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crowsfeast t1_jbutz4t wrote

He didn’t just win…he smoked those other dudes like they were high schoolers


mikehayz t1_jbwb4cq wrote

Also casually jumped 9 feet in the air to warm up.


a_ron23 t1_jbwlsxo wrote

I replayed that like 4 times. His ass went up near his head height and that was just a little hop. This guy is a freak of nature.


jimmylstyles t1_jbxuwkw wrote

Because they are literal fed ex delivery men. The masters championship you just… sign up. Anyone can. You can if you want.

His time wouldn’t put him in the top 100 of NCAA athletes just this year, and 3 kids in high school ran faster than him yesterday in a single meet in Boston.


atubslife t1_jbwx1ez wrote

Those are high school times, so that makes sense.

This does not look like a high level, and the times do not represent that.


Sharkgutz17 t1_jbxh014 wrote

What do you mean Hill ran a 6.7 which is .36 seconds off the world record. He was 5% slower than the world record.


blainty22 t1_jbxnf7d wrote

Lmao. Do you realize how huge .36 seconds is in a 6 second race? I’ve seen freshman in highschool run 6.7s


bc26 t1_jbyvald wrote

Running 6.7s in high school would put you at top in the country especially as a freshman. You may be thinking about the 55m instead of the 60m. In NYS they run 55m instead of 60. Not sure about other states.


USSanon t1_jbxof69 wrote

Also the first time in a race since high school. A big step and he can work off the extra time to get close to hitting the record.


pmth t1_jbxpjgx wrote

I don’t think you realize how big of a deal even .1 seconds is when it comes to a short race like this… when looking at the record for 60m, first all time is 6.34 seconds. 25th all time is only .13 seconds behind at 6.47.

Reek was still .23 seconds behind that… it’s not as simple as just “shaking the rust off” to go from 6.7 to 6.34

EDIT: just looked further into it, 6.7 is tied with about 100 other people for 1551st all time


jimmylstyles t1_jbxvcfj wrote

His time wouldn’t put him top 200 in the world this year. He has access to better strength and conditioning professionals, nutritionists, recovery experts, etc than anyone in that top 200. This isn’t an issue of needing more races or practice. He would need to start by losing about 30lbs, then racing for 4-5 years, and then MAYBE he is one of the top 20 in the world.

The “record”? Zero chance.


raysterr t1_jby9uab wrote

Can we just agree he is really fast but not even close to being worlds fastest?


jimmylstyles t1_jbykjyn wrote

We can agree he is really fast in the same way that Boston college has a good basketball team.

A high schooler ran 6.59 today in Boston. 4 high schoolers broke 6.70 in Boston in the final and semi final.

Does Boston college have a good basketball team? Well nowhere as good as the Celtics, but better than most every high school team?


r0botdevil t1_jbyvn8b wrote

He's exceptionally fast for a football player.

That's an important and meaningful distinction here, because certain characteristics that are necessary to play football will also necessarily make you a slower sprinter. He's not a world-class track sprinter because track sprinting isn't his primary focus.


Iseepuppies t1_jby64n5 wrote

You do know he doesn’t train for THIS event right? He probably does a completely different regiment and just did this for fun. Fast twitch is fast twitch. I bet if he was to try he could do better. But NFL pays a fuck ton more and he’s getting older. Why switch now


HotConcrete t1_jbxzkks wrote

This time would just get him in the top 10 of current high school students in the US. It’s a great time for an NFL athlete, but he’s nowhere near a world record.


Iseepuppies t1_jby6df8 wrote

Honestly I’d guess a 17-18 year old is faster than a 31-32 year old. I know I was a heck of a lot faster at that age then I am at 29 lol. I don’t sprint much wiring houses but age matters. My joints are getting a bit worn out these days


EndlersaurusRex t1_jbz5ft1 wrote

Age matters and sprinters usually peak in late 20s, but most active sprinters are going to be faster all through their 20s than late teens.

He’s not a “sprinter” anymore, but he’s still a professional athlete that sprints in his sport.


