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big_sugi t1_jbqs84n wrote

If there was a surefire-elite QB in this draft, I’d say it was reasonable. But for this class? It’s too much. And that’s after taking into account that the Panthers overpaid Moore, so dumping him helps to bring the deal back closer to par.


big_sugi t1_jbqthbb wrote

They’re paying him as a top-10 WR; he was barely in the top 30 last year. Yeah, his QB situation sucked, but that’s part of the reason you don’t pay a guy top-10 money when you have bigger holes on your roster.


tyedge t1_jbqvfcs wrote

He was 11, 11 and 9 in yardage the three years prior, and as the cap climbs, already-signed deals get comparatively cheaper. The trade is a fiasco but acting like “getting rid of Moore” is a point in the Panthers’ favor is truly wild.


aishbeijnsidn t1_jbqyc1f wrote

Tepper is an idiot. He has made so many bad decisions since buying the team. It’s absolutely miserable.


Valiantheart t1_jbr2mvd wrote

Weird because i thought none of the QBs in this years draft were considered sure fire future stars.


Whosdaman t1_jbrea1e wrote

No doubt how can anyone watch Moore last season and not think he is elite? He’s definitely one of the best WRs in the league atm. Fields isn’t the best case scenario for him, but if the play making is there, Moore can get open.


Whosdaman t1_jbrlve0 wrote

It’s a shame really because Moore really lit it up end of the season. There was so much focus around CmC that I think it bottlenecked the team. I wouldn’t have ever traded him away, but considering the season they had I thought they did an incredible job.

Then today happened, now the Bears are set for the foreseeable future.


kinglallak t1_jbrnkls wrote

That’s the crazy part of this deal… there are at least three solid QBs… and a good chance of one of them still being available at pick 5-7. So they didn’t need to give up this much to get a QB.


AKAkorm t1_jbruqay wrote

It's more like they're paying him like a top-20 WR because the guys just below him are getting paid pretty similar dollars to what he is (if you want to argue DJ getting $20m is meaningfully different than Kirk getting $18m, have at it).

And most people consider it a slight bargain contract because its front-loaded and his base amount drops every year from now on. And because WR is highly valued these days - you can see that in the draft and in the contracts guys are getting.


HeyImGilly t1_jbs18z9 wrote

I don’t know THAT much about sports, but this was a terrible trade.


aishbeijnsidn t1_jbsj3q9 wrote

Panthers have had 7 different starting QBs over the past 4 seasons why not go for another one. I hope the Panthers bankrupt Tepper just like he has bankrupted them.


csclark0530 t1_jbssa9w wrote

As a panthers fan, this hurts but makes sense. Cap room was slim. Brian Burns needs a contract ASAP. We need a QB. Plenty of WRs in free agency plus this deep draft.

This was the unfortunate right move to reset the foundation and to start building properly.

With that being said, if they do nothing the rest of free agency….this will be a bad deal.


seasoned-veteran t1_jbt23qn wrote

They're gonna give up all this, draft Anthony Richardson, and be totally shocked when he isn't Cam Newton.


theophastusbombastus t1_jbune4c wrote

Mannnnnnn! I am loving this fleece my Bears are wearing! Very boogie as the kids say now.


aishbeijnsidn t1_jbuyi2i wrote

Let’s hope the panthers are working some Draft Day shit where they leverage that #1 over all pick into a trade for an existing proven QB and additional assets