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ShawshankException t1_jbgtzaw wrote

So happy I got to see his final game in the dome. I think every Cuse fan saw it coming at this point but it's still surreal to think someone else will be coaching the team next year.


huggles7 t1_jbh75dm wrote

Bro between him Jay, Roy, and Mike it’s been a whirlwind

It’s almost like Bill is next

Edit: holy shit I almost killed bill self


zdiddy987 t1_jbhabzy wrote

Two common denominators - age and the onset of NIL


huggles7 t1_jbhag10 wrote

I mean jay wright just turned 61, he’s still pretty young


marximusaurelius t1_jbhxto2 wrote

Bill...Self? Walton? Raftery?


foodude84 t1_jbi2rud wrote

Bill Self. Don't forget Tom Izzo and John Calipari. They'll all be gone soon.


UsedandAbused87 t1_jbjgdlv wrote

If they coach as long as Boeheim they'll be here at least another 10 years.


marximusaurelius t1_jbjnonk wrote

I'd say Bill Self isn't going anywhere any time soon. The guy is going to thrive in the NIL landscape and is the new top dog with all those other guys leaving, so why would he bail now?


CarolinaKSU t1_jbjua67 wrote

>is going to thrive in the NIL landscape

He's got a lot of previous experience in pay for play over the years. I also agree that we shouldn't see any of the toupee shops in the KC Metro closing down anytime soon.


RTwhyNot t1_jbjk8dv wrote

He has the added benefit of being on a first name basis with them while we are not.


LighTMan913 t1_jbj5ces wrote

>It’s almost like Bill is next

Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby! Don't you do it!



Orphasmia t1_jbgvi5e wrote

He was the coach not only for my entire life a few times over, but the entire time I was at Cuse. His run was truly impressive.


Actually-Yo-Momma t1_jbgy98h wrote

I get the sentiment but the sentence is confusing and i wanna make sure I’m reading it right.

Doesnt “my entire life a few times over” imply a significantly longer period of time than “the entire time i was at cuse”?


Sterling_Thunder t1_jbh0pgu wrote

HEY, Orphasmia went, to Syracuse. to watch round! ball go in hole, not do good languageing


Orphasmia t1_jbgydyl wrote

Yeah I should’ve flipped the clauses lol


Homitu t1_jbk253i wrote

It's cool. Not only did the earthquake in Turkey cause $35B in damage and destroy entire cities, it even knocked over my neighbor's doghouse!


willyc3766 t1_jbhc83a wrote

I was also confused by “a few times over.” I think of a ‘few’ as being at least 3. ‘Couple’ I interpret as 2. Not saying everyone thinks that or it’s objectively correct to interpret as such. But if you meant 3 times over that would make you somewhere around 16. But you have been to college so that was confusing to me.


With_The_Tide t1_jbjikdi wrote

My dad is 12 years younger than him. Coach B was the coach at Syracuse when my dad was in law school at Syracuse.


gamers542 t1_jbh2kh9 wrote

I'm not a Cuse fan. He wasn't forced out, was he?

As a person who likes round numbers, I wanted him to coach for another 3 years.


ShawshankException t1_jbh2zfb wrote

I haven't seen anything that indicates he was forced out, he's just 78 and hasn't had a great recent few years. It's just time for him to call it.


zdiddy987 t1_jbha79t wrote

The college game has also changed a ton with NIL and he's expressed serious displeasure with it


gallez t1_jbjyi4c wrote

Completely out of the loop, what is NIL?


B1G_Fan t1_jbk2u9r wrote

Essentially allows players to sign endorsement deals like the Olympics allow their athletes to sign

The problem, of course, is boosters paying players “endorsement money” to sign with this team or transfer to that team


syrstorm t1_jbhgcg4 wrote

It seems pretty clear that he was strongly encouraged that this was his last season.


itsforachurch t1_jbhkwre wrote

I can't imagine that he was not given the opportunity to announce his retirement.


syrstorm t1_jbhlmkz wrote

He actually gave his "retirement speech" a couple weekends ago, when several former players had their numbers retired. He just didn't tell anyone that's what the speech was. Honestly, that's typical Coach B.


ShawshankException t1_jbk5nt8 wrote

Specifically the entire 2003 team minus Craig Forth was there for Hakeem Warrick and Gerry McNamara's jersey retirement because it was the 20th anniversary of our title. Jimmy B gave a great speech at the end which definitely was a pseudo retirement speech looking back on it.


jimmy-b-bot t1_jbk5oxc wrote

If you score on me, I’m gonna tap you on your butt.


