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BCLetsRide69 t1_jchqrzi wrote

And just like that my bracket IS FUCKED


okgusto OP t1_jchqxjz wrote

Virginia didn't help either


frankiedonkeybrainz t1_jci4u9d wrote

VA fucked themselves. So many options and none of which should involve throwing the ball up court. Just stay still and take the foul or call a time out


ThatBankTeller t1_jci7zmu wrote

Of all the people to fuck that up, it was the 6th year point guard.


frankiedonkeybrainz t1_jci86nf wrote

Yeah not a good way to finish your college career. Shit happens but that's a 1/2nd year mistake


ThePurgingLutheran t1_jcizug3 wrote

Throw the ball as high in the air.


frankiedonkeybrainz t1_jcj7b9a wrote

Not with that much time left on the clock. He tossed it with like 10 seconds left. Nobody gonna get the hang time needed to ride that clock out.

Obviously that was his goal but his clock awareness was bad especially from a bonus year player


DeathBySuplex t1_jcj7l6k wrote

For comparison an average NFL punters hangtime is 4 seconds.

Thats a man who has that specialty. Expecting anyone to throw a ball in the air and have as much or more hang time than a professional kicker of balls is insane.


Cactuszach t1_jckabv1 wrote

Charles Barkley said he should throw the ball up in the air, so maybe that situation isn’t as easy as it seems.


GreenAndYellow12 t1_jchurpr wrote

I had one where Princeton won, but so did Virginia, and one where Furman won, but I had princeton losing


SP989 t1_jciax7f wrote

Neither did that numbskull who threw the ball away


swmill08 t1_jchr5w7 wrote

I actually still have a perfect 😂😂 I have no idea what I’m doing


ryclarky t1_jcic0r4 wrote

I used to do NFL pickem games against my ex. The criteria for her picks were the cities she'd most like to go shopping in. She absolutely annihilated me.


ChristmasMeat t1_jcj4010 wrote

The last bracket I did, my brother suggested I pick based of off whos mascot would win in a fight. Top 1% bracket.


DeathBySuplex t1_jcj7odk wrote

Girl in my high school in the 90’s obliterated everyone using how fashionable she thought the school colors were.


SocialWinker t1_jcj6c8e wrote

Yup, that was usually my go to for bracket pools. It was usually a cheap entry kinda thing, maybe $5. So I had fun with it. Never won, but usually did pretty well overall.


BlackLeader70 t1_jciyphd wrote

My wife won her company pool last season with the same strategy.


AutomaticMethod2437 t1_jckcltp wrote

Similar story but had a pool in my department back at my old work place, a girl caught wind and wanted in, her strategy was what school had the cutest mascot and won the tournament.


okgusto OP t1_jchu6tx wrote

Let's see what else you got going! Post em up!


swmill08 t1_jchv3rt wrote

lucky bracket

Edit: Thanks a lot, Iowa.


teflong t1_jchwkeu wrote

You and 18,000 other crazy people!

I'm rooting for you. If you stay perfect, you need to buy a bar and let us all drink for free for a night.


NOLASLAW t1_jci5p8x wrote

Biden’s presidential bracket had Arizona winning it all lmao


justadimestorepoet t1_jcnl377 wrote

To be fair, although I didn't fill out a bracket and therefore can't say for sure who I would have picked, Arizona winning didn't seem crazy to me before the Princeton game.


PlsSaySikeM8 t1_jci4xbw wrote

My chaos bracket, which is pretty much exclusively upsets ain’t doing too bad


cavegoatlove t1_jcjvtpq wrote

Well I spent all of 2 minutes filling out mine, so shocked I crumpled it up after day 1


Gone213 t1_jcpssyx wrote

How much more fucked is your bracket now after #1 purdue lost?


Byebyeyoutoo t1_jcidy3i wrote

Had my 3yr old daughter fill a bracket out and it’s going pretty horribly BUT she picked Princeton and Furman lol


Realistic_Condition7 t1_jcj5lji wrote

Lol my grandmother doesn’t know ANYTHING about basketball and she made those picks as well and has one of the highest rated brackets in the country.


cavegoatlove t1_jcjvre5 wrote

Well why wouldn’t a tiger beat a wildcat, bigger cat


burner46 t1_jcjwph1 wrote

Can make the argument that a tiger is a wildcat.

