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Orphasmia t1_jbgvi5e wrote

He was the coach not only for my entire life a few times over, but the entire time I was at Cuse. His run was truly impressive.


Actually-Yo-Momma t1_jbgy98h wrote

I get the sentiment but the sentence is confusing and i wanna make sure I’m reading it right.

Doesnt “my entire life a few times over” imply a significantly longer period of time than “the entire time i was at cuse”?


Sterling_Thunder t1_jbh0pgu wrote

HEY, Orphasmia went, to Syracuse. to watch round! ball go in hole, not do good languageing


Orphasmia t1_jbgydyl wrote

Yeah I should’ve flipped the clauses lol


Homitu t1_jbk253i wrote

It's cool. Not only did the earthquake in Turkey cause $35B in damage and destroy entire cities, it even knocked over my neighbor's doghouse!


willyc3766 t1_jbhc83a wrote

I was also confused by “a few times over.” I think of a ‘few’ as being at least 3. ‘Couple’ I interpret as 2. Not saying everyone thinks that or it’s objectively correct to interpret as such. But if you meant 3 times over that would make you somewhere around 16. But you have been to college so that was confusing to me.


With_The_Tide t1_jbjikdi wrote

My dad is 12 years younger than him. Coach B was the coach at Syracuse when my dad was in law school at Syracuse.