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arn_g t1_jbo55fa wrote

Incredible skier. What a crazy achievement. I can't imagine how much pressure fell off her shoulders today. Looking forward to following her career to 100 wins.


drdrero t1_jbp8t9u wrote

Totally, I’m Austrian and was hyping for Anna fenninger. But she was always an awesome fight


fremajl t1_jbpu0f9 wrote

Real pity about all the injuries for Anna.


q5pi t1_jbpee4e wrote

Fenninger was the most boring and whining skier ever. Only Liensberger is worse.


drdrero t1_jbpgj8z wrote

you are the most boring and whining redditor ever. Biasd


arn_g t1_jbpm8go wrote

What's wrong with Liensberger?


Kenjimusic t1_jbpmt1x wrote

i used to be in the local skiing club with her. most entitled, whiny person i’ve ever come across


arn_g t1_jbpn29v wrote

Haha, okay, just gonna take your word for it lol


the-csquare t1_jbogsn7 wrote

Having her first victory and tying victory both be in Åre is pretty cool


envispojke t1_jbqbou6 wrote

Which is in Sweden, where Ingemar Stenmark is from!


its_still_good t1_jboaqg9 wrote

Greatest female skier of all time!


This_aint_my_real_ac t1_jboi4ok wrote

I'd definitely argue greatest skier of all time.


Jibjumper t1_jbpk2yp wrote

Maybe for racing. Candide Thovex is probably the greatest all around skier. Shane McConkey probably deserves a shout there as well.


This_aint_my_real_ac t1_jbq230h wrote

Guess need to narrow to Alpine Skier/Racer


Jibjumper t1_jbq5p93 wrote

Which is a 100% justifiable take. For me the reason I clarify it that way is that racing is a discipline of skiing, but being a good racer doesn’t necessarily translate to being a good all around skier. It’s tough because while there are some big mountain events, being the best skier is subjective. In order to be considered in that conversation though you have to prove yourself across several disciplines imo.

For example I know and have skied with some incredible park skiers capable of doing triple corks, that couldn’t ski trees if their life depended on it. Or racers that are comfortable at 70 mph, but couldn’t go off a jump bigger than 10’ without being destroyed. To me skiing is about being able to start at the peak, pick a line, and navigate it all with style. Whether that’s cliffs, groomers, jumps, powder, crud, bumps, trees, and everything in between. That’s where Candide comes in because there’s really no one out there capable of going as big, as fast, and with as much style, on the most diverse terrain possible as he can. He’s the guy that every pro skier in every discipline will stop and say “how the hell did he just do that?”.


24PercentMajority t1_jbqbfba wrote

Most world cup skiers are going to ski well on terrain that isn't just gates. I'm not talking tricks, but just terrain. There's probably some flat country slalom racers that this doesn't apply to, but racers at this level live on the snow and and good at far more than just skiing gates. Many are capable of laying waste to big mountain, in the off season.


Jibjumper t1_jbqdpq6 wrote

Oh I’m not denying that, or saying racers can’t ski other terrain. I’ve been skiing since I was 2, grew up 15 minutes from Park City, had friends growing up that were professional skiers/boarders, worked in the industry for 15 years. I’m not trying to be uncle Rico saying I could throw a ball over them mountains. I would say I’m a very competent skier, and because of that I recognize how huge the gap is between what I can do versus a pro.

That doesn’t change the fact that some of the best big mountain skiers could be top competitors in racing if they tried, but doing what Candide does is in a different class. It takes a certain kind of person and skiing is so much more than gates, so I’m not knocking what they do, but race results only mean you’re the best racer.


BM_3K t1_jbrn5sx wrote

One, there's no way to objectively determine who "the best skier" is overall, so it's really just a silly topic. On the flip side racing produces concrete results so deciding who the best ski racer is is a much more manageable thing (you did make a distinction between best skier and best racer here). Second, I really don't think many pro big mountain skiers could switch to racing and be competitive at a pro level. There is so much that goes into technique and skiing in a race course no matter the discipline requires you to be near perfect and then some. I just don't see anyone that hasn't been seriously training in race courses their whole life to stand a chance against pro racers.


Jibjumper t1_jbrpo0z wrote

So I raced in high school, was on the mogul team, and skied park and big mountain regularly. I never took competition too seriously because I saw the gap between my level and the top .01% and didn’t care enough about those disciplines to push hard in any one direction. I was friends with a lot of skiers that were racers and I worked as a liftee on the night crew at Park City when the racers would do their training. I watched Sarah Burke’s crash that ultimately took her life and called it into ski patrol while working on Three Kings lift. I’ve been surrounded by ski culture my entire life.