Iseepuppies t1_jby5tp4 wrote

I feel like if he actually trained for this type of stuff he could shave some of that .36 seconds. The guys usually preparing to get his head torn off by some DB of safety lol


Sharkgutz17 t1_jbxozzl wrote

It’s about a 5% difference


blainty22 t1_jbxr4k6 wrote

You’re just about brain dead


Sharkgutz17 t1_jbxrv16 wrote

Did I say it was easy to achieve that 5%? I’m just doing simple math what is your deal.


jimmylstyles t1_jbxv2p7 wrote

Because 5 percent of 6.7 is the difference between kids who will never see a dollar in college scholarship and people who make the Olympic final.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_jbxx8cg wrote

This was a masters competition, which means it’s an amateur level race.

To put it in perspective, his time would have put him somewhere over 200th place in NCAA and he was literally beaten by a high schooler.


NotOSIsdormmole t1_jby4s97 wrote

That’s because Masters doesn’t mean “best in the world” it means amateurs that want to compete while having a day job. It’s basically beer league


Iseepuppies t1_jby6kib wrote

You ever play beer league hockey? Some of those fuckers can PLAY lmao. It puts the rest of us to shame when 5 guys can’t get the puck from one fucking dude.


NotOSIsdormmole t1_jby8l30 wrote

And they also wouldn’t stand a chance against NHL dudes. It’s the same here.


Iseepuppies t1_jby8zvh wrote

I use to play with a guy a year younger than me and WOW. I’ve never seen someone who could play floor hockey like him. The fact he could control basically a tennis ball the way he could was not fair whatsoever. He ended up getting drafted to the NHL and is killing it so I’m not surprised. It was just leagues above us average people lol


weemackee t1_jbyc6dl wrote

I mean 3 high schoolers ran faster on Saturday at New Balance Nationals


[deleted] t1_jbvrm0r wrote



damned-dirtyape t1_jbwdhst wrote

Like he was their daddy.


Jawkurt t1_jbxfali wrote

The domestic abuse reference went over your head, I see.


smashinjin10 t1_jbxpt9k wrote

Lol. He broke his three year old's arm in 2019. I think the reference went over your head.


Jawkurt t1_jbxrvg4 wrote

It did actually, I was referring to his other domestic abuse incident with his pregnant g/f. The one w/ his kid was thought to be an accident wasn't it?


IMovedYourCheese t1_jbviynx wrote

He obviously wasn't racing against Olympic-tier talent, but stuff like this makes you wonder how much better the country would be at track & field events if they were a priority for top-tier high school athletes who instead go into professional football and basketball by default.


tallboybrews t1_jbwhpk3 wrote

So glad we will never find out, because football and basketball are way more fun to watch than sprinting for 10 seconds.


Silent-Insurance-139 t1_jbwj1jj wrote

Shit literally every other sport is more fun to watch than track and field. So glad the best athletes in the world choose football basketball and soccer.


flamin_hot_chitos t1_jbxmwif wrote

I love watching the Olympics but mainly because it is every four years. I wouldn’t watch any of those competitions on a yearly basis or with less fanfare.


Jawkurt t1_jbxffkc wrote

What about the one where they run around the track multiple times


handsomehares t1_jbxlk2o wrote

I’m a fan of the spinny throw and try to spear the judge competitions.

And the stick jump.


Vordeo t1_jbxo802 wrote

It's basically Nascar without cars, tbh. So I kinda wonder why rednecks in the US aren't more into track and field.


Jawkurt t1_jbxoz3s wrote

Not noisy enough, not enough beer sponsorship.


Vordeo t1_jbxpb2s wrote

What if people raced in Confederate flag shirts and everyone was required to have a mullet?


Jawkurt t1_jbxs4g0 wrote

Well that would help... but my concerns would be...

  1. Can you drink booze in the stands?
  2. Can the racers make loud noises?
  3. How often will these racers be running into each other or into walls?
  4. How much greasy ass food is available at these events?
  5. Can we limit the amount of black racers to less than 1% of racers?
  6. Of these possible black racers, can we make sure theres no hippity hoppity ones?

temujin94 t1_jbxulvd wrote

A lot less brain damage in track and field compared to NFL.


Smokeysquirrel0 t1_jbxh8cb wrote

A lot of those guys do run track since it helps them improve in their main sports. There have been a few NFL guys to qualify for the Olympics but not sure if any of them have competed.


flamin_hot_chitos t1_jbxmshg wrote

Marquise Goodwin is a current NFL WR that competed at the 2012 summer Olympics in the long jump. He has also made a jump that would’ve been the Gold medal distance, but that was at team trials. He still finished a respectable 10th place though.