Radthereptile t1_jbh9ksf wrote

Would be shocked if he was. Got them multiple NCAA tourney runs and a championship in Syracuse NY. Couldn’t expect more than that.


Dingerdongdick t1_jbksce0 wrote

Yes, he was. When asked if he was returning he said it's up to the University.


taleofbenji t1_jbj65kf wrote

Are you prepared to see Cuse doing the unthinkable?

I.e. playing man to man D.


elpajaroquemamais t1_jbj27yw wrote

I’m down in Greensboro and got to see his final game ever. It’s wild to see the end of a 60 year relationship with Syracuse.


Ender11 t1_jbjtc12 wrote

Hey, you guys want Hopkins back? We Huskies are about done with him.


Shigidy t1_jbh37fw wrote

1015-441 is a hell of a record to hang your hat on.


syrstorm t1_jbhgfef wrote

1116-441 without NCAA bulls**t.

(edit: fixed typo. 441 losses are legit)


drethnudrib t1_jbhrox5 wrote

I don't care how bullshit the NCAA is, you claiming that Syracuse would only have 41 losses over 47 seasons is fucking ridiculous. That's six undefeated seasons at minimum, which is two more than Wooden's UCLA teams managed.


noo247 t1_jbhskq6 wrote

I think it’s a typo…missed an extra 4


Marklar172 t1_jbhu4ld wrote

Agreed. I think if dude only lost once every decade or so this would be a bigger deal.


winsomelosemore t1_jbhwmms wrote

A loss every decade would only be 4 or 5 losses depending on whether he lost for the one time between years 40-47


flameruler94 t1_jbi0map wrote

It’s very clearly a typo dude, chill


TreeDollarFiddyCent t1_jbiqe89 wrote

He's very clearly joking.


JeffFromSchool t1_jbiztpo wrote

Wtf is clear about that? Seriously, I'd love for you to tell me what about that comment is a joke? Haha


TreeDollarFiddyCent t1_jbj104w wrote

My assumption was that surely no person can get themselves worked up that much over what is clearly an error and therefore concluded that it had to be a joke/facetious, taking the comment at face value.

But maybe you're right and they're just an asshole. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Btw sorry for giving an explanation, downvotes the left, thanks. :)


JeffFromSchool t1_jbj2i3m wrote

Dude, this is the internet. 9/10 times, it's some unhinged dude throwing a fit when they think someone displays sub-par knowledge about their favorite thing


TreeDollarFiddyCent t1_jbj4rwe wrote

I'll have to disagree, but I get what you mean.


JeffFromSchool t1_jbjbeii wrote

If the coach they mentioned with 4 undefeated seasons was some sort of left-field ridiculous answer, I'd agree with you. But their two sentences were telling the person that they're ridiculous followed by him backing up how ridiculous he thinks they are being by comparing it with a real life stat of 4 undefeated UCLA teams. They are very clearly being sincere.


JeffFromSchool t1_jbizls5 wrote

What's ridiculous is that you saw that number and were like "yeah, that's totally what this dude means. After all, everyone but me is an idiot" and then acted like a raccoon with rabies instead of just being like "hmm, that's so ridiculous, maybe that's a typo, and perhaps I should ask for clarification."


SolWizard t1_jbhwdqy wrote

No he's right, Syracuse would've been the best program in history and boeheim also would've stopped coaching about 12 years ago if not for the meddling of the NCAA!

It was obviously a typo dip


syrstorm t1_jbiaeph wrote

Sorry. That was purely a typo (I missed the extra 4). I'm just giving Coach B back the 101 wins the NCAA's B.S. "investigation" stripped from him.


ShawshankException t1_jbk5uj9 wrote

Fuck the NCAA for stripping his wins. The 1116 number will always be the right one for me.


syrstorm t1_jbkjop4 wrote

100%. The article about him on The Athletic just straight out says "1116 wins" and doesn't even mention the other number. Gotta love it.


sjpiccio t1_jbjfyxg wrote

I somehow read that as 105-441 and was absolutely amazed


dmt_alpha t1_jbgqujh wrote

Wow. I don't really follow college basketball, but Boeheim's longevity as a head coach is astonishing.


zeledonia t1_jbiy7kw wrote

I followed college basketball closely back in the early 90s, but haven’t paid much attention to it for at least 20 years. I’m shocked that Boeheim is (was) still coaching the same team so many years later.


bigtuna623 t1_jbh86nu wrote

Only 1 National Championship is baffling


Ghenges t1_jbhbpmr wrote

The one and only time I ever did a bracket and won. Thanks Carmelo!


