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BlueTeale t1_jbbav8s wrote

Interesting. This morning saw several folks saying there's no way they use the nonexclusive tag.

Curious how it goes


fuqyu t1_jbcrkl2 wrote

The business ramifications of this are interesting. Lamar gets to negotiate his value with other teams. Even if he doesn’t sign this year, he can gauge his value to the league. Baltimore gets to see how the league values him as well.

On top of that, Baltimore can pay him way less this season. I wonder if Lamar would prefer this tag or Exclusive? If that happens, he can’t shop around


pokeroots t1_jbkl7b8 wrote

I don't know how you couldn't think they were going to use this. They either get 2 first round picks or a reasonable price instead of whatever it is Lamar is trying to argue for himself... Lamar honestly needs a real agent