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YourMrFahrenheit t1_jbh51fc wrote

What is her goal here? To get a release to sell stories for cash?


Col_daddy t1_jbhe65o wrote

Absolutely! Some kinda behind-the-scenes story of how this guy is a terrible person or something to that nature.

Quick cash grab because that’s what she’s got and you gotta strike while the iron is hot.


Teefromdaleft t1_jbhhch5 wrote

She’ll have pictures/videos of his accident recovery, which tabloids would spend millions on alone…


Col_daddy t1_jbhlszb wrote

Expose: Tiger in his boxers shirtless dried blood on the sites where he’s been stitched up. Sell em to the highest bidder!

We’re pretty gross as a people…like all of us.


griminald t1_jbizhpl wrote

Just noting this for other readers -- From the article:

>Herman's attorney is citing a federal law, the Speak Out Act, that prevents the enforcement of nondisclosure agreements in instances of sexual assault and harassment.


JamesXX t1_jbj4wiz wrote

I think the next sentence is important to not leave out... and kind of confusing to be honest!

>Herman's attorney, Benjamin Hodas, indicated the case involved allegations of sexual abuse, although those allegations might not involve Woods directly.


bogboom t1_jbjquuh wrote

She’s trying every loophole she can find.


Col_daddy t1_jbk8uno wrote

You forgot the key words that make that sentence either acceptable or not. In this case acceptable. Keep reading, it totally helps build context.


defaultman707 t1_jbj0c6e wrote

Nah it’s just some gold digger looking for a cash grab, Reddit has spoken. /s


Col_daddy t1_jbk91y6 wrote

It is that way when all the damn facts point in that direction. Don’t worry you’ve seen enough on TV to make your determination. He cheated on his wife, damn him to eternity. 😂


defaultman707 t1_jblsk06 wrote

Okay I’ll take your bait. I don’t care about his cheating. That’s his personal life and shouldn’t be a topic of discussion for the public. Why he IS a terrible person, is his negligence to operate a multiple thousands of pounds vehicle on a number of occasions. Anybody that is caught driving with hydrocodone, hydromorphone, Xanax, and ambien in their system IS a POS, plain and simple.

It’s crazy to me the lengths that people are going to protect a celebrity baby who faces zero consequences for his actions.


Col_daddy t1_jbltoha wrote

Sheeeesh. Judge, jury and executioner here. Step outta default mans way here….he’s got work to doc


Thunderb1rd02 t1_jbkxu31 wrote

Let's not forget, Tiger is a terrible person.


Col_daddy t1_jblu0oa wrote

No he’s not. He just some guy who we put on a pedestal and then get disappointed when he doesn’t live up to our individual expectations 100percent of the time.

Pump the brakes


Thunderb1rd02 t1_jboe5ow wrote

You are right about the pedestal. It’s absolutely amazing how many people ignore his list of scandals because he used to be good at golf.


Col_daddy t1_jbozvl0 wrote

He’s still great at golf. Like world renowned….


Thunderb1rd02 t1_jbpek5a wrote

His OWGR is at 986th.


Col_daddy t1_jbq6xdl wrote

Keep digging brohammer. Makes your case ultra strong


Thunderb1rd02 t1_jbqrbsc wrote

How is that digging? That’s his rank. It’s not good.

Other than a few flashes he hasn’t been relevant in a decade.

I’ll never understand the blind support for this guy.


clarky4430 t1_jbikem3 wrote

Are we forgetting that he cheated on his wife like 1000 times because he is a terrible person


tayroarsmash t1_jbiuxci wrote

Ah, how could I forget. I guess we should brand him with a scarlet letter and ostracize him for forever.


awfuckthisshit t1_jbji6ao wrote

The cheating is the least of those problems. Driving while under the influence so many times is the real issue.


Sasquatchii t1_jbj6r11 wrote

Yea but we’re not his wife so we don’t feel victimized


flipflop180 t1_jbj9xu8 wrote

His wife should have been arrested for assault for chasing him with a golf club, causing him to wreck his car into a tree.