Like I said not every all mountain skier could be a racer, but it would be easier for an expert non racer to get into racing, than someone that focused on racing growing up trying to get into big mountain/park skiing. When you know what you’re looking for it’s really easy to pick out who the former racers are from the lift than people with a racing background. Racing requires a different technique that changes your style and it’s hard to break those habits. I personally know people that switched focus to raving later in life and vice versa, and the general consensus from both groups is that it’s harder to unlearn racing than it is to learn.

It makes sense for something like car racing to consider the best driver someone that exceeds in racing (despite there being many types of driving), because cars are more or less designed to operate on a road/track. With skiing it’s different because you have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. It’s a whole different beast to do things like drop a cliff, straight line a face in Alaska, or have enough control to throw a trick while skiing through trees. It’s much more subjective, but anyone that has some real experience skiing can pick out what a next level skier looks like. Racing still takes a ton of discipline and I’m not diminishing the accomplishment. Like I said being the best racer is just that, being the best racer, but it doesn’t mean they’re the best skier.


[deleted] t1_jboo2dz wrote



trouthunter8 t1_jbooyxv wrote

She has 2 gold medals. She's the youngest slalom olympic champion in history.


[deleted] t1_jbouo4w wrote



sickjesus t1_jboy7vt wrote

No one PM that dude goth tiddys. He doesn't deserve them.


buerglermeister t1_jbp3yv6 wrote

Tell me you don‘t know anything about skiing without telling me you don‘t know anything about skiing 😂


erbkeb t1_jboooaf wrote

Yea, the Olympics aren’t the pinnacle of most sporting events. This is akin to saying Pele sucks because he never won Olympic Gold.


Jukervic t1_jboyb1o wrote

It absolutely is the pinnacle of most (Olympic) sports. Only the big team sports aren't


reefsofmist t1_jbp0to9 wrote

It's not for skiing and that Olympics especially was shit for skiing


buerglermeister t1_jbp46iw wrote

Olympics are definitely big and beijing was fine regarding the conditions. But overall globes are definitely valued the highes in skiing.


BerriesNCreme t1_jborgkv wrote

I mean it is the pinnacle for her sport…it would be like if people said messi isn’t the GOAT because he hadn’t won a World Cup…which is exactly what people were saying before he won it


mapoftasmania t1_jboz2kb wrote

It’s not. Winning the World Cup is the pinnacle. Olympic gold is nice, but it’s just one event.


mapoftasmania t1_jboyvmf wrote

The Olympics are a single event. The World Cup requires you to win repeatedly. You don’t understand the sport at all. Probably never even skied.

Lindsay Vonn doesn’t have a high win rate at the Olympics either. Arguably she would still be GOAT if she hadn’t been injured so much.

Julia Mancuso won an Olympic gold. Heard of her? She never won a single World Cup race, medalled just 7 times. Good skier but not even close to GOAT.


Bacon__99881122 t1_jbp9k2a wrote

Her father also died during this time period. This would mess with someone's head


patsboston t1_jbomvg3 wrote

Greatest Skier of all time male or female. Technically she is so gifted. Bode Miller has said she is the best technical skier (male or female) he has ever seen.


skinte1 t1_jbqw1cu wrote

That's all relative. Stenmark use to win by several seconds in his time because of his superior technique. They even changed the world cup rules because of how superior he was.


patsboston t1_jbu5qrn wrote

Same with Shiffrin. Legit all the Women World Cup skiers study Shiffrin’s form because she is legs and arms above the competition.


mapoftasmania t1_jboybyb wrote

Greatest alpine skier of all time.


Jaraxo t1_jbpw45z wrote

Yeh have to specify Alpine. Too many different disciplines to ever define a single greatest overall skier.


halbeshendel t1_jboq6ar wrote

Female? No. Just the best. Ever. At all. Of all time.


elkourinho t1_jbqjulj wrote

Idk, Hirscher is probably the goat. On eye test and how dominant he was.


skinte1 t1_jbqwj7l wrote

Stenmark is definitely the GOAT together with Shiffrin. He use to win by several seconds in his time in a sport that is now usually down to hundreds. Thats how dominant he was. They even changed the world cup rules because he won to much.


elkourinho t1_jbsebmi wrote

I was a racer on the verge of Europa cup, no. Hirscher won by seconds in a much more competitive time and age oh and let's not forget the man won so many overalls he just got tired and fucked off still in his prime. And the numbers on their own mean little to me. I'd put Tomba over Ingemar too.


thecaramelbandit t1_jbour87 wrote

I guess it depends on how you define that, because she wouldn't be competitive against men.


