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TreeDollarFiddyCent t1_jbiqe89 wrote

He's very clearly joking.


JeffFromSchool t1_jbiztpo wrote

Wtf is clear about that? Seriously, I'd love for you to tell me what about that comment is a joke? Haha


TreeDollarFiddyCent t1_jbj104w wrote

My assumption was that surely no person can get themselves worked up that much over what is clearly an error and therefore concluded that it had to be a joke/facetious, taking the comment at face value.

But maybe you're right and they're just an asshole. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Btw sorry for giving an explanation, downvotes the left, thanks. :)


JeffFromSchool t1_jbj2i3m wrote

Dude, this is the internet. 9/10 times, it's some unhinged dude throwing a fit when they think someone displays sub-par knowledge about their favorite thing


TreeDollarFiddyCent t1_jbj4rwe wrote

I'll have to disagree, but I get what you mean.


JeffFromSchool t1_jbjbeii wrote

If the coach they mentioned with 4 undefeated seasons was some sort of left-field ridiculous answer, I'd agree with you. But their two sentences were telling the person that they're ridiculous followed by him backing up how ridiculous he thinks they are being by comparing it with a real life stat of 4 undefeated UCLA teams. They are very clearly being sincere.