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big_sugi t1_jbqthbb wrote

They’re paying him as a top-10 WR; he was barely in the top 30 last year. Yeah, his QB situation sucked, but that’s part of the reason you don’t pay a guy top-10 money when you have bigger holes on your roster.


tyedge t1_jbqvfcs wrote

He was 11, 11 and 9 in yardage the three years prior, and as the cap climbs, already-signed deals get comparatively cheaper. The trade is a fiasco but acting like “getting rid of Moore” is a point in the Panthers’ favor is truly wild.


Whosdaman t1_jbrea1e wrote

No doubt how can anyone watch Moore last season and not think he is elite? He’s definitely one of the best WRs in the league atm. Fields isn’t the best case scenario for him, but if the play making is there, Moore can get open.


Radthereptile t1_jbrle9g wrote

Because Moore wasn’t good in fantasy last year and that’s all people notice now.


Whosdaman t1_jbrlve0 wrote

It’s a shame really because Moore really lit it up end of the season. There was so much focus around CmC that I think it bottlenecked the team. I wouldn’t have ever traded him away, but considering the season they had I thought they did an incredible job.

Then today happened, now the Bears are set for the foreseeable future.


AKAkorm t1_jbruqay wrote

It's more like they're paying him like a top-20 WR because the guys just below him are getting paid pretty similar dollars to what he is (if you want to argue DJ getting $20m is meaningfully different than Kirk getting $18m, have at it).

And most people consider it a slight bargain contract because its front-loaded and his base amount drops every year from now on. And because WR is highly valued these days - you can see that in the draft and in the contracts guys are getting.