Nubsondubs t1_jbp0mqo wrote

That goes without saying, because it's so stupidly obvious only an idiot would feel the need to point that out.


Bill-Ender-Belichick t1_jbpco7z wrote

Never know in today’s society, I’ve been told there are no significant biological differences on reddit before.


Apt_5 t1_jbpzveb wrote

Idk if you’re being downvoted b/c that doesn’t happen in this sub so people here haven’t seen it, but I will confirm that I have seen it argued all over reddit too. Especially wrt to sports, I’ve seen it stated as if fact that athletic performance isn’t significantly different between the two.


Nubsondubs t1_jbpisso wrote

> been told there are no significant biological differences on reddit before.

That kind of thinking has to be in the minority by a wide margin. It's better not to validate it by acknowledging it to begin with.


Apt_5 t1_jbq0yrg wrote

It may be only what a tiny minority thinks, but somehow they are powerful enough to provoke huge impacts. How the judge can believe that an assumed tendency toward depression and suicidality cancels out established physical differences in size and strength, I don’t know.


Staedsen t1_jbsgr31 wrote

That is about transgender which is another thing.


Apt_5 t1_jbu3x2n wrote

No, the athletic differences between men & women due to biology are relevant; they doesn’t disappear when the word “transgender” is introduced.


Staedsen t1_jbu4fi3 wrote

They don't disappear when the word transgender is introduced but hormone therapy does change things quite a bit.


loosterbooster t1_jbppt45 wrote

Tomba or Stenmark wouldn't be competitive on their equipment vs today's athletes either. The only comparison we can make is relative to their peers and by that metric Mikaela is the GOAT.


skinte1 t1_jbqyv2n wrote

>The only comparison we can make is relative to their peers and by that metric Mikaela is the GOAT.

That would be GOAT together with Stenmark then... He still has as many wins and was arguably even more dominant in his time since he only competed in S and GS meaning he needed fewer events to reach his 86 wins. they even changed the rules because of him since he won the overall cup 3 years in a row despite not competeing in SG and DH...


loosterbooster t1_jbr4n02 wrote

Agree at this moment Mikaela and Stenmark are basically even. However, Mikaela is only 27 and she will almost certainly win many more races. Also, why is it a bonus for Stenmark that he didn't compete in the speed events? I would suggest that makes Mikaela even more impressive.


skinte1 t1_jbr8bpm wrote

>Also, why is it a bonus for Stenmark that he didn't compete in the speed events?

Because he had fewer events /tries to reach the same number of wins. As for Super G it didn't even exist until 1982 which was after Stenmarks prime. And parallel slalom, team events and combined weren't counted as WC wins back then but they are now etc. Another comparison is Stenmark has 155 podiums on 231 events and Mikaela has 135 podiums on 244 events.

But as you say Mikaela will probably win a lot more. Maybe even break 100 which would set her apart even from Stenmark.


xhysics t1_jbp7cmi wrote

Greatest ski racer in human history, period.


WedgeTurn t1_jbq5li0 wrote

And she's still so young! She still has another 5 or 6 years of peak career in her, it's absolutely insane.


AngryWino t1_jbonp4w wrote

She's a legit GOAT.


madladolle t1_jbs2wkx wrote

Of the women, Stenmark of the men


funnybalu1 t1_jbspng2 wrote

Of all of skiing.


madladolle t1_jbsqpy0 wrote

Considering there were alot less races per season during Stenmarks time, and the fact that he was so dominant that they had to change the rules - i'd argue otherwise


AJ877 t1_jbt1wfb wrote

> Considering there were alot less races per season during Stenmarks time

That argument doesn't really work when Shiffrin has actually done it in fewer races, and has a higher win percentage than Inge.


arn_g t1_jbvr5ad wrote

She actually doesn't. 246 starts and 87 victories, vs Stenmarks 230 starts and 86 victories.

That's not to say that her achievement isn't insanely incredible.

PS: Her World Championships stats are slightly better and her Olympic stats slightly worse than Ingemar's.


