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okgusto OP t1_jchqxjz wrote

Virginia didn't help either


frankiedonkeybrainz t1_jci4u9d wrote

VA fucked themselves. So many options and none of which should involve throwing the ball up court. Just stay still and take the foul or call a time out


ThatBankTeller t1_jci7zmu wrote

Of all the people to fuck that up, it was the 6th year point guard.


frankiedonkeybrainz t1_jci86nf wrote

Yeah not a good way to finish your college career. Shit happens but that's a 1/2nd year mistake


ThePurgingLutheran t1_jcizug3 wrote

Throw the ball as high in the air.


frankiedonkeybrainz t1_jcj7b9a wrote

Not with that much time left on the clock. He tossed it with like 10 seconds left. Nobody gonna get the hang time needed to ride that clock out.

Obviously that was his goal but his clock awareness was bad especially from a bonus year player


DeathBySuplex t1_jcj7l6k wrote

For comparison an average NFL punters hangtime is 4 seconds.

Thats a man who has that specialty. Expecting anyone to throw a ball in the air and have as much or more hang time than a professional kicker of balls is insane.


Cactuszach t1_jckabv1 wrote

Charles Barkley said he should throw the ball up in the air, so maybe that situation isn’t as easy as it seems.


GreenAndYellow12 t1_jchurpr wrote

I had one where Princeton won, but so did Virginia, and one where Furman won, but I had princeton losing


SP989 t1_jciax7f wrote

Neither did that numbskull who threw the ball away