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Jawkurt t1_jbxoz3s wrote

Not noisy enough, not enough beer sponsorship.


Vordeo t1_jbxpb2s wrote

What if people raced in Confederate flag shirts and everyone was required to have a mullet?


Jawkurt t1_jbxs4g0 wrote

Well that would help... but my concerns would be...

  1. Can you drink booze in the stands?
  2. Can the racers make loud noises?
  3. How often will these racers be running into each other or into walls?
  4. How much greasy ass food is available at these events?
  5. Can we limit the amount of black racers to less than 1% of racers?
  6. Of these possible black racers, can we make sure theres no hippity hoppity ones?