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marklondon66 t1_jccfkyf wrote

Ok, this is just a great day of amusements on Reddit.

XFL/USFL should pay him big bucks to be the face of their entire league.

He's the reverse Kurt Warner.

/and I LIKE the guy


TikiLoungeLizard t1_jccnoac wrote

I think Johnny Manziel would like to claim that anti-KW belt too


marklondon66 t1_jcculf0 wrote

He would, but I think even those lower leagues would think twice!

Mayfield is perfect; good, but not good enough, clean image, great in commercials.


sleauxmo t1_jcecqbe wrote

For some reason I really can't stand Kurt. I enjoy his analysis at times but still... Certainly loved when he was decleated those years ago