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jimmylstyles t1_jbxvcfj wrote

His time wouldn’t put him top 200 in the world this year. He has access to better strength and conditioning professionals, nutritionists, recovery experts, etc than anyone in that top 200. This isn’t an issue of needing more races or practice. He would need to start by losing about 30lbs, then racing for 4-5 years, and then MAYBE he is one of the top 20 in the world.

The “record”? Zero chance.


raysterr t1_jby9uab wrote

Can we just agree he is really fast but not even close to being worlds fastest?


jimmylstyles t1_jbykjyn wrote

We can agree he is really fast in the same way that Boston college has a good basketball team.

A high schooler ran 6.59 today in Boston. 4 high schoolers broke 6.70 in Boston in the final and semi final.

Does Boston college have a good basketball team? Well nowhere as good as the Celtics, but better than most every high school team?


r0botdevil t1_jbyvn8b wrote

He's exceptionally fast for a football player.

That's an important and meaningful distinction here, because certain characteristics that are necessary to play football will also necessarily make you a slower sprinter. He's not a world-class track sprinter because track sprinting isn't his primary focus.


Iseepuppies t1_jby64n5 wrote

You do know he doesn’t train for THIS event right? He probably does a completely different regiment and just did this for fun. Fast twitch is fast twitch. I bet if he was to try he could do better. But NFL pays a fuck ton more and he’s getting older. Why switch now