AJ877 t1_jbwz1tx wrote

Where do you find the stat about Stenmark's 230 starts? Because commentators yesterday and FIS have been saying that Stenmark had 271 World Cup starts in his career.


arn_g t1_jbwzibb wrote

I'm gonna assume the stats on FIS own website are correct, but who knows lol

I've also heard 232 before, but never 271


AJ877 t1_jbx0cdh wrote

That's weird, I don't know where did they get 271 then. They showed graphic of win percentage across individual sports, and Stenmark was credited 271 starts.


funnybalu1 t1_jc1i5gz wrote

Still that's 35 vs 37 percent win rate. Anybody claiming those 2 percent points make any other than a mathematical difference is just a hater. Considering that Shiffrin is likely to keep on winning, she will most certainly go on to pass Stenmark and become the undoubted GOAT. Hard to swallow pills: Women can be crazy good, even the best ever, at sports too and records are still made to be broken, however old they might be.


arn_g t1_jc1icie wrote

I never claimed anything to the contrary and do completely agree


BungOnMimosas t1_jbr6qzy wrote

She is GOAT, but I’ve heard she isn’t a very nice person irl


FlipGunderson24 t1_jbrb4rd wrote

I suppose you heard that from a friend who has a cousin whose sisters boyfriends second cousin twice removed….


BungOnMimosas t1_jbrbd3j wrote

No, I was working at a ski resort when she came for some racing. I didn’t directly interact with her, but plenty of my coworkers did and said she was really rude. Had several people confirm it. This was like 4 years ago now tho


Mats56 t1_jbs9pqu wrote

If you see her interviews, follow her on social media or watch the documentaries following her, she comes across as quite nice. Humble and considerate. Quite funny at times.

I'd rather trust that, than some FUD an anonymous redditor has invented.


Markiemark1956 t1_jbp1dnw wrote

Amazing athlete… don’t know why she doesn’t get more pub….she is best ever at her sport and is very gracious with her interviews….Needs to be on SI cover and athlete of the year…


ajkeence99 t1_jbpa4c1 wrote

I think just because it's not necessarily a popular sport. Very rarely have winter sport athletes ever received much publicity. Lindsey Vonn is legitimately the only other strictly winter sport athlete I can name. I remember watching the Olympics and thinking a handful of others were cool in the moment but not enough to remember them.

I just remembered Shaun White as I was about to post.


r2k398 t1_jbpbbwv wrote

Apollo Anton Ohno, Picabo Street, Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan


ajkeence99 t1_jbpc1rz wrote

Names that ring a bell to me but that don't just come to mind when considering the topic. I remember them enough to know, well believe, it was actually Kristi Yamaguchi. Anyway, I made another comment down below about the topic. It's not meant in a disrespectful manner towards her just speaking to my take on the situation as a whole.


Realistic_Condition7 t1_jbqahun wrote

As someone who doesn’t pay attention to winter sports and only hears (or sometimes watches) about it is when the Winter Olympics are on, I’ve never heard of any of those people.

I’ve heard of Lindsey Vonn though.


r2k398 t1_jbqamsa wrote

They are all Olympians but not current.


Realistic_Condition7 t1_jbr3brp wrote

Gotcha. Idk why Lindsey Vonn is the one I remember. Maybe she was involved in more tabloids or something. Shaun White I remember as well.


floofnstuff t1_jbr2s0k wrote

Here’s a name you’ve probably heard- Tonya Harding


blackcatpandora t1_jbrhzhi wrote

Hell yeah picabo street! That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time


Sell_TheKids_ForFood t1_jbpqbgu wrote

So that's 4 names out of what 30 years?


r2k398 t1_jbpqhha wrote

Those were the only ones I could think of. Not too many of them. I would like to know the names of those badass curling team members.


Sell_TheKids_ForFood t1_jbpqwdp wrote

I think that's the point. I spent many years as a huge sports fan, and other than hockey players, winter Olympians don't seem to stand out.
This person is the Tiger Woods of skiing, maybe even the Michael Jordan of skiing, and I have never heard her name before and I think that's a shame.

Edit: Maybe that's on me, too. To find these kinds of stories instead of waiting to be fed them.


r2k398 t1_jbpsc03 wrote

I’ve heard of her and Vonn and then Body Miller and Jeremy Bloom on the men’s side. Those are the only skiers I can think of.


