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swmill08 t1_jchr5w7 wrote

I actually still have a perfect šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ I have no idea what Iā€™m doing


ryclarky t1_jcic0r4 wrote

I used to do NFL pickem games against my ex. The criteria for her picks were the cities she'd most like to go shopping in. She absolutely annihilated me.


ChristmasMeat t1_jcj4010 wrote

The last bracket I did, my brother suggested I pick based of off whos mascot would win in a fight. Top 1% bracket.


DeathBySuplex t1_jcj7odk wrote

Girl in my high school in the 90ā€™s obliterated everyone using how fashionable she thought the school colors were.


SocialWinker t1_jcj6c8e wrote

Yup, that was usually my go to for bracket pools. It was usually a cheap entry kinda thing, maybe $5. So I had fun with it. Never won, but usually did pretty well overall.


BlackLeader70 t1_jciyphd wrote

My wife won her company pool last season with the same strategy.


AutomaticMethod2437 t1_jckcltp wrote

Similar story but had a pool in my department back at my old work place, a girl caught wind and wanted in, her strategy was what school had the cutest mascot and won the tournament.


okgusto OP t1_jchu6tx wrote

Let's see what else you got going! Post em up!


swmill08 t1_jchv3rt wrote

lucky bracket

Edit: Thanks a lot, Iowa.


teflong t1_jchwkeu wrote

You and 18,000 other crazy people!

I'm rooting for you. If you stay perfect, you need to buy a bar and let us all drink for free for a night.