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Nubsondubs t1_jbp0mqo wrote

That goes without saying, because it's so stupidly obvious only an idiot would feel the need to point that out.


Bill-Ender-Belichick t1_jbpco7z wrote

Never know in today’s society, I’ve been told there are no significant biological differences on reddit before.


Apt_5 t1_jbpzveb wrote

Idk if you’re being downvoted b/c that doesn’t happen in this sub so people here haven’t seen it, but I will confirm that I have seen it argued all over reddit too. Especially wrt to sports, I’ve seen it stated as if fact that athletic performance isn’t significantly different between the two.


Nubsondubs t1_jbpisso wrote

> been told there are no significant biological differences on reddit before.

That kind of thinking has to be in the minority by a wide margin. It's better not to validate it by acknowledging it to begin with.


Apt_5 t1_jbq0yrg wrote

It may be only what a tiny minority thinks, but somehow they are powerful enough to provoke huge impacts. How the judge can believe that an assumed tendency toward depression and suicidality cancels out established physical differences in size and strength, I don’t know.


Staedsen t1_jbsgr31 wrote

That is about transgender which is another thing.


Apt_5 t1_jbu3x2n wrote

No, the athletic differences between men & women due to biology are relevant; they doesn’t disappear when the word “transgender” is introduced.


Staedsen t1_jbu4fi3 wrote

They don't disappear when the word transgender is introduced but hormone therapy does change things quite a bit.