Binky390 t1_jbjczc0 wrote

Was that the one where he was doing 80 something in a 45?


defaultman707 t1_jbjfode wrote

Nah that’s the most recent one that happened 2021. The one they’re referring to he smashed his car into a tree and a fire hydrant in 2009, and he was cited for careless driving. Can’t forget the DUI in 2017 where hydrocodone, hydromorphone, Xanax, and ambien were in his system.

At the very least the mf should NOT have a license.


ZachLagreen t1_jbki15c wrote

I remember…now what would you like me to do about it?


lemonwater101 t1_jbjz6ut wrote

>She says she had an "oral tenancy agreement" to live in the house for what the suit called "a certain duration of time" and believes damages, based on the monthly rental value of the residence, would be in excess of $30 million.


multiballs t1_jbk8uyt wrote

I interpreted that as there was agreement for oral sex which had to last so long and so many times a week for her to live there.


jbr2811 t1_jbh47c0 wrote

No idea who’s right or wrong here, but isn’t she filing this suit a little late? If all that stuff was so repulsive, why did you date him for 5 years?


Dirty_Quesadilla t1_jbh5i9k wrote

She’s late bc either A) she’s shopping her story and wants that bag B) she knows the NDA will be enforced in perpetuity but still wants that clout.


26slatt t1_jbht9ol wrote

Definitely bag. She got used to the billionaire lifestyle


blankblank t1_jbj0vyb wrote

NDA’s are notoriously difficult to enforce. Especially when there is a major power or legal sophistication imbalance between the parties.


J_Dabson002 t1_jbh63hi wrote

She wants to be able to write a book because she’s running out of money


JackingOffToTragedy t1_jbjwci4 wrote

She is also suing him because she was kicked out of the house and alleges that she had an "oral tenancy" agreement to live there. Threatening to write a tell-all book would create negotiating leverage.

In other words, she's blackmailing him after a break up.


whichwitch9 t1_jbhluw4 wrote

Sooo, if you read there's a super worrying bit that she can't disclose sexual abuse, even if the perpetrator isn't necessarily Woods.

Maybe it's to sell stories, but it also could be something happened, and she's being blocked from doing anything about it.


IAm-The-Lawn t1_jbi59d9 wrote

No contract can legally prevent you from reporting a crime. That portion of a contract would be ruled unenforceable, and the rest of the contract would remain in force.


AbdulAziz9715 t1_jbir983 wrote

Sexual abuse is a crime, and no contract in the world can void the right to justice. She is definitely out for money or fame, hell maybe even both.


whichwitch9 t1_jbj1v8p wrote

I think it's funny you think someone wouldn't try to throw that in there. There's also a fun caveat that it's a crime that's hard to prove, so you can have it happen and still run afoul of a nondisclosure

A number of nondisclosure end up unenforceable, but the threat of legal action is enough to keep people from violating it


Fpscharles t1_jbholmm wrote

She wants 30million in a suite filed. Crazy

Edit: I told my wife the same thing as other are stating. The NDA is keeping her from telling her story and making money in either a book or interviews. Pure money grab.


banjonyc t1_jbib579 wrote

She claims they had an oral agreement that she would be able to stay in the mansion for 11 years. There's five years left on this oral lease. So for compensation she wants 30 million. Gold digger


BeSmartYeah t1_jbif6xu wrote

I mean did you see all the plastic surgery she had done? we know who paid for that.


fardough t1_jbj6win wrote

She looks a good bit like Debbie Downer.


Arborgold t1_jbj82uj wrote

Does that oral lease come with oral stipulations?


[deleted] t1_jbgv9vv wrote

So wait like they are still together though?


[deleted] t1_jbi0fnl wrote



Birdhawk t1_jbi5x70 wrote

Hold up, dating someone for a few years entitles me to take a chunk out of their bank account even though I did nothing to earn them that money? Word.


[deleted] t1_jbi6fr3 wrote

Amber Heard has entered the chat.


[deleted] t1_jbi6jxv wrote

Johnny Depp has left the chat.


uristmcderp t1_jbipdqd wrote

It's weird how getting married then divorced makes that true.