stoolsample2 t1_jbkbs5h wrote

I was gambling heavily back then and followed a lot of smaller conferences - one of which was the MAC. Manhattan won the conference in dominant fashion that year and won me a lot of money. I told anyone who would listen they would make a sweet 16 run. Their first round opponent: Syracuse - who I said they would upset. Pretty much summed up how good I was at gambling. Lol


msw1984 t1_jbheaxl wrote

I mean only 15 coaches all time have won 2 or more men's NCAA championships... it's not that easy of a thing to do.


lovesStrawberryCake t1_jbhvrwt wrote

It's just a 64 team, 6 round, single elimination tournament with a roster that completely turns over every 4 years, is it that hard? (/s in case it's not obvious)


Yung_Corneliois t1_jbi0uer wrote

>with a roster that completely turns over every 4 years

And your best players are only there for 1-2 years typically.


Torcal4 t1_jbhgkt6 wrote

But have they all coached around 47 seasons? That’s a pretty important comparison I’m sure.

(I don’t follow college basketball at all so I’m not sure about the average “shelf life” of a coach)


fartypicklenuts t1_jbhrsp5 wrote

There have been a lot of long-tenured coaches in college basketball, maybe not 47 years, but once you're a basketball coach, you're basically a lifer.

I wouldn't say it's "baffling" that he only won 1 championship, the NCAA tournament has a big randomness factor to it. You have to beat 6 teams in a row, most of which are really good teams and are playing to keep their season alive. If your team has one poor shooting night or the other team shoots 70% from 3 or something flukey, your season is over. It's very difficult just to make it to The Final Four. No doubt he would have liked to win one or two more, but it's much better to have one than none!


Cartman55125 t1_jbhp6r9 wrote

47 years and his only championship was the team with Carmelo? I don’t mean to diminish his legacy, but winning the tournament def not his strong suit.


SolWizard t1_jbhwo15 wrote

Syracuse had a lot of years where they shot themselves in the foot in March, it was a running theme. Probably should've had at least one more championship either in the 80s or during their strong run in the late 2000s early 2010s.


Merpninja t1_jbiexny wrote

2011-12 Syracuse was probably better than Kentucky when they had Fab Melo (RIP). Probably Boeheim's best team ever.


SolWizard t1_jbj8u8p wrote

That year and the year Arinze Onuaku hurt his knee right before the tournament come to mind. The 2013 final four team also had a legit shot just couldn't get it done


SOEsucksbad t1_jbjap92 wrote

I knew this comment was herp, but when I saw the flair, I knew it was derp too.


Merpninja t1_jbieul0 wrote

There are plenty of HOF-level coaches that didn't even win one tournament. Kruger, Huggins, Keady. Izzo also only has one and for the past two decades has been considered one of the best tournament coaches ever. The NCAA tournament is one of the hardest tournaments to win in all of American sports, and the fact he got a player like Carmelo to play basketball at Syracuse is a testament to the program he built.


AlsoIHaveAGroupon t1_jbi7ch1 wrote

Eddie Sutton and Bob Huggins and Lon Kruger coached 30+ years without winning even one.


pargofan t1_jbjw82s wrote

It's just so incredibly random.

Keith Smart misses and Boeheim has 2 national championships.

Mario Chalmers misses and Bill Self has only 1 national championship.

I could go on and on.


Bearloom t1_jbkcawu wrote

With the Derrick Rose scandal, KU still would have ended up hanging a banner if Mario missed.


pargofan t1_jbkcpez wrote

You mean along with OU's 2004 national champion banner because of the Reggie Bush scandal?

EDIT: Or along with UM's 2013 national championship banner?


A_Random_Username_0 t1_jbhxjc5 wrote

Syracuse averages about 10 feet of snow each winter. It's uncommon to be over 50F from November until about April and there are usually a few weeks that are under 10F and days under 0F. Recruiting players to come experience that weather if they're from a part of the country that doesn't really get winter can't be an easy sell.


pixelflop t1_jbj5omx wrote

This is a big one most casual fans don’t think about.

You can go to a team in the Carolinas where 50° is cold, or to Syracuse where 50° is the high for most of the months of your college career. Not exactly an even playing field.


Alex_butler t1_jbia7n4 wrote

“Only” is a heavy word. Winning an NCAA championship is extremely difficult


onduty t1_jbixida wrote

For a long stretch it was tough to build a team without handing out cash.


nickpecori t1_jbhfwep wrote

If you were a part of a Syracuse family, this man has been a constant in your life. He started his Syracuse journey 60 years ago, that how long my parents have been alive. Spanning multiple generations, he is Syracuse.


