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TheVictoryHat t1_jchambw wrote

Less people watch women's soccer. Less eyeballs = less ad revenue.


Valiantheart t1_jchgy1d wrote

Omg that's so sexist!

What time is Real Housewives on again?


cujukenmari t1_jcjjs2d wrote

I hear players for Arsenal make more than Oldham Athletic. So unfair.


sfitz0076 t1_jcp1gi4 wrote

Women's sports fans/players don't understand basic economics.


nico87ca t1_jchhgaw wrote

How many F2 races have you ever watched? Are you shocked F2 drivers don't make as much money as F1?


rinzler83 t1_jchfju1 wrote

The funny thing is when people bitch about this they can't name a bunch of players nor are they buying the jerseys or other merchandise associated with that team.


jl_theprofessor t1_jchs5vu wrote

>"I'm not saying no professional female athletes. Serena Williams. The women in the UFC. You know? But nobody's watching your fucking sport. And then you're gonna come, and you're gonna get mad, at fucking men. They keep doing that shit. Why are you yelling at us? It's not our fucking job. It's not my fucking job to give a fuck about women's soccer. Okay? I have men's sport to pay attention to. This is your bullshit!"


mcshadypants t1_jchejgk wrote

Nooo really lol!? You mean something that brings in 1/4 of the audiance of another will be paid less..


L1amm t1_jchtf48 wrote

File this under "basic logic is all that is required to deduce this"


guttasu t1_jci0g7s wrote

Speaking in terms of percentages of overall revenue women football brings compared to how much they get paid, women get paid more than men.


xc2215x t1_jchiayb wrote

The men are watched more.


Seahawk715 t1_jchsiv5 wrote

So that settles the argument then. Bring in more eyeballs and you can get paid equally. Unequal revenue does NOT equal equal pay. I don’t get the disconnect here. Advertisers will pay for eyeballs. They’re not there.


geordieColt88 t1_jcjs5sf wrote

Simple supply and demand

In a lot of cases womens sports are supported by the mens game and wouldn’t exist without it, think the WNBA is the worst case.


2Late2Go t1_jchkhk2 wrote

One major reason why Americans don't watch women's soccer is a lack of historical exposure to the sport. The United States has a strong tradition of men's sports, with football, basketball, and baseball being the most popular. These sports have been around for a long time, and their popularity has been passed down from generation to generation. Women's sports, on the other hand, have only recently gained mainstream attention, and it will take time for them to catch up.

Another factor contributing to the lack of interest in women's soccer is media coverage. Major news outlets and broadcasters have historically favored men's sports, devoting more airtime and resources to them than to women's sports. This has created a self-fulfilling cycle in which men's sports receive more attention because they are more popular, and women's sports receive less attention because they are less popular.

Cultural attitudes towards women's sports also play a role in the lack of interest in women's soccer. Women's sports have long been seen as inferior to men's sports, both in terms of athleticism and entertainment value. This attitude is reflected in the way that women's sports are marketed, with a focus on the athletes' appearance and personality rather than their performance on the field.

Finally, some people may simply not be interested in soccer, regardless of the gender of the players. Soccer has struggled to gain a foothold in the United States, despite its popularity in other parts of the world. This may be due to a lack of familiarity with the sport, a lack of access to quality facilities, or a preference for other sports.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why Americans don't watch women's soccer, including historical biases, media coverage, cultural attitudes, and personal preferences. While progress has been made in recent years to promote women's sports, it will take time for them to catch up to the popularity of men's sports. As more people become exposed to women's soccer and recognize the skill and athleticism of its players, it is possible that interest in the sport will grow.


jaymer2x21 t1_jchr972 wrote

How delusional are you to not understand an inferior viewing experience/product.

It's the same product at slower speeds and lesser physicality.

If they focused on differentiating the product, as opposed to telling people they should care just as much as the men's version, maybe they build some viewership and starting getting paid more.


geordieColt88 t1_jcjrz0x wrote

That’s the worst part of watching womens football, that you have to listen to people saying stuff like

‘They don’t go down east like the men’

‘Player A is better than Player B, C and D in te mens game’

‘The womens team are better than the mens team’

If it wasn’t for that I’d care more, I watch non league football but I’d never say anyone is better there than at the top level.


S_king_ t1_jchps46 wrote

Lmao yea it’s not at all because I want to see the best players in the world play at FIFA and the women’s teams get beat by U16 men’s (boys?) leagues


nico87ca t1_jcjc434 wrote

This is not false, but it's missing the biggest reason (probably accounting for 90% of the "why") and it's the level of performance. Has nothing to do with how long it's been played. The reason female soccer is not watched is because it's simply because they're inferior. When's the last time you watched a second league football? Or F2 race?

Female sports in general are lower caliber, making them less interesting to watch.

There are some exceptions though.

Female tennis gets a lot of exposure. Why? Because the sport is very different. The women are weaker in strength making the tennis exchange longer and to some, more interesting to watch.

Unfortunately you can't translate this to all sports, making some female sports simply not to par with male leagues