Cows_Go_Huh t1_jbjgojf wrote

That’s not what the spirit of the law implies. People getting divorced and someone owing alimony is in place because typically the husband is the breadwinner and grows wealth for the family, while the wife stays at home and raises the kids. Takes care of the house. And puts her working career on hold or never develops one. I assure you she wasn’t slaving over a hot stove with a baby in her arms while the other was tugging at her waiting for tiger to get home. Just being with someone doesn’t mean you won a jack pot.


drdrillaz t1_jbknvu3 wrote

But she did likely give up her career and did help with his kids. They weren’t “just dating”. They lived together for 6 years. She may not be entitled to something but a billionaire should give her something when they split so she can get back on her feet and establish her career again. I’ve lived with my gf for 3 years and there’s zero chance I’d kick her out with nothing. Tiger should look at it as buying peace and silence. A million or two is literally .001 of his net worth. It’s maybe a days worth of interest on his portfolio.


Cows_Go_Huh t1_jbks7on wrote

I’d bet the plethora of Nanny’s would beg to differ. Not to mention the time with their mom. She wasn’t doing much child rearing. Also, she could have worked. She chose not to. She didn’t need to be at one of his many homes or vacation houses or ride around in luxury cars let alone pay for shit. She didn’t want to work, at a time where she could have literally lived her dream out. She expected to be taken care of because she just was with him. She could have been doing literally anything to have her own money and made something of her self rather than expect a hand out. Also, you want him to just give her what he’s earned on his back. Regardless of how small it is to him is absurd. Especially after her wanting out of the NDA she signed so she can…earn money off HIM. Not what she’s worked for. Not what she has contributed. Off Tiger being a massive celebrity.

Is your gf helping you raise a kid? Is she taking care of the house?


PPLifter t1_jbim574 wrote

In the UK, if you live with someone in a house they own then it actually does.


drdrillaz t1_jbj4hjk wrote

To be fair, she did help repair his image. It was pretty much in shambles before he started dating her


ZachLagreen t1_jbki9mu wrote

What did she do to help repair his image?


drdrillaz t1_jbkkt1r wrote

Remember this?. They came out as a couple shortly after this. She was seen as a wholesome normal girl. People were praising Tiger for finding someone normal to date. They quickly forgot about the DUI and all his previous transgressions. That being said, $30M is ridiculous. But I’ve lived with my gf for 3 years and even I would give her $20k to get a place to live. If he really just kicked her out with nothing then he deserves all the negative pr


ZachLagreen t1_jbknv5d wrote

So being a wholesome girl and dating someone with a troubled past entitles you to money...? I don't really follow the logic there.

We also have no clue the details of the breakup, so I don't know how you can definitively say what levels of pr he deserves.

Just a bizarre take all around.


alwaysmyfault t1_jbjnqaa wrote

Tell me you're a gold digger without telling me you're a gold digger.


Gogttr t1_jbidvf7 wrote

🤢 🤢🤢 toxic and entitled..... dangerous combo


Sasquatchii t1_jbj6u3b wrote

No, no she’s not. That’s not how life works. She had the good life for 6 years is how you should think about it.


Cows_Go_Huh t1_jbjfp1z wrote

Why the fuck would she be entitled to shit?? You are seriously a brain damaged person if you think people are entitled to shit. I bet you think your entitled to stuff and it’s trash. Fuck you.


dbsrbso t1_jbkghzc wrote

Do you live in the part of China where they have a breakup fee?


Chrissou_A t1_jbku26l wrote

Tell me you're a gold digger without telling me you're a gold digger


drdrillaz t1_jbklc06 wrote

Downvoted to oblivion for speaking the truth. She may not be legally entitled to anything but she likely gave up her career to be his gf. Tiger is a billionaire. $2M to him is like $20 to a normal person. By all accounts she was nice and treated his kids well. Throw her a bone to keep things civil and out of the news


Metuu t1_jbkmd6w wrote

“She likely” aka you don’t actually know and are just speaking out of your ass… got it.


drdrillaz t1_jbkobk1 wrote

Well in the beginning they talked about her running his restaurant. They haven’t spoke of that in years. She isn’t going to work a restaurant manager job while living with a billionaire. I’m not talking out of my ass. It’s the reality of those in that world


Metuu t1_jbkpe6k wrote

The fact is, you have no fucking idea lol.


