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probablyourdad t1_jbw6ov2 wrote

Imagine being .3 seconds off the world record and some guy on the internet is like nah you’re no where near the top


El_mochilero t1_jbwd7f4 wrote

Dude for real. His personal best 200m time would have gotten him sixth in the last Olympics.

And track is his second best sport.


Jawkurt t1_jbxflr9 wrote

Ah he’s not that fast, mahomes probably inspired him right before


ToThisDay t1_jbxbegn wrote

And didn’t he run that while he was in high school?


dyfish t1_jbw7hy8 wrote

That’s like a lot of time in a short distance sprint though.


probablyourdad t1_jbwbc1y wrote

He is tied for 123rd in the world with this time.


dyfish t1_jbwbrmo wrote

Why’d you go back 2 years?


probablyourdad t1_jbwf473 wrote


dyfish t1_jbwg47n wrote

He’s fast, I’m sure the fasted man in football. Maybe the fastest man in a ball related sports. But he’s not a top tier sprinter in the track world. We don’t need to pretend he is, he’s a beast in his own right. I think a lot of people who know nothing about track and field will watch that clip and see these headlines and draw the conclusion that he is. We are over hyping his track speed, because of his football speed. It just feels a little disingenuous. Don’t get me wrong it’s insane he can put that time up and not even be a dedicated sprinter. But we owe it to ourselves and sports in general to frame it properly. He’s not out there blowing away top level competition, and that’s how a lot of people are selling it. Now if he chose track over football. Who knows, he might be elite. He clearly has the ability to potentially be a Olympic medalist.


AFatz t1_jbxr74x wrote

This is such a dumb comment lol

But I'm sure you've NEVER said anything negative about a pro athlete before. And this is actually true.. .3 seconds is a big difference in the 100 meters. Let alone the 60.


neveroddoreven415 t1_jbx6uqc wrote

Yeah, he almost beat the US Boys HS record! Kidding aside, he’s super fast but .3 seconds is a lifetime in the 60.


cdirty1 t1_jbxwxg0 wrote

I’m not disparaging his speed clearly its nuts but his time wouldn’t even be top 100 in the NCAA this year let alone world.


jimmylstyles t1_jbxx0r0 wrote

I mean, he’s as close to the world record as Boston college is to being the top basketball team in the NCAA.

There are literally 100 guys faster in that event this year in the NCAA alone, there are a dozen who are faster than him in High School this year alone.


Skayren t1_jbz0u2o wrote

Tyreek Hill would've gotten fourth in HS Indoor Nationals if he ran a 6.7. He would've lost to high school sprinters.

If he ran at the NCAA championships this weekend, he'd have been the slowest athlete to compete in the prelims.

Tyreek Hill is an extremely fast WR, but he's nowhere near the top sprinter. There are 17 year olds who sprint faster than him. Had he gone down the T&F route he'd almost certainly be one of the fastest sprinters, but as it stands now, no, Tyreek Hill is nowhere near the top.