But, I do have a bracket based solely on which mascot would win in a fight. That one has Purdue winning it all.


Stanley--Nickels t1_jcl6pex wrote

Lots of lessons wrapped up in this exercise:

If you pick at random then you call half of the biggest upsets in history before they happen. And you always lose.


okgusto OP t1_jchqu2g wrote

>For just the 11th time in NCAA March Madness history, a 15-seed has upset a 2-seed as Princeton knocked off Arizona 59-55 on the opening day of the tournament. > >This is the third straight year a 15-seed topped a 2: Saint Peter's topped Kentucky last year, and Oral Roberts defeated Ohio State in 2021.


mynameisrainer t1_jcii0w0 wrote

Arizona has lost the 2 15 match up twice while Princeton has won the 2 15 match up twice.

edit: Take all my upvotes away. Princeton was a 13 seed when they beat UCLA. I apologize for the very wrong info I thought I knew. Arizona still chokes in March


Butthole__Pleasures t1_jcjk738 wrote

> Arizona still chokes in March

Something something 1997

*goes back to crying into my crumpled up bracket*


mynameisrainer t1_jcjl0ok wrote

In my years, Marshall has made it once. They won. I picked it on of course but great match up. I threw my back out celebrating. I cried for both. Then they of course got WVU. I fucking hate WVU.


sociablezealot t1_jck1ceb wrote

<insert Arizona State flair here>

We appreciate your service, no matter the small data error.


Yoshiman400 t1_jckevbp wrote

And Princeton was also one blocked shot away from being the first 16 seed to beat a the very first year the tournament expanded to 64 teams nonetheless (1985).


franker t1_jckhj7j wrote

Okay ChatGPT, we forgive you for the confidently wrong answer ;)


Cronerburger t1_jcivpu5 wrote

#2 seeds getting off on their own farts face the clapper


Jewish-Jungle t1_jcivldk wrote

I picked Kentucky to win it all last year so me picking Princeton to win just one this year is the universe getting me back..


ShadyCrow t1_jchrgt2 wrote

Arizona didn't score in the last 4:43 of the game. They played lazy, arrogant and stupid throughout. Their talent still almost won out, but props to Princeton's defensive gameplan and effort.

There's real reasons we see big upsets more often now: there's talent, size and athleticism everywhere, the whole world is getting recruited better, and it's hard to give the most effort all the time. It's hard to compare the passion future NBA guys have for this tournament to what future car salesman do. I'm not saying they don't care or that they all don't try, but there's no way to remove the mindset of the future.


BjornBeetleBorg t1_jchxj5q wrote

Princeton isn't producing car salespeople lol. maybe their dads own dealerships though


guesting t1_jci1tm5 wrote

The small schools have an experience advantage usually over the 1 and done pools which ends up mattering late in big games


chumbiebeeb t1_jci929l wrote

I see your point but u of a doesn’t have a true one and done currently on the roster.


guesting t1_jcib1oc wrote

Yeah I was speaking generally too that these teams seem to be choking at higher and higher rates. 50 year storm every 2 years now


philkid3 t1_jcj3uwx wrote

This is sometimes true, but Princeton is actually the LEAST experienced team in the field this year.


ShadyCrow t1_jchxy27 wrote

Haha indeed, I was meaning small-school guys in general, but yes with Princeton it's future hedge-fund guys more likely.


00000000000 t1_jck1b3f wrote

Eh I know ivys don’t have athletic scholarships but they gets other scholarships. My cousin played at Yale and absolutely struggled to pay.


ladyrockess t1_jcil33w wrote

I’m dying - tell me this is A Cinderella Story reference 😂


2WhomAreYouListening t1_jchrncn wrote

4:43?! Damn…


ShadyCrow t1_jchsda7 wrote

It gets worse: Ramey made a jumper with 11 minutes left to give them 49.

They finished with 55.