EmEmAndEye t1_jbk2w1z wrote

You're being downvoted, A LOT, but you're not entirely wrong. A woman I knew years ago was a fashion model and did incredibly well in the industry. She wasn't quite as famous or rich as Tiger's ex-wife, but close. And the two did resemble each other. Anyway, as she got a little older, this model went out of her way to date only men who were highly wealthy. These were NOT sugar-baby situations. Here's my point: once the men broke up with her, she'd sue them for failing to keep their promises ... whatever those promises were ... and she'd win. None were marriages. I've since learned that this type of thing is rare but it happens. We don't hear about it much because the men want it kept quiet. Wealth and power has perks. It's the wackiest thing to me that this type of lawsuit is even possible. Last I knew, she's still at it.


I've no earthly idea if the NDA woman of the OP is doing anything even remotely like this. I'm only speaking to the one comment made by u/SssAs.


Lemon86st t1_jbhd5dn wrote

I used to love tiger woods cause he was a great champion. But after that sex scandal? The man is a god!


yinyangpeng t1_jbimmsp wrote

To each their own. hypocrisy is a deal breaker - if he was a known philanderer, good for him; but if he’s saying one thing and doing another, I’m on the wife’s side in the original story (with this NDA one, don’t know enough to have an opinion)


tayroarsmash t1_jbiv7oe wrote

It’s totally normal and healthy behavior to take sides in complete strangers divorces.


jguess06 t1_jbj210h wrote

I wish people had enough to do that they didn't have time to obsess over famous people.


tayroarsmash t1_jbj5ls1 wrote

They call it a “deal breaker” I’m just curious what deal they’re entering into with tiger woods.


nine8whatwhat t1_jbhn3ku wrote

why didn't you put ex-girlfriend?

click-baiting me, i'm watching you OP


907flyer t1_jbii9ew wrote

To be fair, I first saw this on the news pop up on my iphone and it had the exact same title and even in the article referenced her as “girlfriend” and not “ex-girlfriend” which confused the hell out of me. Said article has now been updated to say ex-girlfriend.

That said the the linked ESPN headline says “ex-girlfriend”.


seansy5000 t1_jbi3qt9 wrote

The judge is good. The NDA feels good. The courtroom is good. I like my chances.


richnasty18 t1_jbigess wrote

I thought it said DNA at first. Like what they tested his golf towel?


wilderjai t1_jbj1pj4 wrote

Don’t. Fukc. The . Help. Rinse and repeat.


Degen4lyf t1_jbjbycg wrote

Smart move getting NDA lol. These hoes ain’t loyal


kingcolbe t1_jbhpccf wrote

His current girlfriend?


Outrageous-Duck9695 t1_jbiafa4 wrote

Dude really can’t get this dating thing right.


SkyNightZ t1_jbj4ote wrote

Get terribly wealthy and it becomes much harder.

Imagine being a nobody before getting rich and famous. Everyone you meet is going to know you are rich. There is no 'rich man' school you go through on how to spot the signs.


fantomen777 t1_jbk98hn wrote

> Dude really can’t get this dating thing right.

He managed to find the "right" wife who wanted a civilized divorce after he cheated on here. She even come to aid then he crached his car and he was injured, and from my narrow understanding, have not backstabbed him after the divorce.


Careful_Diver_395 t1_jbj3pr2 wrote

Isn’t she his former girlfriend, or is she still his girlfriend which is it? This statement is confusing


CartmansAlterEgo t1_jbj4daf wrote

This would be completely against the point of an NDA.


