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vladimirpwnn t1_jb5m6rp wrote

As a raiders fan, I hope he comes in and whoops our ass every single season until he retires.


SoCalThrowAway7 t1_jb5rl8t wrote

Saints and raiders have only played each other 15 times since 1971, so probably won’t happen every single season


davisyoung t1_jb6gnq0 wrote

Saints shut out the Raiders last season so they won’t play again in the regular season until 2026 at Las Vegas, unless both teams finish in the same place in their respective divisions this upcoming season in which case they will play the following season (2024) at New Orleans.


SoCalThrowAway7 t1_jb6h5g6 wrote

Is that how it works? Interesting


MkeBucksMarkPope t1_jb6xy9g wrote

Yep! Only starting last year I believe, did they add an extra non-conference game. Due to the extra 17th game. Before that, it was on a 4 year cycle. Which it still is of course, just the added 1 that could potentially happen and cause them to play sooner.

If things really get crazy they could of course meet in the Super Bowl. And lastly at astronomical odds, if there was division realignment. Like how some years back, Tampa Bay moved from the NFC North (which made total sense right?) And Seattle from the AFC, to the NFC. It shouldn’t happen, but will get interesting if the NFL does decide to add a few expansion franchises in the future.


rar4110 t1_jb86fgk wrote

Technically, the NFC central. Although, every other team in that division formed the NFC North


LordBatman_ t1_jb5ee6c wrote

Hopefully things turn out better for him in NO.


McRambis t1_jb5fvxi wrote

It can't turn out worse for N.O.


N1NE5 t1_jb7xbgu wrote

Stg, Derek Carr might as well be Tom Brady for us.


Gleasure03 t1_jb5gisa wrote

Basically guarantees Anthony Richardson to Carolina, right?


Dizturb3dwun t1_jb5nzsi wrote

Not really, if they see this guy as a bridge, and AR-15 clearly needs a couple years to develop, Derek Carr would be a fantastic quarterback to sit behind


Matthew_C1314 t1_jb60qia wrote

Carr's aging, definitely not a long term solution. Would be great if they draft a QB and let him sit for like 2 seasons.


Low-iq-haikou t1_jb7fszr wrote

Many expect that Carolina will try to trade up to #1. If they stay where they’re at then I could see them taking Richardson.


Gleasure03 t1_jb7n69r wrote

im one of maybe 6 Panthers/Gators fans, so i am really hoping it happens


1yellowbanana t1_jb5gm24 wrote

Lamar Jackson to ATL


noonehasthisoneyet t1_jb5q4m7 wrote

As a Falcons fan, I know it won’t happen. Disappointment is key to being a Falcons fan


1yellowbanana t1_jb5vxcb wrote

That won’t be lost… still wouldn’t have a defense either…


Homers_Harp t1_jb6hyit wrote

They will sign Lamar in ATL. Lamar will either get injured his first season or his play will fall off a cliff, à la Cam Newton.


speak-eze t1_jb941zt wrote

Not sure why Cam Newton is always the go to comparison. They have almost nothing in common as players.

It's like saying "well Matt Stafford is going to fall off like Joe Flacco did" because they're both pocket passers.


Homers_Harp t1_jbb6qnj wrote

To me, it’s about the load that Cam carried in Charlotte. Dude broke down from all those inside runs. While Lamar arguably takes fewer hits per game than Cam, I maintain that a QB who leads the team in rushing for more than a quarter here and there is a QB who will break down sooner rather than later. Lamar is probably aware of this, which is the most likely explanation for his contract demands: he knows there won’t be a third contract and he may not even survive his second contract, so guaranteed money is much more important.


sanndman t1_jb6t41z wrote

Yes at this rate Lamar was about to sign then his pen ran out of ink as he scribbled and he got a text saying New England offered him a dollar more and a working pen.


