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s3x4 t1_jaoj9xv wrote

Doesn't seem too smart to annoy someone who could afford to buy a death squad of their own


softkittylover t1_jaosbad wrote

Messi probably has enough crazy fans that are willing to kill for him for free to be fair


ttaway420 t1_jap2b30 wrote

Argentina has like 45 million people right.

So Im guessing at least 45 million crazy angry fans


77frosty7 t1_japfhg7 wrote

45m - 1 to be precise


richredditor01 t1_japqfq3 wrote

46,296,462 - 1 to be really precise.


Jonk3r t1_jaq6hoa wrote

Are you accounting for the children who were born today? They’re angry too.


Remic75 t1_japs2vl wrote

Not just killed - homie’s gonna get erased if he manages to touch Messi


rugbyj t1_jarcz0k wrote

I imagine it would be like one of those mirror arrays that concentrates the sunlight on one point for power generation. Except the mirrors are Argentinians collectively death-staring.


rugbyj t1_jarczuo wrote

I imagine it would be like one of those mirror arrays that concentrates the sunlight on one point for power generation. Except the mirrors are Argentinians collectively death-staring.


Centennial911 t1_jau7e9w wrote

Ya I believe he could ask his fans to find out who these guys are, and they wouldn’t last long. Scary.


Bruce-7891 t1_japfl54 wrote

I don’t know the whole situation but sounds cartel related. Some of those organizations are more powerful than the government, in places like Mexico at least. F that, I’d move.


GrandTusam t1_japtxyt wrote

He snubbed the current president after the win and took a picture with the opposition leader.

This is a hit orchestrated by the government. They control the drug trade in Rosario.


mixedump t1_jar324l wrote

“a hit orchestrated by the government. “

Why do you sound so sure? Can you explain further.


GrandTusam t1_jar7aej wrote

I dont have time to go into a lot of detail since im at work right now and it would require to explain about 30 years of corruption and crime perpetrated by the current rulling party.

But the current head of the police has been caught multiple times in text, audio and video coordinating with the drug cartels, giving orders and shit.

The government has openly atacked messi lately because he snubbed them after winning the world cup. The team said they didnt want to bring politics into the celebration but the government still send a lot of people to the airport to try and get a photo op for the upcoming elections, the team managed to avoid it so they used the police to try and divert the bus to the pink house, since they refused they basically had to cut the celebration short and leave early, since then they have been openly atacking messi and the rest of the team, calling them snobs and traitors.

This is just another part of it, the peronist party and their followers behave pretty much like the maga movement, whatever dear leader say is gospel and they will attack anyone they are pointed at.

Half the people think this was a "lone wolf" peronist fan, the other half believe this was a crime group send by their boss, the current head of the police, to send a message.

The timing is just to perfect.

After living in this shithole for 40 years i got to say, i dont have any proof, but also dont have any doubts.


danebest t1_jascdt0 wrote

friendlyjordies and lionel messi vs. the world.

Thanks for the insight by the way. Does seem too noteworthy to not add up. Curious how much investigative work will be* done though.


Pollomonteros t1_jb66jst wrote

Be aware that there are a LOT of lunatics in the opposition as well,it's not near the same level of black and white like in the US so the comparisons to MAGA people can be applied to "both" sides as well


throwawaygreenpaq t1_jaseh9r wrote

Thanks for the summary. Winning the world cup shouldn’t be a burden that Messi and team have to bear because of hurt egos.


GrandTusam t1_jasgmtj wrote

Its extra shitty, since he's in france they cant do much, so they go after his wife's family.

Even the mob doesnt go after your family, but this is peronism we are talking about.


throwawaygreenpaq t1_jasrrnt wrote

Which is ridiculous.

The glory of Argentinians bringing it home. The team that fought together. I cheered for you guys and prayed so hard France wouldn’t win because they were used to being the big boys. I wanted Croatia & Argentina to make it. I was screaming when Argentina did.

And then to read after all that, he has to live in fear because of the threats extended to basically anyone related to him? That’s unacceptable and shameful for the government to stoop this low.


adrian678 t1_jaqcwpm wrote

Unless the gunmen reveal themselves, these "death squads" would probably just milk him out of money by giving fake threats and fixing them.


skeeter04 t1_jaqvmvz wrote

Yes - it's probably just a hollow threat to extort money - typical


[deleted] t1_jarf7j2 wrote

or maybe just politics, the message said that some politician is drug trafficker, very odd thing to say


AbiTheSpeedLemon t1_janm2gi wrote

Message was “Messi, we’re waiting for you. Javkin is also a drug trafficker, so he won’t take care of you.”


TheHunchbackofOhio t1_janmqxm wrote

I'm confused by their message. Are they implying they also work for a drug trafficker and believe Messi has ties to Javkin who they say is a drug trafficker?

And why are they mad at Messi?


haruter65 t1_janq5oe wrote

Javkin Is the mayor of Rosario, city where Messi is from


Shepherdsfavestore t1_jao95bm wrote

But why are they angry at Messi? What Argentinian would be angry at him?


haruter65 t1_jaoc5on wrote

Well, they are angry with Messi, just not Lionel Messi, but his brother. Who is a drug addict and has connections with Newells's hooligans and drug cartel leaders in Rosario


TirelessGuardian t1_jaoipub wrote

So the title is wrong as it’s not for him?


haruter65 t1_jaoiwy4 wrote

Yeah, but you know how it is, this gets more clicks


fasterthanpligth t1_jaor836 wrote

Joke’s on them, I went straight to the comments.


mzak88 t1_jaq6ohv wrote

Didn’t we all?


