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unexpected t1_jccmyv7 wrote

Looks like Baker will lead their efforts for the #1 overall pick in the 2024 draft.


piquedinhighschool t1_jcd9jkb wrote

I thought he looked decent in LA last year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bucs compete for the NFC South in 2023.


CaryCrush t1_jcdu39b wrote

Well, it's not that hard to be competing for the NFC South any year.


Akanan t1_jcdyyvy wrote

Feels like he is a hit or miss with his environment.


Sweatier_Scrotums t1_jcfg99c wrote

More than any other sport, a football player's success or failure is dependent on the situation they're placed in.


Akanan t1_jcgjlu7 wrote

Some have stronger leadership and can bring a team togheter and make it go their way. Tom Brady 1st year at the Bucs is a prime example. A QB has one the best pedestal to drive the most influence in a team environment, that is a talent not all of them have.

I don't see Baker very high in the good leadership department, but i wouldn't make it a statement, i can be wrong about him.


unexpected t1_jcg7u7e wrote

I definitely agree with you that he looked competent on the Rams, who have one of the best offensive friendly coaching staffs in the NFL.

The Bucs coaching staff looked hapless last year - they made Tom Brady look bottom-tier. Couple with the fact that it's only a 1 year deal (no upside for Bucs for him to play great), and the fact that they're shedding talent...

...leads me to believe that Bucs are tanking next season! I expect to see a a bunch of 1 year rentals, heavy on draft, maybe some more trades. Tearing down the house that Tom built up over the past 2 years.