Azraelrs t1_jb72gco wrote

As a Falcons fan, I can tell you that we definitely don't need to pay whatever ridiculous amount Lamar would want when his injury potential is so high. We aren't a "quarterback away" and that money needs to go to multiple pieces and not just one player.


ActuallyNotJesus t1_jb6kp59 wrote

think about it, excitement always comes before so that the disappointment hits harder! Maybe you guys will go to the superbowl again but blow a 38-3 lead? Anything is possible!


N1NE5 t1_jb7xfta wrote

If there’s one thing saints and falcons fans share, it’s disappointment.


nocoolN4M3sleft t1_jb67dgu wrote

Where does New Orleans get the money for this? We’re they $60M over the cap already?


Lunat1c_Fringe t1_jb6g4am wrote

They basically backloaded his contract, with a big signing bonus now and will push his huge cap hit back to years 3 and 4, basically what they’ve been doing for the last few years.


Nomad_86 t1_jb6sq86 wrote

Mickey Loomis is a wizard when it comes to the Cap. We’re over the cap, BAD, every year. And somehow he manages to figure it out. Lol


N1NE5 t1_jb8149m wrote

Man’s got a job for a reason


Strokeslahoma t1_jb5w2vg wrote

This reddit post doesn't match the tweet.

This is revisionist history meant to stop the David Carr redemption arc


Homers_Harp t1_jb6i9al wrote

Unlike his brother, David Carr was one tough SOB. David has never, ever seen an offensive lineman who wasn’t a part-time turnstile.


PolishSausa9e t1_jb5i41m wrote

He'll probably make the playoffs in that weak division


Nomad_86 t1_jb6sefs wrote

Saints fan here! I’m mildly excited for the season, but my expectations are still low. Lol.


Croppin_steady t1_jb8j3fd wrote

Carr can ball but he needs everything around him just right. That’s my main knock as a raiders fan. He’s not that guy that will lift everybody up, which imo is what separates the goats from the rest of the best.

He’s also turnover prone when the lights are the brightest and is dependably terrible in cold weather, which is a huge plus for NO since y’all playin in a dome 1/2 the season.

I hope he balls, and in that weaker division I think he’s set up nicely.


HipGuide2 t1_jb5ga3t wrote

Better than Jameis?


Ttmode t1_jb5j64q wrote

Speaking as a Saints fan, yes. Personally I love Jameis and I tell everyone all the time that there isn’t anyone I’d rather have in a locker room than him. His energy is wild and he seems to be one of those guys who supports the team no matter what.

That being said Winston was always the better choice than Dalton but Dennis Allen pretty much just wanted to not lose games rather than try and win them.

Overall it’s a major upgrade at QB and I’d say the best option for NO on the market this year. Should be a fun one


NYVines t1_jb7chs5 wrote

As a Buckeye this makes me happy for Thomas and Olave.


jarpio t1_jb5mdm8 wrote

So in other words the saints still need a qb


BenRichards79 t1_jb5rvyf wrote

NFL media propping crybaby Carrbage up like he was some sought after QB.

I would rather start Dalton or Winston over this mascara wearing clown.

Saints fans about to fuck around and find out.


bigbigboy999 t1_jb7r3tf wrote

I have been a Raiders fan for 41 years but I'm done with them now and forever. I hope Derek wins a couple of Super bowls with the saints.

It would be great if he could beat the Raiders in a super bowl just so I could see the look on Mark Davis's face at the end of the game.

In summation, fuck Mark Davis and the entire Raiders organization.


Thunderhamz t1_jb8202e wrote

😂 later 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 alll because of one mid player at best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂


bigbigboy999 t1_jb93cfm wrote

Who is going to play quarterback for them now? You? They don't have a starting quarterback on the roster now. Carr was the first legitimate starting quarterback we had since Gannon.


TRON0314 t1_jb781to wrote

Was excited for him to go to JETS but ugh. This?


marklondon66 t1_jb62882 wrote

ha ha ha ha. :-)
Couldn't happen to a nicer franchise.