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hhh888hhhh OP t1_jbo5wpt wrote

‘’Kemp's attorney, Scott Boatman, said in a statement to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Thursday that Kemp's car was broken into and numerous items, including an iPhone were stolen. Kemp tracked his iPhone to an occupied car, and was shot at when he approached the vehicle. Kemp then returned fire in self defense, Boatman says.’’


ShawnTomahawk t1_jbrtaxh wrote

I can see that happening considering his weed business in Seattle and how active he is in its store operations. Seems like he would be a target for that


brostadon69 t1_jbobgh5 wrote

Always picked Kemp in NBA Jam when I was a kid—glad it was just self defense


seven_times_70 t1_jbpgd4n wrote

I’m actually cool with him, he is originally from my area. I ran into him at a gas station. I said your the reign man. Asked for a picture. Then grabbed an Arizona ice tea came back out and he’s waiting. He asked for my business card. Said he needed some work done at his mom‘s house. I texted him and asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner. He brought a bottle of tequila, my friends stopped by. I asked to play him in NBA JAMS. I beat him with himself. He played with Maxwell and Hakeem Olajuwon (rockets) I have some pics I can upload. One of the most gracious and kind people I met. When finished doing work for his mom. She said thank you my son had a wonderful time last night. And no one has done that for him. He slipped me 200 for the work even tho I said it was free for the reign man.

One of the coolest stories I tell ppl. Couple weeks later he texted me rematch.


seven_times_70 t1_jbph43l wrote


Ru4pigsizedelephants t1_jbptgz6 wrote

Holy shit, this is one of the coolest stories I've ever read on the internet. Playing NBA Jam with the Reign Man? Sign me up.


brostadon69 t1_jbpligm wrote

That’s such an awesome story—thank you for sharing


DeadFyre t1_jbq10z3 wrote

Holy shit, that is one of the coolest stories I've ever heard in my LIFE. Maximum respect for the Reign Man. I will never doubt him again.


Sgt-Pumpernickel t1_jbqbm4f wrote

Dude that must’ve been a little nerve wracking at least to ask a former professional athlete to come have dinner and hangout. And if what his mom said is true, good on ya for doing so


seven_times_70 t1_jbqhfrp wrote

Thanks. His mom lives 10 minutes from my place so it’s not a long drive. He had his driver Huston there too. We fed him as well and he had only one beer.

We sat on the patio drink Coronas. Watching all the kids do flips off the diving board. All my friends didn’t believe me but I sent them a picture. And they all started showing up knocking on the door with beers. Got to hear lots of crazy stories playing against Jordan and what not.


fossilnews t1_jbqlcrb wrote

>Couple weeks later he texted me rematch.

It's time to make that happen.


Loggerdon t1_jbr7lye wrote

Now THAT'S a great story. Glad to hear he's so cool. I've always liked him.

Also glad no charges filed against him.


ShawnTomahawk t1_jbrvble wrote

‘Don’t meet your heroes’

Have you met Shawn Kemp!? That man is a sweetheart. He was incredibly nice when I met him.


mart1373 t1_jbolzou wrote

Yeah, seems like the police moved a little quickly before getting all the facts.


DeadFyre t1_jbq1p4r wrote

I think press jumped to conclusions too quickly. If there's a shootout, the cops arrest everyone, that's their job. It's the prosecutors who are going to decide who to charge.


Lee_Doff t1_jboq3hr wrote

i cant even remember the last time they called a foul on the offense after running into someone on purpose


ZeusTheGreat7 t1_jbovnd4 wrote

A charge?


rph73178 t1_jbokc65 wrote

good. too bad he missed em


Fladap28 t1_jbqt6rb wrote

He had every right


2wheeloffroad t1_jbqn4x3 wrote

WHAT? This is getting nuts. I watched the video.


ShawnTomahawk t1_jbru5f6 wrote

Happy to see this. I met Kemp at his shop in Seattle, super nice guy, very friendly. I told him I was from TX and we talked for a bit about how he used to live in Katy (Houston). I had met Steve Kerr on the sidewalk a few hours prior, I told Kemp about it ‘yeah man, I saw Steve Kerr on the street and he told me to come see you’ “Steve said that?” ‘Nah, but he’s in town. (Showed him my photo of Steve and I)’ he had a big laugh. I always thought of Kemp as a terrifying person when he was a player because of his swagger in the paint, but he was also with Gary Payton who was a bully and in the Top 5 Greatest of All Time Shit Talkers. Stoked for Kemp, he’s a real one


reeveb t1_jboxyu2 wrote

Is this “stand your ground” ? I didn’t know you could just shoot back in public. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often if so.


Brewcrew828 t1_jbpdgr1 wrote

What? What kind of state do you live in where if someone is shooting at you that you can't defend yourself? I think you're on crack or something


Chas_Tenenbaums_Sock t1_jbpi6cq wrote

Not exactly what u/reeveb was asking, but to note, when I had a concealed license in a stand your ground state, you could not specifically arm yourself to seek out a situation where you'd be potentially drawing your firearm. So the neighbor that's playing loud music? You couldn't go grab your pistol from the closet, leave your apartment, head up to the neighbor's and confront them. Which is (slightly) different if you armed, park your car, walking to your condo, and tell someone to please leave your porch (your property), they threaten you, and you draw your firearm.

All situations are different and there's a lot of nuance sometimes, but this wouldn't be the typical cut and dry scenario of defending yourself at the specific time you are armed IF Kemp had to go get his firearm THEN find the perpetrator.


reeveb t1_jbq55v9 wrote

Honest question…and no, I have not tried crack sir.


DeadFyre t1_jbq2o7s wrote

You have the right to defend yourself with "reasonable force" if you're attacked, so long as you have a legal right to be where you are. If you're shot at while trespassing and shoot back, the law won't protect you, but if you're driving your car on a public street? You completely have a right to fire back. Now, let's be clear, that's not an ideal circumstance, and may not even be tactically sound, he might have been better off just stomping on the gas and roaring down the street.

Reasonable force is going to depend on what the prosecutor, judge, and jury decide. This is why you're entitled to a trial by a jury of your peers. Now I'll disclaim here: Not a lawyer, don't know the law in Washington State, but shooting back is not inherently illegal.


dj9008 t1_jbpgcjy wrote

It isn’t called “stand your ground” everywhere but most states say that “people have no duty to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense.”