Markiemark1956 t1_jbpb5li wrote

Jean Claude Killy, Eric Heiden, Bonnie Blair, Peggy Fleming, stenmark… Gretzky… maybe I am just sports junkie


eddie_dthfr t1_jbpd9we wrote

Bode Miller


Markiemark1956 t1_jbpem03 wrote

He didn’t win much… maybe Phil Mahre


ajkeence99 t1_jbpbsxb wrote

I didn't include hockey. I understand that it's on ice but I don't necessarily consider it a winter sport specifically. I also just mean to American's in general.

The reason I clicked here is because there was some sort of debate about sports on another platform and someone said something about Mikaela being the most dominant person in their sport ever. I had never even heard the name Mikaela and still had no clue who they were talking about. Not one other person had a clue who she was either.

I just don't think skiing is really that popular of a sport in the US. It's something I love to do (well, snowboarding) but I don't really catch myself watching it as a sport.


elkourinho t1_jbqj641 wrote

Specifically in skiing the crowning achievement is the crystal globe anw, not the Olympics.


ajkeence99 t1_jbqjn7j wrote

Something I've never even heard of, unfortunately.


elkourinho t1_jbqlk4t wrote

Olympic medals are decided on one race per discipline, globes on like 8 races spread out over a season per discipline. And then there is the overall globe which is the person who gathered the most points overall. In skiing its very hard to be consistent at this level so the globes mean a lot.


JT653 t1_jbps9ra wrote

A big part of this is she has under performed at the Olympics. Winter sport athletes become household names from the Olympics. While she will be older, hopefully she can have one more shot and reverse her Olympics curse which would do so much for her profile.


NearPup t1_jbpvak4 wrote

Which is kind of crazy because "only" winning two Olympic gold medals as an alpine skier is already a lot. Four is the most anyone has ever won, and she's eighth on the all time list for women (with probably at least two more Olympics left in her). Ingemar Stenmark also "only" has two and many of the all time greats have none.


iced327 t1_jbobqfx wrote

Legit insane.


ProLicks t1_jbopn9z wrote

Her skill is amazing, and her durability is unrivaled. It’s been a real gift to watch her over the past few years.


mapoftasmania t1_jbozdpr wrote

Pretty sure she will be the first skier to 100 wins. And that mark may never be seen again, unless they add a lot more races.


Specter170 t1_jbpglpv wrote

Her troubles at the Olympics behind her, she’s doing awesome. Good for her


tubelesstube t1_jboebk2 wrote

Amazing! What are the odds that she breaks Ingemars record in Sweden? Big respect to Shiffrin.


stargazer2540 t1_jbol256 wrote



takigruba t1_jbpla1w wrote

Recently heard a rebroadcast of an interview with her from about 10 years ago and she was so funny and humble and engaging. Made me an instant fan.


arn_g t1_jbpnjer wrote

Crazy thing is that she is still really humble in interviews. Great athlete and seemingly a great person too


dnap123 t1_jboylhw wrote

How many world cups are there in a year? 86 is quite a large amount. I guess it must be across multiple events?


buerglermeister t1_jbp4ks1 wrote

It‘s the world cup circuit. Compare it to formula one, where there‘s multiple races across one world cup season. Google FIS Alpine Skiih World Cup.


dnap123 t1_jbp8goy wrote

Cool. So yea she has been dominant for years and also for the entire time, not just at one particular event or time of year. Sweet


arn_g t1_jbpmtnt wrote

There are ~40 world cup races a year across all disciplines.

Shiffrin CAN win in all of them but is top of the sport in Slalom and Giant Slalom, which are about 20 races a season.


RaiderCoug t1_jbpyidf wrote

And the most technically demanding of the race disciplines.


NearPup t1_jbpw6e3 wrote

There is one World Cup circuit every year. There is an overall trophy and a trophy for each discipline (type of race).

There is usually between 30 and 35 individual races a year. While Shiffrin is competitive in all events she focuses on the technical events, Slalom and Giant Slalom, which accounts for roughly half the yearly races. Eight of her wins come from speed events (Super-G and Downhill), which constitutes roughly the other half of the races (not counting combines and parallel events, which are not contested very often).

Alpine skiing is a very high variance sport, so when it comes to determining who the best athlete is individual world cup races and overall and discipline season wins are what people use. The "big events" like the Olympics and the World Championships are more prestigious but less of an indicator of who the best athletes are.


metroid02 t1_jbsbfaa wrote

As an Austrian the current season hurts to watch. But what Shiffrin has been doing for the last is simply put amazing. The mental strength and sheer skill the US ladies have been demonstrating for YEARS (lets not forget Vonn) is astounding.

