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jaymer2x21 t1_jchr972 wrote

How delusional are you to not understand an inferior viewing experience/product.

It's the same product at slower speeds and lesser physicality.

If they focused on differentiating the product, as opposed to telling people they should care just as much as the men's version, maybe they build some viewership and starting getting paid more.


geordieColt88 t1_jcjrz0x wrote

That’s the worst part of watching womens football, that you have to listen to people saying stuff like

‘They don’t go down east like the men’

‘Player A is better than Player B, C and D in te mens game’

‘The womens team are better than the mens team’

If it wasn’t for that I’d care more, I watch non league football but I’d never say anyone is better there than at the top level.