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herronasaurus_rex t1_jbbyjqr wrote

I don’t see how you can look at his 2019 and 2020 seasons and draw this conclusion.

Risky investment? Sure, but to say he has no track record of success in running and throwing while staying healthy doesn’t hold merit


earic23 t1_jbbyyp3 wrote

His throwing yards in his best year would’ve made him the 10th worst in passing this year. They know the rushing can’t last as he’s already having injury issues. People don’t get healthier with age unless they’re named Tom.


herronasaurus_rex t1_jbbzxqn wrote

So is your argument that he’s going to get hurt, or that he’s unproven? First you said he’s unproven, now you seem to be saying he’s proven but it isn’t sustainable? Kind of hard to have a debate when the goalposts keep moving…


earic23 t1_jbc0wgp wrote

Unfortunately it’s a bit of both. I think we’ve seen the best that he can do, and he’s only fallen off since then AND he’s now getting injured. Guarantee money is crazy for guy like him


kingabbey1988 t1_jbcq7sx wrote

Allen falling off to huh?


earic23 t1_jbcru7v wrote

He had the exact same passer rating this year as last year, 1 less td, and played less games. Idk where you think he fell off


cdbloosh t1_jbha45k wrote

I mean he did lead the league with 36 passing touchdowns that season against only 6 interceptions, and was one of the best passers in the league by basically any metric.

Just looking at total yards is a little silly when they passed far less often than any other team because they were the best rushing offense in history, and he sat out the 4th quarter of about 6-7 games that year (including the full week 17 game) because of how badly they were blowing out their opponents.

I don’t necessarily disagree with your overall point about longevity but to say he wasn’t a highly successful passer in those years is just not true.