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BumderFromDownUnder t1_jc9szly wrote

“Innocent countries”

Which countries are those? You’d be pretty ignorant if you thought Iraq was “innocent”.

Ukraine is the victim of nothing but Russian expansionism. Where has the US invaded with the goal of effectively renaming the country as part of the US?

Sure, US does and has done some bad shit. But Russia is doing far worse with far less reason.


Britz10 t1_jca37jl wrote

Are you saying it's better to invade a country if it's not expanding a countries borders?

Personally invading to expand your national borders makes more sense than doing so for WMDs you knew weren't there.


EnvironmentCalm1 t1_jca5657 wrote

"countries I invade are evil because of things I made up and admitted to making up after "

Also is Iraq the only country that got invaded in the last 20 years ?