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drdrero t1_jbp8t9u wrote

Totally, I’m Austrian and was hyping for Anna fenninger. But she was always an awesome fight


fremajl t1_jbpu0f9 wrote

Real pity about all the injuries for Anna.


q5pi t1_jbpee4e wrote

Fenninger was the most boring and whining skier ever. Only Liensberger is worse.


drdrero t1_jbpgj8z wrote

you are the most boring and whining redditor ever. Biasd


arn_g t1_jbpm8go wrote

What's wrong with Liensberger?


Kenjimusic t1_jbpmt1x wrote

i used to be in the local skiing club with her. most entitled, whiny person i’ve ever come across


arn_g t1_jbpn29v wrote

Haha, okay, just gonna take your word for it lol