Hats off!


GloomyNathalia t1_jbqy1e8 wrote

So happy to see you so proud and happy after gutting out a hard fought victory on a truly tough discipline.


shoutoutpear t1_jbrm6ga wrote

And Messi is still sitting there with just one… smh


tcrimms82 t1_jbsjych wrote

No hate, but World Cup just event championship correct? Otherwise Mikaela is at least 500 years old.


huggles7 t1_jbswvyt wrote

Is she doing everything by Lindsey Vonn couldn’t?


efrylicious t1_jbryvyc wrote

Yeah but she was too scared to race Chris Laker that one time


richwhitejr t1_jbpzrs7 wrote

Beautiful woman. G.O.A.T. of skiing! ⛷️


rutntutn t1_jbo9e81 wrote

She is from an other star! 86 more wins to come!


LeBonLapin t1_jborp6j wrote

How many skiing world cups are there? If something happens more than once a year I feel calling it a "world cup" is a little disingenuous.


TheGunslingerStory t1_jbow8rg wrote

There are many different races per event similar to swimming/track/gymnastics events. Can win multiple different events at one event. Like Phelps taking multiple golds per Olympics


inventionnerd t1_jbp5nwm wrote

This is more like Nascar. She's won "86 races" and the races per season count towards the year's Nascar Cup series championship. It would be wrong to say Jimmie Johnson won 80 Nascar cup series championships. He won 80 races and 7 championships. She won 86 events in the World Cup. But she only actually has like 5 World cups.


LeBonLapin t1_jbowruo wrote

Right, but it's not called a "World Cup" when Phelps does it. World Cup in almost all sports the term is used in refers to an event that at most happens annually. Why not call it a gold medal? A blue ribbon? A championship title? World Cup implies world champion and it's sort of weird to potentially crown a new one every 6-8 weeks.


flugsibinator t1_jbozbns wrote

I looked it up because I was confused. She's won 86 races in the World Cup Circuit since she started participating in it. The World Cup Circuit takes place over a number of events with points earned throughout the season. One person wins the World Cup at the end of the season. She has won 5 overall World Cup titles.


stratoglide t1_jbp0isq wrote

It's called the worldcup because its a competition that takes place across the world. And because thats what FIS decided to call it, it's a points based competition that takes place across the entire year, whoever scores the most points wins the cup, so it's cumulative performance throughout the year.

You can't just be good at one event to win the world cup you need to perform in slalom, giant slalom, super g, downhill and kombi. That's why it's typically a bigger deal than just winning a single race.

What's crazier is you normally start competing in these races at the age of 16 and it costs upwards of 60k a year to participate.

There's the world championships which are held every 2 years and the winter Olympics that are held every 4. Which is more along the lines of what you're thinking


bbwolff t1_jboxq03 wrote

There's one world cup with many individual events. Exactly like F1. Or many other sports that use this formula.

What you're thinking is world championship.


flossdog t1_jbp7mfv wrote

“world cup victory”, which is per race. This would be analogous to how many matches a country has won in FIFA World Cup.

“world cup title” is per category per year. (she has 15 world cup titles).


skinte1 t1_jbqxqn8 wrote

>This would be analogous to how many matches a country has won in FIFA World Cup.

More like nr of games won in Premier league / La liga etc since it's a "series" over the whole season without playoffs like in the FIFA World Cup. With a big difference ofcourse. A game is only between two teems so your chances of winning is a lot higher than when competing against 100 other ski racers...


guitarzan212 t1_jbq9dfr wrote

And yet every time I watch her, she’s a giant turd. Suspicious.


patsboston t1_jbqatmv wrote

What? She has two gold medals in the Olympics, won 10 World Championships, and the all time wins leader. She is amazing.


m0viestar t1_jbosyt8 wrote

How does one even watch skiing?

Edit: apparent everyone misunderstood this. I was asking where and how do you watch skiing. Streaming? Cable? Etc.


bbwolff t1_jboxbuw wrote

I usually sit on my couch, sometime I'm standing, lying, waking, riding a bike. I've watched a run out two in my car... . It's more of a tea and coffee event, but it depends, I've seen some with a beer or wine in my hands.then there are times when you go live, when the event is somewhere close. It's important to dress well cause it gets freezing at times. It's more of a beer /cooked wine event in those occasions.


monkwren t1_jbp3adw wrote

I like to watch it on my couch at home, which makes the beer thing a lot more enjoyable, too.