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Psychological_Bike52 t1_jax4j1m wrote

Bro really gonna live out his dream of making it out of the nba to the hood.


QYB1990 t1_jayme4y wrote

Damn idiot.

He's really about to throw away 200+ million dollars because he wants to be "gangster"

He had a basketball court built in his backyard when he was a kid, had a 2 parent household, roof over his head his entire childhood. Grew up in a town with less of a crime rate than most towns in Arkansas.

#Temetrius, YOU'RE NOT "HOOD"!!!!

Play ball, Stop acting like you're "gangster", retire at 35 and have more money than you're able to spend.


AlphusUltimus t1_jb00mdl wrote

Seriously. You'd think having Lebron and Curry as your two best players and role models for the last decade or so would get these young guys some sense.


ReflectionEterna t1_jb05x55 wrote

LeBron actually came from a super tough childhood. So what does he do? Every damned thing he can to make sure his family never experiences the worst of his childhood, while still getting the loving parental figure that he had in his mom. Dude never cared about acting hard. He just wants to make sure endorsement dollars keep flowing!


kinzer13 t1_jb13ag2 wrote

Lebron is so fucking smart.


ReflectionEterna t1_jb13jup wrote

He is. He still is around his closet friends from his youth, but instead of letting them drag hime down, he pulls them up. He keeps the friends around him who are serious and will not jeopardize his family or livelihood. He turned his friend into one of the most powerful agents in sports. Dude has a plan!


Low-iq-haikou t1_jb1niq6 wrote

He’s an idiot but he’s not about to throw away anything. NFL players get mega deals after beating wives, girlfriends, children, etc. Shit, Ray Lewis might have murdered someone.

Buck needs to stop here though before he does something that will actually fuck him—and worse, somebody else—over.


muldoonjp88 t1_jazn5ib wrote

That’s not what he wants to do. So he can be who/what he wants. Why is it ok to tell him how to express himself. If he identifies a hood then hood for him. We don’t criticize other who identify in other ways do we?


Trapdoormonkey t1_jazq985 wrote

You on the edge pal. S/ maybe or just one of those trolls with a red 🧢


muldoonjp88 t1_jazqnzz wrote

Ha. No red hat. It’s not only one or the other. Red or blue. Just wonder why he can’t accept the lifestyle he wants without being hated on.


[deleted] t1_jb0edmx wrote



muldoonjp88 t1_jb0fo2x wrote

Exactly. So why so many people gotta be his nanny and tell him what he should do. He can be his own person. Without the world being his judge b


Low-iq-haikou t1_jb1nw6e wrote

You do know there are these things called laws right. Like the one that says you cannot carry a firearm while under the influence. Or the one that says you cannot make threats on someone’s safety.

Ja can act hood all he wants (even though nobody is buying it). But when he breaks laws and continues to do so he will face the consequences. And he might also face the consequences by fucking with the wrong person. Someone who has actually done the shit Ja thinks he’s capable of.


ucantbe_v t1_jaxc9il wrote

SMH. Can Ja just stop being a corny wannabe for 2 seconds and just hoop? Kid is super talented but he will not give up this fake ass persona he tries to put on and it’s going to be the ruin of his life if he’s not careful.


DootMasterFlex t1_jaxlp3h wrote

Let's say benefit of the doubt and dude is actually hard AF.....drop the BS so you can keep making 100s of millions you fucking dumbass


kramerica_intern t1_jay5i5k wrote

Exactly. Either way it’s stupid to keep it up and he should stop and just play ball.


Downtown_Skill t1_jazxhyn wrote

Even players who actually were about that life like stephen Jackson and Zach Randolph weren't videoing themselves with guns (although who knows if they were around with today's social media culture)


runthepoint1 t1_jb1ujv4 wrote

That’s because they’re not trying to prove anything.


Dirty_Quesadilla t1_jaxr0sg wrote

“Have you ever heard of the Tragedy of Temetrius Jamel Morrant? NBA all-Star so powerful and so wise, he could use the idiots around him to influence his street cred. He had such a knowledge of the hood, he could even hide his middle class upbringing and very loving supportive mother and father.”
-Darth Charania (probably)


qdude124 t1_jayuifn wrote

Can we all collectively agree to make Ja Morant’s nick name “Papa Doc”?


LostPooper t1_jay4wrb wrote

I remember a guy for the Nets named Jason Williams who thought it was fun to play with guns. Gilbert Arenas thought they were so much fun he thought it was bring your gun to work day and he brought one to the locker room.


Thelastpieceofthepie t1_jayf0dv wrote

I remember these guys too. Ignore the youth they don’t remember those times and how much they’re just like Ja. Solid players ruining their image and career to be “cool” bc all through life they were made fun for being “soft” or “corny” now they get to be with the tough guys lol


JonBoy82 t1_jay1uda wrote

Broke the code...


ELEMENTALITYNES t1_jay7yul wrote

Sad. Not that it means anything to him but I was starting to get hyped on his talent on the court, it’d be a shame if he threw it all away like this for no reason at all


fusiongt021 t1_jaypqoi wrote

He's very immature and it's showing a lot the past year. At least he has time to turn it around and hope he does.


YahzeeOG t1_jazl9uo wrote

I know Nike is pissed


CarlThe94Pathfinder t1_jb0cw21 wrote

Nike doesn't care


YahzeeOG t1_jb6zr8h wrote

Nike definitely care about their money and investment. Maybe they don’t care about Ja as a person but they do care about the money they invested into his new shoe line they just made.


[deleted] t1_jazrily wrote

Why do these idiots still wanna be hood rats, millions and millions of dollars don’t make you any smarter then the 8th grade eduction he got at best


kobeftw t1_jb010st wrote

Look I get it, he's a superstar but he only going to get 2 games? Meanwhile Meyers Leonard pretty much gets kicked out of the league for saying a ignorant comment while playing a video game.

BTW his Dad has surpassed Lavar as the most annoying NBA Dad ever.


Poopforce1s t1_jb11plb wrote

Meyers Leonard gets pretty much kicked out of the league because he just wasn't that good. The Twitch thing just helped him along.


kobeftw t1_jb1o30i wrote

Lol he's a role player for sure but c'mon a big that averages 40% from 3point will still have a roster spot on most teams. He's back in the league btw.


I'm just saying this is trademark superstar treatment for Ja.


SachiFaker t1_jb058gb wrote

I don't understand why Ja, who's in a very good stage of his life right now, wants to throw everything away just to look tough.

People won't respect him for acting like a "gangster". Why would he want people to fear him instead of idolizing him for his achievement in sports?

He can keep talking against other players while backing it up by winning games but acting like he's in a movie set? That's stupidity when he isn't even paid to do so.


Mr310 t1_jayjczz wrote

I'm sure his tough guy father is proud of him, prob where he got it from.


vanillabean76 t1_jayxjq4 wrote

He didn’t get suspended. He is voluntarily sitting out the next two games to get some mental health help.


9fingfing t1_jaxysvo wrote

Ok. He an asshat, but what rule did he violated? Was there an NBA rule about posting w guns? Serious question.


ReggieWigglesworth t1_jaxzjjl wrote

They have a personal conduct policy that you can be punished for any actions detrimental to to the image or integrity of the team or the league. Same reason Kyrie got suspended for tweeting an anti-Semitic film.