[deleted] t1_jbhz78u wrote



7goatman t1_jbi0gkr wrote

No charges were filed after a decade long investigation and his accusers recanted, not to mention two of them are rotting in jail for armed robbery and child molestation. Pretty sure bro was innocent.


dj_swearengen t1_jbh1bhn wrote

The last of the Big East originals. He outlasted Thompson, Carnasecca, Massimino. By a long shot


zeledonia t1_jbiyxq2 wrote

Amazing that Lou Carnasecca is still alive at 98 years old!


EducatedCynic t1_jbgtppa wrote

Wow. Man has been coaching longer than I've been alive. Knew this day was coming but the sport just doesn't look the same. Legendary coach.


syrstorm t1_jbibcs6 wrote

  • 47 seasons coaching his Alma Mater.
    • The only other team he coached was the US National Team, helping his friend Coach K lead "The Redeem Team" to 3 gold medals.
  • 34 seasons with 20+ wins
  • 20 sweet 16s
  • 5 Final Fours
  • 2003 National Champs
  • 1,116 Wins - the 2nd most of any Men's team in the history of the NCAA

TheDude717 t1_jbh8t2l wrote

For all of his awesome accomplishments, I still can’t get over how whiny, annoying and combative he became over the last few years.


shagtoth t1_jbhby2i wrote

His press conference after they lost is prime Boeheim. So annoying


synergyandalignment t1_jbj7ymi wrote

Syracuse needed him to retire years ago - Hopkins was dicked around for years, waiting for his turn. But this old white guy’s ego was more important. Bye bye crybaby.


NachoBag_Clip932 t1_jbhfve4 wrote

He started the year after John Wooden retired and three years before the Big East formed.

For some reason I thought he had won two championships, still a great coach, quite the run.


nachobidnis t1_jbgxu0n wrote

Love em but about time, gotta refresh their bb program so bad


JawlessMuffin t1_jbj0fme wrote

For real, the recruiting has been terrible the last 5 years or so. Need someone younger in there to turn the program around


whalebacon t1_jbhdp7i wrote

Congratulations to Coach Boeheim for a phenomenal career. Tough loss today.

Question: Was this the last year for his two sons also?


cwskopec t1_jbhlmdx wrote

They both graduated last year. I was honestly surprised Boeheim didn’t retire last year but I imagine he didn’t want to go out on a losing season


A_Random_Username_0 t1_jbhyeus wrote

His only losing season if you ignore the wins vacated by the NCAA. It seems appropriate to do so for this purpose since he finished each of the seasons with NCAA vacated wins with a winning record and the wins were vacated years later.


whalebacon t1_jbhlxr0 wrote

Oh geez I thought they were still playing for Dad. I haven't watched many Syracuse games this season. Cheers.


jbizzy12 t1_jbh8gim wrote

Five years too late


houstonyoureaproblem t1_jbhvt72 wrote

As a Hoya, good riddance.

Seriously, though, that’s one hell of a run. Doubt it will ever be duplicated.


syrstorm t1_jbic5fg wrote

HAHA. Well said. We (Cuse fans) enjoy "hating" you all, as well. Doesn't mean I didn't hold John Thompson in the highest regard while I booed him until my vocal cords gave out, though.


stevep3478 t1_jbhx1yd wrote

Such an asshole. Never knew adults could be bullied until I saw him on TV when I was young.


NextBrownsQB t1_jbhk64z wrote

Anybody that can do any occupation for forty years is astonishing to me


dashcam_drivein t1_jbhlri2 wrote

>His 47 seasons at Syracuse trailed only Jim Phelan, who coached Mount St. Mary's for 49 seasons between 1955 and 2008, in terms of longevity at a single school.

Kind of crazy to think about coaching a team from when Bill Russell was in college to when Steph Curry was. I guess college basketball has changed a lot from the 1970s to now, but from the 1950s to the late-2000s just seems like two totally different universes.


Gushys t1_jbi95oz wrote

The zone was wild back in the day. Probably never see another coach live and die by one singular defense at all costs


glissonrva t1_jbhp197 wrote

John Beilein always said this was his dream job. Wonder if he would return to college for it?


4thkizturg t1_jbhvxui wrote

Can we play some man defense now for the love of god


DamnItHeelsGood t1_jbhxkt2 wrote

Dude was a hell of a coach, and it’ll be really weird watching Cuse without him next year.

That said, it’s feels fitting that his last L comes at the hands of Wake Forest, whom he bashed earlier this year for “buying” a team with NIL money. In Greensboro colosseum no less, towards which he expressed disagreement with their hosting of the ACC tourney.


