowl ring. Instead, I'll call a pass play instead of handing it off to my unstoppable juggernaut of a running back."


Manablitzer t1_janj89q wrote

The worst part about that call is they were on the NE 1, and out of 24 rushes total, lynch only had TWO runs of 0 gain, one of which was the 2nd rush in the opening drive (never lost yardage). He gained at least 1 yard on 92% of his attempts to that point.


hightimesinaz t1_jamk0wh wrote

Saying that things come back around is wise and not something you know until you get bit several times in life


marmatag t1_jao4vfr wrote

That’s nuts he’d ask for Carroll to be fired. Russ has not done anything since that defense diminished. And in Denver… ducking lol