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boricimo t1_jcbu53j wrote

I was surprised he’s still on his rookie contract. Never got that big one.


unexpected t1_jccmyv7 wrote

Looks like Baker will lead their efforts for the #1 overall pick in the 2024 draft.


piquedinhighschool t1_jcd9jkb wrote

I thought he looked decent in LA last year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bucs compete for the NFC South in 2023.


CaryCrush t1_jcdu39b wrote

Well, it's not that hard to be competing for the NFC South any year.


Akanan t1_jcdyyvy wrote

Feels like he is a hit or miss with his environment.


Sweatier_Scrotums t1_jcfg99c wrote

More than any other sport, a football player's success or failure is dependent on the situation they're placed in.


Akanan t1_jcgjlu7 wrote

Some have stronger leadership and can bring a team togheter and make it go their way. Tom Brady 1st year at the Bucs is a prime example. A QB has one the best pedestal to drive the most influence in a team environment, that is a talent not all of them have.

I don't see Baker very high in the good leadership department, but i wouldn't make it a statement, i can be wrong about him.


unexpected t1_jcg7u7e wrote

I definitely agree with you that he looked competent on the Rams, who have one of the best offensive friendly coaching staffs in the NFL.

The Bucs coaching staff looked hapless last year - they made Tom Brady look bottom-tier. Couple with the fact that it's only a 1 year deal (no upside for Bucs for him to play great), and the fact that they're shedding talent...

...leads me to believe that Bucs are tanking next season! I expect to see a a bunch of 1 year rentals, heavy on draft, maybe some more trades. Tearing down the house that Tom built up over the past 2 years.


marklondon66 t1_jccfkyf wrote

Ok, this is just a great day of amusements on Reddit.

XFL/USFL should pay him big bucks to be the face of their entire league.

He's the reverse Kurt Warner.

/and I LIKE the guy


TikiLoungeLizard t1_jccnoac wrote

I think Johnny Manziel would like to claim that anti-KW belt too


marklondon66 t1_jcculf0 wrote

He would, but I think even those lower leagues would think twice!

Mayfield is perfect; good, but not good enough, clean image, great in commercials.


sleauxmo t1_jcecqbe wrote

For some reason I really can't stand Kurt. I enjoy his analysis at times but still... Certainly loved when he was decleated those years ago


Amazing_Collar1133 t1_jccymfm wrote

For a dude still on his rookie contract, this dude sure talked a lotta shit in his press conferences. For a QB, tho, he's average at best.


DjuriWarface t1_jcd6593 wrote

>For a QB, tho, he's average at best.

Average starter or average of all NFL QBs? Because average starter is still a pretty damn good QB comparatively.


tommmey t1_jcdcdh3 wrote

Sure, he’s not a great NFL QB by any means but he’s still a former Heisman winner and 1st overall pick. Not many people can say that


boveep t1_jcdksa3 wrote

All that crap he talked about Daniel Jones, who will be making 10x his starting salary next year. What a clown.


BenSlimmons t1_jcdwt2x wrote

To be fair, I don’t honestly believe there’s too much between them insofar as their individual skill levels are concerned. Daniel Jones is a much better athlete and not nearly as reckless when throwing into coverage but Baker has the better arm and isn’t a complete wuss when going up against any real pass rush.


DefendTheLand t1_jce3coc wrote

Daniel Jones had a better coach that actually believed in him (unlike Stefanski)


FrazzaB t1_jcelvbn wrote

I do like that those out of context comments are still being used to tar Mayfield.


reilmb t1_jcd4hs4 wrote

Are his mechanics bad? Is he too short what are the problems with Baker? He is a try hard at times but I don’t know what’s wrong with him.


piquedinhighschool t1_jcd9slc wrote

As far as I can tell his biggest issue is decision making. But being an NFL QB the good and bad are separated by a few decisions every week.


downinCarolina t1_jcdw6do wrote

“Should I eat at the clubhouse or stop at Taco Bell?”


jnip t1_jcfsrcv wrote

Have a couple drinks at the clubhouse, and then go to Taco Bell.


FrazzaB t1_jcem675 wrote

You just need to take 1 look at his run of HC/OC. Adding that to playing through a cavalcade of injuries doesn't help anyone.

If he'd started the 2018 season, Browns likely finish 9-7 and Baker with 30 TD passes. It was already close, but I genuinely think its one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time. The inconsistency above him after that did nothing but hurt him.


DemSumBigAssRidges t1_jcfxbzv wrote

His main problem: he was drafted by Cleveland.

That alone doomed him, and he may never shake the reputation that came with playing for said dumpster fire.


im_absouletly_wrong t1_jccfh23 wrote

I really hope his successful with the Bucs, fuck the Browns


chicagospenpal t1_jcdh6ly wrote

To this day, still love all the “If you can’t handle me at my Johnny Manziel You don’t deserve me at my Baker Mayfield” memes/gear. Aged so different than expected yet so perfectly


FarfarsFav t1_jcedkzg wrote

He’s no Russell Wilson, and vice versa.


mount_of_contecrisco t1_jcd5wmt wrote

Baker is going to absolutely shit the bed in Tampa... Like he did in Cleveland (except '20), Carolina, and LA. Manziel 2.0, just taking a wee bit longer to completely implode. Wish him the best. Not really. Trask far more deserving. Baker, and his wife, are egotistical trainwrecks


TikiLoungeLizard t1_jccniqg wrote

Dirt poor, begging on the streets because he’s lame, deaf and blind man’s Tom Brady


GrannyGumjobs13 t1_jcct715 wrote

Guys i think i found a Browns fan haha


TikiLoungeLizard t1_jccxra0 wrote

Absolutely not.


GrannyGumjobs13 t1_jcczwm1 wrote

Damn, twas a gamble


TikiLoungeLizard t1_jcd0wo2 wrote

I’m not entirely sure why I’m getting downvoted. Mayfield is nowhere near the GOAT. I hope the guy succeeds but that is not his ceiling. I like him as a person moreso than image-conscious weirdo Brady. But the results on the football field kinda speak for themselves.


disciple_of_dom t1_jcd1dsu wrote

I mean, I don’t think you’re being down voted because he’s not as good as Brady. No one is arguing that. You just came in with a weird offensive tone.


TikiLoungeLizard t1_jcdhdkz wrote

I didn’t know there were that many people who felt it so important to stand up for Baker Mayfield. It was just a joke. I’m sure he can cry into his millions of dollars at night when anyone makes fun of him and be just OK.


GrannyGumjobs13 t1_jcd8679 wrote

I did think Baker was the best QB in Cleveland since Bernie, there were a couple years there he was a top 12 QB, which imo can still win ya a super bowl.