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detrif t1_jc9snoa wrote

What a season. He leads the NHL in goals and assists. He’s ahead of 2nd place by ~20 points… and it’s his teammate. He is quite literally having the best season since Lemieux.

He is going to win the Art Ross, Richard, and Hart. I would argue he should’ve won the Conn Smythe last year even though his team didn’t win the Cup.

He is quite simply the best player I have ever seen play the game.


tommypopz t1_jc9vyji wrote

McPowerplay /s

The man is ridiculous


frankyj29 t1_jcbhy5o wrote

Now if only he can get a good D behind him with a descent G


xc2215x t1_jcbigx4 wrote

Connor is out of this world.


sdiamon4 t1_jcbkaes wrote

We are incredibly lucky to be seeing this man play right now. Don’t take it for granted!


CrustyGitch t1_jc9xarj wrote

Now imagine if he had elite talent on his wing his whole career