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TheGunslingerStory t1_jbow8rg wrote

There are many different races per event similar to swimming/track/gymnastics events. Can win multiple different events at one event. Like Phelps taking multiple golds per Olympics


inventionnerd t1_jbp5nwm wrote

This is more like Nascar. She's won "86 races" and the races per season count towards the year's Nascar Cup series championship. It would be wrong to say Jimmie Johnson won 80 Nascar cup series championships. He won 80 races and 7 championships. She won 86 events in the World Cup. But she only actually has like 5 World cups.


LeBonLapin t1_jbowruo wrote

Right, but it's not called a "World Cup" when Phelps does it. World Cup in almost all sports the term is used in refers to an event that at most happens annually. Why not call it a gold medal? A blue ribbon? A championship title? World Cup implies world champion and it's sort of weird to potentially crown a new one every 6-8 weeks.


flugsibinator t1_jbozbns wrote

I looked it up because I was confused. She's won 86 races in the World Cup Circuit since she started participating in it. The World Cup Circuit takes place over a number of events with points earned throughout the season. One person wins the World Cup at the end of the season. She has won 5 overall World Cup titles.


stratoglide t1_jbp0isq wrote

It's called the worldcup because its a competition that takes place across the world. And because thats what FIS decided to call it, it's a points based competition that takes place across the entire year, whoever scores the most points wins the cup, so it's cumulative performance throughout the year.

You can't just be good at one event to win the world cup you need to perform in slalom, giant slalom, super g, downhill and kombi. That's why it's typically a bigger deal than just winning a single race.

What's crazier is you normally start competing in these races at the age of 16 and it costs upwards of 60k a year to participate.

There's the world championships which are held every 2 years and the winter Olympics that are held every 4. Which is more along the lines of what you're thinking