Noslamah t1_jaqmw41 wrote

Crazy thing is, I've been conditioned at this point to just read the comments first because theres ALWAYS a correction/context posted in there somewhere. I dont even read the actual articles most of the time.


JonatasA t1_jaqvy64 wrote

It's better off that way.

Like going to the doctor. You'll inky really know what happened if you go online.


joaom8a t1_jaq96z9 wrote

Rosario is a hub for drug trafficking and “bands” of narcos. His wife’s family own a chain of supermarkets and apparently have been refusing to pay “protection” money.


Sonny9133 t1_jat5fdg wrote

There is a rumour that Messi might end up his career at newel's, the team where he first started playing football before moving to Barcelona. These guys most likely support Rosario central, the other team from messi's hometown


thefonztm t1_japtd6z wrote

There's clearly an aspect we are missing. Maybe Messi traffics drugs or is involved in some illegal activities. If Messi has fucked some big player out of a lot of money in some way then is starts to make sense.


Rapper_Laugh t1_jarfc0m wrote

Lmao Pittsburgh Steelers flair coming in HOT to accuse Lionel Messi of trafficking drugs.

Never change r/sports!


thefonztm t1_jarfuce wrote

Hi there mr. failedreadingcomprehension. I did not accuse Messi of trafficing drugs. I said there is clearly context missing. Since the threatening message involved drugs I did suppose that if the missing connection was drug related it would make sense.


Rapper_Laugh t1_jarg4v2 wrote

You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about


thefonztm t1_jarg9yf wrote

Agreed! I'm just commenting on a headline to a story I'm not gonna bother reading!


elfranco001 t1_japins5 wrote

This is not correct, the message never says "also"

The correct translation is:

"Messi, we're waiting for you. Javkin is a drug trafficker, he won't protect you"


samples98 t1_jaro7wl wrote

Lmao what? Isn’t protection like… a crime lord’s top service?


JapanEngineer t1_japnbf1 wrote

Doesn’t seem wise to target the savior of Argentina


Jonk3r t1_jaq6r0z wrote

Drug dealing and wisdom don’t usually mix


largephilly t1_jaqzyuv wrote

Fucking Purdue


GrandTusam t1_jarcd98 wrote

Not much wisdom there, just corruption.

its up to your government to deal with that scum.


tsogtbayarr t1_japjhvr wrote

Isnt Messi like a deiti level star in Argentina?


Frankly_Frank_ t1_japqfv5 wrote

Yes but from I have worked out the message is for his brother not Lionel Messi.


trash_opinion t1_jaqf7hl wrote

> Gunmen threatened Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi in a written message left Thursday when they opened fire at a supermarket owned by his in-laws in Argentina, police said.



urnotthatguypal__ t1_jaqwxxq wrote

Turns out it was actually a message for Lionel Richie. Common mistake.


gr8daynenyg t1_jaquxnd wrote

Sometimes things you read aren't exactly true. I know this is hard to hear.


Arlcas t1_jaqzrkw wrote

Read the other comments, the actual message is directed to Messi, not Lionel Messi but his brother Matias who is an addict and was in prison before.


fflly t1_jaq0u33 wrote

If the message is for his brother. Why shoot up Lionels store?


drilb1t t1_japvqo5 wrote

messi situation


radgeboy t1_japy07l wrote

Pretty sure most of Argentina will want to kill this guy


GuzzlinGuinness t1_japoq7q wrote

Damn that cop is carrying a lot of mags.


bellowingfrog t1_jard42u wrote

It’s for appearance, so you dont know which ones have mags in them. Most of them have other lame things.


Poobmania t1_jaruv1l wrote

“Hey guys, let’s threaten the family of one of our country’s most beloved people, this will go very well!”


FelopianTubinator t1_jaq1ctu wrote

I don’t think they appreciated his overpriced call of duty skin.


Handfulofmice t1_jar32gw wrote

Is this headline a clue in Carmen Sandiego?


HTHSFI t1_jar86gb wrote

That gunman must have been confused. Obviously he thought he was in the US, where those in power do NOT want to take away the criminal's right to kill innocent people.


Alekillo10 t1_jatcx1m wrote

I thought he was sooo popular


PlebbySpaff t1_jar7jog wrote

So real talk.

I know this is for Messi’s brother, not Lionel Messi. But I wonder what would happen if the gunmen were to harm Messi instead of his brother.


Fickle-Exchange2017 t1_japtvit wrote

The wild side of me thinks this could be another high level player making millions and getting into a riskier profile style of life. But of course it’s most likely to be extortion at the cheapest level. Ahhhhh the world, so disturbingly beautiful and yet bland..


bunnyhop098 t1_japu81d wrote

Deep intel indicates Messi has funded various cartel organizations in Mexico and is being linked to El Chapo


PM_ME_UR_LUCID_DREAM t1_jaq1yzk wrote

This must be true. Deep intel but no citations. My deep intel says you wear pants as shirt.


[deleted] t1_jap8lci wrote



Alpehue t1_japauun wrote

Either a troll, or extremely ignorant comment, so many things wrong in that post.


RadioactiveBooger t1_jap9uqs wrote

World series?… wrong competition

This has nothing to do with sports


jaguarsRevenge t1_jaqqoq8 wrote

Wow, you are being down voted for stating a fact. Your point count is a testament to your statement. There should be a study that looks into why these games matter so much in a deep personal way to some people.


JanklinDRoosevelt t1_jaqtjlh wrote

This isn’t about football fans, this is about cartels and drug trafficking


DoonFoosher t1_jar9r6n wrote

No no. They were stating FACTS. Because I believe them with no basis at all other than my own reasoning.

/s just in case