2WhomAreYouListening t1_jchsj4g wrote

No team in the NCAA can play up to the best teams and down to the worst teams, quite like Arizona.


ShadyCrow t1_jchuaf2 wrote

Agreed. In some ways this feels like one of the biggest upsets of what could have been a 1-seed, like when Middle Tennessee beat MSU. In other ways it feels totally predictable.


FruitSnackEater t1_jchxx34 wrote

I think some of these guys at these P5 schools look down on some of the non-P5 schools and think the game is going to be easy somehow. And that’s how some of these upsets happen.


ShadyCrow t1_jchyh0r wrote

You're definitely right. As is pointed out often, the top schools are getting younger and the lower seeds are getting older.

And it's not like this is a super-recent problem, but so many of these players are sheltered and not challenged as soon as they get the right attention -- they play AAU on a team with D1 guys against teams of NAIA guys and they don't realize how good every D1 player is.

The margins are so small at the highest levels. The only reason a lot of the small-school guys aren't at a bigger place can just be a few inches of height or a few notches of athleticism. It might keep them out of the pros but they can beat you in any random game.


LiberalAspergers t1_jci3gtk wrote

And, if you are smart enough to KNOW you are a little too short or too slow for the NBA, a Princeton education can take you a lot farther in life than a Arizona degree. They know how to recruit the players who get that.


Downtown_Skill t1_jcjahbo wrote

My high school coach used to say this. We were a team who had 8 players go to NAIA schools, D3 or played for a community college including myself (although I'm far from D1 talent). My coach used to tell us, for encouragement, the difference between a D3 player and a D1 player is usually 3 or 4 inches for every position. The skill is still the same.

Maybe it's not entirely true but there is some truth to it. There's also usually a big difference in athleticism but he didn't mention that haha.


jack_spankin t1_jcjphy3 wrote

It’s absolutely true. I spent years in higher education from BIG10 and Big12 down to naia. Of those 1/2 were spent in athletics focused residential halls.

But there is also huge small school bias or bias against states not known for producing high level talent at that sport.

But your point is spot on. Coaches are often obsessed with height. Hell you’ll see absolute trash players get recruited with zero skill because they hover at near 7’


munchies777 t1_jck439k wrote

Probably because they have a bias towards their own coaching abilities. They think they can teach skill, but obviously no one can teach height.


littlesymphonicdispl t1_jcledi6 wrote

Guy i played high school football with got recruited by Pitt to play LT, because in high school he was 6'6 and 300lbs or so.

He was also absolute dogshit and never played in college. I was a backup linebacker and during our practices I'd line up at Defensive End against him specifically because I knew it'd increase my chances of playing, because I'd burn him off the snap every. Single. Play.

You can't coach size, so coaches go nuts for it, but having size doesn't mean they'll ever be able to coach you into becoming a decent player


LiberalAspergers t1_jci3hd0 wrote

And, if you are smart enough to KNOW you are a little too short or too slow for the NBA, a Princeton education can take you a lot farther in life than a Arizona degree. They know how to recruit the players who get that.


azpm t1_jck45fv wrote

I've never seen a player play so well and so poorly AT THE SAME TIME as Tubelis. Dude misses so many layups.


friedcajun t1_jchyf39 wrote

Tucsonan here: Everyone at work right now is PISSED lol (I’m not a U of A fan)


CountryQueer t1_jciuis5 wrote

News literally called it March Sadness, the gym was quite tense today


ingmarsvenson t1_jcjkhds wrote

I teach at the University. Class today started fucking right after the game ended. It was a dismal mood. My students were asking me to cancel class and I was deeply tempted to because of my own despair.


cope413 t1_jck3e2a wrote

Wait, your class started fucking?


ingmarsvenson t1_jcsxh5x wrote

Wow that's such a hilarious joke about how I worded my comment. Are you a professional comedian?