CancelCultAntifaLol t1_jbiv6xz wrote

The “fire Boeheim” crowd must have a really weird feeling right now, knowing that they had a coach who consistently put a number next to their name for almost 50 years, and likely won’t have that again in their lives.

Dudes a legend. It’s not just what he did. It’s where he did it and how.

The “only one title” folks are a joke and don’t respect how hard it is to win in the tournament.


gfberning t1_jbhh94a wrote

Didn’t he announce his retirement 5-10 years ago but didn’t follow through? Not saying that’s the case here, trying to make sure I haven’t Mandela effected myself.


syrstorm t1_jbibxyc wrote

What happened is that they set up a "Retirement/succession Plan" (about 10-12 years ago) so that recruits wouldn't be worried about going to a program and losing their coach. Everyone knew who the next coach would be if Boeheim decided to step away.


Neans888 t1_jbhr97d wrote

I could be wrong but I think they said 3 more years in 2015 or something like that.


rangerfan123 t1_jbhi6t7 wrote

Wow didn’t know he’d been there for 47. That’s crazy


CollateralSandwich t1_jbhq2c8 wrote

One of the, maybe the?, last remnant of the Big East of my youth. Thanks for all the great basketball, and inspiring me to visit your campus back in 1990 when I and my friends were looking for places to go. Happy trails.


Yiptice t1_jbhw2j6 wrote

Always been a cuse fan and played in the dome twice in high school, that said, it’s been time for him to retire.


mcapozzi t1_jbhtkfx wrote

Boeheim had a tendency to have small players and a short bench. That setup was ok against other Big East teams at the time. Syracuse would usually fall to teams with more depth due to injuries and foul trouble. Once Syracuse became an ACC team, it was all over. Syracuse can't compete with Duke or NC.


Merpninja t1_jbif6la wrote

Maybe in the last half-dozen years but Boeheim's trademark was oversized guards, lengthy wings, and giant centers.


dcrico20 t1_jbiehwb wrote

Jesus, I had no clue he was there that long. I think the first time I heard his name was when I was a senior in high school and was drawn to Carmelo Anthony tearing up the tourney. Hope he can find a way to enjoy retirement as a legend of the game.


TonyDungyHatesOP t1_jbih9dj wrote

I love me some Boeheim. But I’m happy to never see my team play his god forsaken flex zone ever again. Or whatever it’s called.


TurbanTan t1_jbj793a wrote

No matter what their record was going into the tournament, you always knew he’d have the team playing some their best basketball. It made for easy upset picks. Hopefully that culture remains.


Mr_Ree416 t1_jbjuaf4 wrote

Cheater, ran a crooked program, killed a guy.

Bye Felicia.


tugboater203 t1_jbkwlzd wrote

He only ranks second for Men's, Geno Auriemma is 1178 and 155 and still coaching UConn Women's team.


grynch43 t1_jbj1dbt wrote

“Smart takes the shot…”


Lowfuji t1_jbhj07q wrote

And he finally revealed his name is actually pronounced as spelled, Boe-Hime.


Viperion_NZ t1_jbhrpb2 wrote

Misread that as 47 seconds, that makes for a very different story lol


GleemonexForPets t1_jbi9p5h wrote

As a lifelong Syracuse fan from upstate New York, I couldn't be happier.
Firstly, I haven't been confident in the Orange since they had future NBA star Carmelo Anthony (yes, Gerry McNamara briefly gave me hope).
Secondly, it's a years long running joke that no Orangemen fan is confident with a double digit lead at the half. It's like Boeheim takes the halftime break to remind his players of their recent relatives or pets that have passed away, the inevitably of their demise, or how most of them will never make it to the NBA regardless of how well they play.
He undoubtedly knows the fundamentals as well as anyone in basketball but inspire confidence...he does not.


Subjunct t1_jbipusi wrote

Huh. Must’ve had a 48-season bonus in his contract.


NuaAun t1_jbis9rb wrote

Sad news


kronikfumes t1_jbj6w7o wrote

Didn’t he kill someone?


cornelius_catamaran t1_jbjgraj wrote

Wasn’t this dudes wife banging the whole team or am I misremembering that?


napoleonboneherpart t1_jbhrjzj wrote

Adios scumbag

Edit: go ahead and downvote me but years ago a Baylor player murdered another Baylor player and the school was trying to cover it up, and were also slandering the dead young man by creating a narrative where he was a drug dealer, which he was not. One assistant coach was not down for the cover up. He was fired and blacklisted from coaching. They asked human naked mole rat Jim Boeheim about it and he said he would never hire a coach like that and that he betrayed the program and school. So yeah, fuck him.