ClassBShareHolder t1_jbj5u8d wrote

Damn dyslexia. Had to read too far into the comments to realize it’s not abut DNA and I’d read the acronym wrong.


likeminipee t1_jbj83ri wrote

She's a Gold Digger, plain and clear! It would suck to be a celebrity! People are always in your business, and you don't know who you can trust (especially when dating someone). Maybe Tiger should take a break from women and relationships. Tiger is a flawed person as we all are in some way.


cubs_rule23 t1_jbjenjg wrote

Wouldn't this be precedent setting? I don't think it goes how she thinks it will.


[deleted] t1_jbjn5ex wrote

Why is a domestic dispute being covered in "Sports"?


Geoarbitrage t1_jbjo16i wrote

Herman’s attorney…Her-Man, she pwns him…


nonamepuppydaddy t1_jbjpfl0 wrote

Nah this stinks of bull shit. Hilarious way to break up with yet another restaurant employee, and if the sexual assault is real then this is straight up terrible - but the truth is she’s embarrassed and wants money and is now going to do anything to get it.

Looks like he was smart to have her sign an NDA immediately now


mdshowtime t1_jbjxv7d wrote

To be clear, it won’t be news that tiger woods is a straight up pos right?


Fours21 t1_jbjz4tx wrote

Disgusting money grab


dreamwarrior22 t1_jbjzf7x wrote

Ever since metoo she knows she doesn't have to abude by the NDA when SA is involved. She's basically getting feelers for anyone interested in her story. I don't think she'll get any interest.


ReyHebreoKOTJ t1_jbk04mv wrote

Probably should have learned to budget better


Vatican87 t1_jbk7ojq wrote

Nobody cares about gold diggers


drdrillaz t1_jbj4sde wrote

As much as Tiger is worth the nda should have included some form of payment to ensure it’s enforced after a break up. A couple million for her silence is nothing to a billionaire


twochain2 t1_jbji878 wrote

You don’t need money tied to an NDA to enforce it, that’s the whole point of the NDA.


drdrillaz t1_jbjj2bm wrote

I know you don’t need to, but it’s wise to ensure the person doesn’t try to contest it. You tie the payment to acceptance of terms and forfeit the money if they don’t accept and try to fight it


NevermoreTheSF t1_jbjttr1 wrote

it's not a marriage, is it expected to pay off every person you date?


drdrillaz t1_jbjuqte wrote

When you’re a billionaire celebrity and you lived with someone for 6 years who knows everything about you it’s not only expected but foolish not to. You don’t need headaches. This is a headache now. Could have all been avoided for a $2M likely. You gave Rachel Uchitel and a bunch of other skanks a lot more to protect your image


Kaiisim t1_jbiyth0 wrote

I can't imagine its enforceable. NDAs exist to protect proprietary information and trade secrets, not silence people you have relationships with.

The 30 million is hilarious though.


rgaya t1_jbh0a75 wrote



patrickp4 t1_jbhvyva wrote

So am I the only one that finds an NDA in a relationship weird?


needs-more-metronome t1_jbhxhqi wrote

Yeah it’s definitely weird, but it would be even weirder to have an SO selling stories of your private life to media outlets for cash


Toogen t1_jbi3qw2 wrote

For a billionaire? Not in the slightest...especially when you are at the level of fame Tiger Woods is.


Seattle2017 t1_jbiaa5d wrote

NDAs are terrible. A way for rich people to control other people. They are bad when companies use them, the employees never understand the implications. This person probably didn't understand. Then people can treat your very poorly after you sign one with no recourse.


cluelesspcventurer t1_jbis546 wrote

No one forced her to sign the NDA. She weighed up her options and living the life with tiger was worth it to sign. If you don't like NDAs, don't sign.


flounder19 t1_jbgyoou wrote

who makes their girlfriend sign an NDA


Seantwist9 t1_jbh5w03 wrote

Rich people who’s girlfriend have a huge financial incentive to spill information


Birdhawk t1_jbi61hv wrote

It’s true. I’d elaborate but legally I cannot.


dronegoblin t1_jbidvhw wrote

People whos careers and wealth are based on public option


BeSmartYeah t1_jbif1tz wrote

He would be an idiot not to have one for just this very reason.