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BCLetsRide69 OP t1_jbb9t72 wrote

  • The Ravens used the nonexclusive tag on Jackson, sources told ESPN. With the Ravens using the nonexclusive tag, Jackson can engage in contract talks with other teams. If Jackson signs an offer sheet with another team, Baltimore has the right to match the offer to keep him or take two first-round picks as compensation. The nonexclusive tag -- which will pay Jackson $32 million this season -- is less expensive than the exclusive one (projected at $45 million), which would have allowed the Ravens to control his rights this year.

jpshakes t1_jbbcgrl wrote

I feel like they probably want him to sign elsewhere and get the two first round picks


earic23 t1_jbbk1tv wrote

A team would be incredibly stupid to give him a fully guaranteed contract at this point. He's yet to put together 1 full season that showcases his arm AND his legs without getting hurt. I truly think that he knows he's not going to be able to fulfill a contract that's based on his longevity.

Edit: His most productive year was 2019 when he threw for 3107 yards, and ran for 1200. That’s impressive, but hasn’t come close to those numbers since, and that’s kinda the point.


Cichlidsaremyjam t1_jbbkf4c wrote

Something I didn't think I'd be saying a year ago: "Damn, as Seahawks fan, I am glad we got Geno locked up for at least three years."


0bi_Wan_Jabroni t1_jbbtppe wrote

He’s so overrated for the drama he’s had surrounded his contract the last year. His been mediocre ever since winning the mvp in 2019. Not to mention he’s injury prone and likely will have a precipitous drop in production as he she’s due to his playing style.


herronasaurus_rex t1_jbbyjqr wrote

I don’t see how you can look at his 2019 and 2020 seasons and draw this conclusion.

Risky investment? Sure, but to say he has no track record of success in running and throwing while staying healthy doesn’t hold merit


earic23 t1_jbbyyp3 wrote

His throwing yards in his best year would’ve made him the 10th worst in passing this year. They know the rushing can’t last as he’s already having injury issues. People don’t get healthier with age unless they’re named Tom.


herronasaurus_rex t1_jbbzxqn wrote

So is your argument that he’s going to get hurt, or that he’s unproven? First you said he’s unproven, now you seem to be saying he’s proven but it isn’t sustainable? Kind of hard to have a debate when the goalposts keep moving…


fuqyu t1_jbcrkl2 wrote

The business ramifications of this are interesting. Lamar gets to negotiate his value with other teams. Even if he doesn’t sign this year, he can gauge his value to the league. Baltimore gets to see how the league values him as well.

On top of that, Baltimore can pay him way less this season. I wonder if Lamar would prefer this tag or Exclusive? If that happens, he can’t shop around


0bi_Wan_Jabroni t1_jbcwkvg wrote

No, just think he’s overrated by Ravens fans. Coasting off of one amazing season. He seems like a good guy, but I don’t think he’s handling this situation well (not saying he is wrong for trying to get as much money for himself and his family as possible, just that he might end up getting less than he would have if he played the situation differently).


cdbloosh t1_jbha45k wrote

I mean he did lead the league with 36 passing touchdowns that season against only 6 interceptions, and was one of the best passers in the league by basically any metric.

Just looking at total yards is a little silly when they passed far less often than any other team because they were the best rushing offense in history, and he sat out the 4th quarter of about 6-7 games that year (including the full week 17 game) because of how badly they were blowing out their opponents.

I don’t necessarily disagree with your overall point about longevity but to say he wasn’t a highly successful passer in those years is just not true.


pokeroots t1_jbkl7b8 wrote

I don't know how you couldn't think they were going to use this. They either get 2 first round picks or a reasonable price instead of whatever it is Lamar is trying to argue for himself... Lamar honestly needs a real agent


penregalia t1_jbv05z3 wrote

Ryan Tannehill signed a 4 year, $118,000,000 contract with the Tennessee Titans, including a $20,000,000 signing bonus, $91,000,000 guaranteed. If the league is willing to pay that much for actual mediocrity you would think Jackson would be in demand.