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TheRoadDog87 t1_jbbyh7a wrote

I don't like this one bit.

By looking at guaranteed money, Derek Carr essentially got a 2 year/$60M contract (though it's $70M if he's on the roster next March). Geno Smith got a 2 year/$40M contract, though in fairness this could balloon up if he hits the incentives to between $25M and $35M per season.

Daniel Jones essentially got a 2 year, $80M contract. He is not that much better than Geno that he should be doubling his salary. Geno was an MVP candidate for most of the year. He really had the Giants by the balls considering they were forced to work something out with either him or Saquon, and now the team that was already devoid of talent in several places is going to be even more hamstrung. Part of me wishes they just let him walk...


tommmey t1_jbc37f6 wrote

As a Giants fan, I also don’t like this deal at this price, but Danny Dimes is better than both Geno and Carr

What annoys me about this deal is that we were essentially negotiating against ourselves and still somehow ended up paying top of the market.

I don’t follow the news that heavily so I’m not sure what that market was for DD but I doubt any team would’ve paid him anywhere close to this amount so why did we? Is there a team that would’ve paid even $120mil / 4 for him?


tommmey t1_jbclo8u wrote

Jones has been more accurate with less weapons and has a running game which Carr doesn’t. Yes, I think Jones is better than Carr but I’m also a Giants fan so there’s obviously some bias in me


liger51 t1_jbcu4xl wrote

In 2016 Carr finished 3rd in the MVP voting, DJ has never been anywhere close to that level. But hey respect for owning your bias, I’m a Washington fan so I probably got some opposite bias going on in me haha


FCAsheville t1_jbeixea wrote

$160m and $82m guaranteed for a guy who threw 15 TDs in 16 games last season!


Krogsly t1_jbekpiz wrote

>Is there a team that would’ve paid even $120mil / 4 for him?

You're asking the wrong question, which you already answered by saying you're negotiating against yourselves. The real question is, who were the Giants going to sign instead? There is no way the media and fans let NYG get away with signing any other FA QB to a playoff team on the rise.

This contract isn't as bad as it sounds. They can still draft his replacement in a later round and be ready in 2-3 years. If you look at the QBs making less than 40m, the only players I would pick over Jones are due for even bigger paydays and their teams aren't letting them go.

Jones is their only option and he is now married to Daboll. If the NYG suck next year or the year after, you move on from both and let your new coach draft his guy. If they succeed, then you don't care about the money.


TheRoadDog87 t1_jbevsrr wrote

With the absolute clown show that the Giants have had at the coaching position... between McAdoo and Shurmur and Judge (and coordinators like Jason Garrett!?!?) ... given Daboll's success and winning coach of the year and all that, do you really think there is any chance they'd move on from here in the next 1-2 years?


Krogsly t1_jbfef42 wrote

No, because I think they will be good enough with Daboll and Jones. I think there are a lot of people dogging Jones and this contract and this is the silver lining if they really believe the contract is as bad as they think. All this talk about wasting money on Jones, but the real problems are overpaying a RB, the wasted money on Golladay, and lack of receiving weapons.