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Brewcrew828 t1_jbpdgr1 wrote

What? What kind of state do you live in where if someone is shooting at you that you can't defend yourself? I think you're on crack or something


Chas_Tenenbaums_Sock t1_jbpi6cq wrote

Not exactly what u/reeveb was asking, but to note, when I had a concealed license in a stand your ground state, you could not specifically arm yourself to seek out a situation where you'd be potentially drawing your firearm. So the neighbor that's playing loud music? You couldn't go grab your pistol from the closet, leave your apartment, head up to the neighbor's and confront them. Which is (slightly) different if you armed, park your car, walking to your condo, and tell someone to please leave your porch (your property), they threaten you, and you draw your firearm.

All situations are different and there's a lot of nuance sometimes, but this wouldn't be the typical cut and dry scenario of defending yourself at the specific time you are armed IF Kemp had to go get his firearm THEN find the perpetrator.


reeveb t1_jbq55v9 wrote

Honest question…and no, I have not tried crack sir.