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arn_g t1_jbvr5ad wrote

She actually doesn't. 246 starts and 87 victories, vs Stenmarks 230 starts and 86 victories.

That's not to say that her achievement isn't insanely incredible.

PS: Her World Championships stats are slightly better and her Olympic stats slightly worse than Ingemar's.


AJ877 t1_jbwz1tx wrote

Where do you find the stat about Stenmark's 230 starts? Because commentators yesterday and FIS have been saying that Stenmark had 271 World Cup starts in his career.


arn_g t1_jbwzibb wrote

I'm gonna assume the stats on FIS own website are correct, but who knows lol

I've also heard 232 before, but never 271


AJ877 t1_jbx0cdh wrote

That's weird, I don't know where did they get 271 then. They showed graphic of win percentage across individual sports, and Stenmark was credited 271 starts.


funnybalu1 t1_jc1i5gz wrote

Still that's 35 vs 37 percent win rate. Anybody claiming those 2 percent points make any other than a mathematical difference is just a hater. Considering that Shiffrin is likely to keep on winning, she will most certainly go on to pass Stenmark and become the undoubted GOAT. Hard to swallow pills: Women can be crazy good, even the best ever, at sports too and records are still made to be broken, however old they might be.


arn_g t1_jc1icie wrote

I never claimed anything to the contrary and do completely agree