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whichwitch9 t1_jbhluw4 wrote

Sooo, if you read there's a super worrying bit that she can't disclose sexual abuse, even if the perpetrator isn't necessarily Woods.

Maybe it's to sell stories, but it also could be something happened, and she's being blocked from doing anything about it.


IAm-The-Lawn t1_jbi59d9 wrote

No contract can legally prevent you from reporting a crime. That portion of a contract would be ruled unenforceable, and the rest of the contract would remain in force.


AbdulAziz9715 t1_jbir983 wrote

Sexual abuse is a crime, and no contract in the world can void the right to justice. She is definitely out for money or fame, hell maybe even both.


whichwitch9 t1_jbj1v8p wrote

I think it's funny you think someone wouldn't try to throw that in there. There's also a fun caveat that it's a crime that's hard to prove, so you can have it happen and still run afoul of a nondisclosure

A number of nondisclosure end up unenforceable, but the threat of legal action is enough to keep people from violating it