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okgusto OP t1_jchqu2g wrote

>For just the 11th time in NCAA March Madness history, a 15-seed has upset a 2-seed as Princeton knocked off Arizona 59-55 on the opening day of the tournament. > >This is the third straight year a 15-seed topped a 2: Saint Peter's topped Kentucky last year, and Oral Roberts defeated Ohio State in 2021.


mynameisrainer t1_jcii0w0 wrote

Arizona has lost the 2 15 match up twice while Princeton has won the 2 15 match up twice.

edit: Take all my upvotes away. Princeton was a 13 seed when they beat UCLA. I apologize for the very wrong info I thought I knew. Arizona still chokes in March


Butthole__Pleasures t1_jcjk738 wrote

> Arizona still chokes in March

Something something 1997

*goes back to crying into my crumpled up bracket*


mynameisrainer t1_jcjl0ok wrote

In my years, Marshall has made it once. They won. I picked it on of course but great match up. I threw my back out celebrating. I cried for both. Then they of course got WVU. I fucking hate WVU.


sociablezealot t1_jck1ceb wrote

<insert Arizona State flair here>

We appreciate your service, no matter the small data error.


Yoshiman400 t1_jckevbp wrote

And Princeton was also one blocked shot away from being the first 16 seed to beat a the very first year the tournament expanded to 64 teams nonetheless (1985).


franker t1_jckhj7j wrote

Okay ChatGPT, we forgive you for the confidently wrong answer ;)


Cronerburger t1_jcivpu5 wrote

#2 seeds getting off on their own farts face the clapper


Jewish-Jungle t1_jcivldk wrote

I picked Kentucky to win it all last year so me picking Princeton to win just one this year is the universe getting me back..