LieDetect0r t1_jbxiqcy wrote

I like when sorts players come from different spotted backgrounds. Like Mailata from the Eagles, he was a rugby player before he played football and it shows


EndlersaurusRex t1_jbz6k0f wrote

Our country is already the best in the world overall at track and field for both genders, even with losing athletes to basketball, football, and baseball.


sullg26535 t1_jbzfat4 wrote

If you look many top highschool sprinters are also football players. I know when my high school won the 4x1 at state they were mostly d1 football players They continue to sometimes run in college as you will see schools like LSU or A&M often have football players on their track team for sprints.


PM_ME_OVERT_SIDEBOOB t1_jby0uhm wrote

This is my argument against USMNT being bad. If we had our athletes prioritizing soccer we’d wipe the floor with the rest of the world just like we do in pretty much every sport


207207 t1_jby6cy8 wrote

Way more that needs to happen than having our “best” athletes prioritize soccer. 6’3” 200lb bodies aren’t good for soccer; there’s a reason the best teams and players in the world (where soccer IS prioritized) aren’t that body type.

Additionally, US philosophy/approach to training for soccer is really skewed and, frankly, wrong. Until the US emulates the European system, we won’t be one of the best teams in the world (even IF we threw all of our “best” athletes at the sport).


Y_R_ALL_NAMES_TAKEN t1_jbyag9j wrote

Why do people always think this lol. The GOAT is 5’7, 150 lbs max. Football is more about skill, which is not emphasized in US football culture.


LaconicGirth t1_jbytyse wrote

I mean ok. But Ronaldo is 6’2, zlatan is 6’5, and the average height of all World Cup players is like 6’ even. Tons of amazing athletes in the NFL who are 6’ plus or minus 2 or 3 inches, and if they weren’t playing football they wouldn’t have bulked up as much as they have. Also think about the players who tried to make the nfl when they would have been better off starting with soccer but didn’t know that.

Nobody giving a shit about soccer in America is a huge reason we’re not that good, similar to hockey. That’s why minnesota is the best state for hockey even though it doesn’t have as many people as plenty of other states


cdirty1 t1_jbvcttj wrote

He’s incredibly fast but his time isn’t anywhere near a top world time this year.

Not that there is any shame in that. He doesn’t train for it like these guys do. Just some perspective because the guys in his heat make him look like Usain Bolt.


probablyourdad t1_jbw6ov2 wrote

Imagine being .3 seconds off the world record and some guy on the internet is like nah you’re no where near the top


El_mochilero t1_jbwd7f4 wrote

Dude for real. His personal best 200m time would have gotten him sixth in the last Olympics.

And track is his second best sport.


Jawkurt t1_jbxflr9 wrote

Ah he’s not that fast, mahomes probably inspired him right before


ToThisDay t1_jbxbegn wrote

And didn’t he run that while he was in high school?


dyfish t1_jbw7hy8 wrote

That’s like a lot of time in a short distance sprint though.


probablyourdad t1_jbwbc1y wrote

He is tied for 123rd in the world with this time.


dyfish t1_jbwbrmo wrote

Why’d you go back 2 years?


probablyourdad t1_jbwf473 wrote


dyfish t1_jbwg47n wrote

He’s fast, I’m sure the fasted man in football. Maybe the fastest man in a ball related sports. But he’s not a top tier sprinter in the track world. We don’t need to pretend he is, he’s a beast in his own right. I think a lot of people who know nothing about track and field will watch that clip and see these headlines and draw the conclusion that he is. We are over hyping his track speed, because of his football speed. It just feels a little disingenuous. Don’t get me wrong it’s insane he can put that time up and not even be a dedicated sprinter. But we owe it to ourselves and sports in general to frame it properly. He’s not out there blowing away top level competition, and that’s how a lot of people are selling it. Now if he chose track over football. Who knows, he might be elite. He clearly has the ability to potentially be a Olympic medalist.


AFatz t1_jbxr74x wrote

This is such a dumb comment lol

But I'm sure you've NEVER said anything negative about a pro athlete before. And this is actually true.. .3 seconds is a big difference in the 100 meters. Let alone the 60.


neveroddoreven415 t1_jbx6uqc wrote

Yeah, he almost beat the US Boys HS record! Kidding aside, he’s super fast but .3 seconds is a lifetime in the 60.


cdirty1 t1_jbxwxg0 wrote

I’m not disparaging his speed clearly its nuts but his time wouldn’t even be top 100 in the NCAA this year let alone world.


jimmylstyles t1_jbxx0r0 wrote

I mean, he’s as close to the world record as Boston college is to being the top basketball team in the NCAA.

There are literally 100 guys faster in that event this year in the NCAA alone, there are a dozen who are faster than him in High School this year alone.


Skayren t1_jbz0u2o wrote

Tyreek Hill would've gotten fourth in HS Indoor Nationals if he ran a 6.7. He would've lost to high school sprinters.

If he ran at the NCAA championships this weekend, he'd have been the slowest athlete to compete in the prelims.

Tyreek Hill is an extremely fast WR, but he's nowhere near the top sprinter. There are 17 year olds who sprint faster than him. Had he gone down the T&F route he'd almost certainly be one of the fastest sprinters, but as it stands now, no, Tyreek Hill is nowhere near the top.


turns31 t1_jbw47p8 wrote

Definitely not Olympic level speed but he is the fastest non sprinter I've ever seen in sports. I've watched a LOT of football in my life and I've never seen anyone make fast guys look slower that him.


Anerky t1_jbwzk8t wrote

Also he needs to keep mass on him to some extent. Usain Bolt is an extreme example but he didn’t need to worry about shrugging off 220lb safeties trying to tackle him while he was doing it


ThatFunkyOdor t1_jbw96py wrote

My friend raced against him in this. My friend went to this competition as a pole vaulter and literally “signed up for the 60m because it sounded like fun”. Tyreek hill is very fast but this should not be a headline


Horzzo t1_jbvin06 wrote

His time was pretty slow when it comes to actual professional sprinters. He wasn't running with world competetive sprinters here.


ryeguymft t1_jbvwrxc wrote

garbage human, plenty of fast football players who don’t abuse their partners and children


GoX14 t1_jbys12a wrote

And who are actually more competitive on a track!

See: Devon Allen


jimmylstyles t1_jc03b7i wrote

I’m even more impressed with what DK metcalf did last year against legit sprinter than what hill did against scrubs


tripleblue85 t1_jbwar5d wrote

He's gotta win something since he chose money over another championship.


TylerDurden626 t1_jbwo0kn wrote

Gotta make up for those playoff checks he’s losing out on. Got a lot of time on his hands


HalensVan t1_jbwusc3 wrote

Anytime Tyreek gets brought up people who don't know anything about track just keep regurgitating the same tired ass comments lol


_schenks t1_jby9ox3 wrote

He celebrated by going home and breaking his sons arm…again.


EBeerman1 t1_jbxeqce wrote

How does a 6.70 - 60 compare to Olympic to college level sprinters?


SuperSaiyanBen t1_jbxg3fa wrote

Google says sub 7 seconds is good. And says Usain Bolt ran a 6.31+ and was the 2nd fastest behind someone who ran a 6.29+

Edit- Apparently those are outdoor numbers and the indoor record is 6.34.

But sub 7 is still good for College Athletes. And apparently baseball scouts look for sub 6.7 speeds for Center Fielders/Middle Infielders. And look for sub 7.3 for the corner fielders.


MacSingleton t1_jbxm9o7 wrote

According to the World Athletics list, his time puts him tied at 215 on this year’s world rankings.


SuperSaiyanBen t1_jbxfwc7 wrote

He makes Speedy Gonzalez look like Regular Gonzalez


Stealthfox94 t1_jbxv09t wrote

I think Tyreek Hill might be slightly fast.


rpluslequalsJARED t1_jc0iej9 wrote

He didn’t even hit full speed his start was actually “bad”. He can go much faster.


IAmASimulation t1_jby26x6 wrote

First time on a track in 9 years and he beat the next guy by five strides. Guess they call him Cheetah for a reason.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_jbz28cn wrote

Why are we mentioning an outstanding track athletes accomplishments in context of the shit boot all team he moonlights for?