GelatinousDude t1_jciwntj wrote

Los Betos burrito at 3AM coming home from the club on Speedway... I miss Tucson man


friedcajun t1_jcj3rtg wrote

Oh lord which one on speedway…


Busman84 t1_jcj0h4d wrote

You’re not a true Tucsonan I’m guessing. Otherwise you would have said “T-loc here”


TopRamenBinLaden t1_jcjmkee wrote

I was born and raised there, and I never have even heard T-loc before. Saying that you were from TooStoned AZ I heard a million times, though. Tuc Town or T Town, as well. Me and my friends just called it Northern Mexico.


SandmanLM t1_jckprhr wrote

Went to uni there, it's something that mostly only college students say to refer to the locals. It is short for Tucson local as far as I know.


OPsDaddy t1_jcijjya wrote

Good for those Princeton kids! Glad they finally caught a break!


AcrossFromWhere t1_jcirqm6 wrote

This coming on the heels of Ryan Reynolds making $300 million selling his business. So nice to see folks who have never caught a break get their moment in the sun. Good for you, future hedge fund managers and Vice-Presidents of companies named after their grandpas!


franker t1_jckh8wg wrote

It's like when People magazine finds a rich and beautiful celebrity who went a whole six months being single while in-between relationships, and proclaims on the cover, "How I Finally Found Happiness".


patchymoose t1_jcl0u0v wrote

Real question: are the basketball players at Princeton going there on a basketball scholarship like other schools (and thus maybe not as privileged as the typical student population), or do they just take players from their general student population?


Merpninja t1_jclbyvw wrote

They don't get athletic scholarships but are still recruited to play basketball. Most of them came to Princeton for basketball. They are like "preferred walk-ons" in football.

Ivies typically only give scholarships that are need-based.


houstonyoureaproblem t1_jcibol5 wrote

Virginia lost because they slow the game down and limit the total number of possessions.

Princeton won because they slow the game down and limit the total number of possessions.


Crulo t1_jcjyogd wrote

Prince won because they scored more points. Virginia lost because they scored less points.


devilskryptonite40 t1_jck2w2i wrote

"At the end of the game, the team with the most points on the board is going to win." - John Madden.


thesecondfire t1_jckgaxb wrote

> Prince won because they scored more points.

Don't ever judge a book by its cover -- this cat could ball, man.


Mikemo05 t1_jckfjwr wrote

Princeton won because we are the tigers. And tigers are bigger and better than wildcats.


all2neat t1_jchxbpb wrote

What a game to watch. It busted my bracket but I enjoyed the upset.


Buckscience t1_jchvzli wrote

I have watched exactly one college his game this season. It was the Ivy League final. And I said at that very moment that Princeton is my team this year. Good start to the tournament for my teamemote:free_emotes_pack:joy


triggerpuller666 t1_jci21kt wrote

Absolutely terrible ball control on Arizona. I called this out when they beat UCLA last week. Barely eked out a win in that game after giving up easy steals that were converted for points. Today was even worse. Didn't play like they needed to win.

As a guy who grew up in Tucson, this was par for the course.

First college team to ever lose twice as a 2 seed to 15 seeds. Congratulations guys, you earned it. At least you have Tucson to look forward to going back to 🤣🤣🤣


Butthole__Pleasures t1_jcjkofh wrote

Saw somewhere they set the all-time record for losses to a 13+ seed in the tourney with 5.


rmxme t1_jchu1o7 wrote

All 4 of my brackets are now ruined


Penguigo t1_jcif5ia wrote

I actually had this in my bracket, which was chosen in the most chaotic possible way!

Unfortunately I also had Iowa winning it all (and Kansas losing in round 1.)


strategyzrox t1_jcj3b1q wrote

YES! I don't know much about sports, so when my brother asked me to fill out a bracket I pretty much just picked the top seed unless it was a university I liked/recognised. I missed Furman, Penn state, and Maryland, but got everything else right... including Princeton! The NCAA site put me about the top 6000 and the hundredth percentile with it's upset scoring method.


obiwan_kenober t1_jcij5nl wrote

Never pick Arizona. Santa Clara still hurts. They always find a way to waste it (other than their title in the late 90s).


fbibmacklin t1_jciaiu2 wrote

This isn’t Princeton’s first time being giant killers. I always expect them to upset big teams.


DerBrownNote t1_jcinefw wrote

I had Arizona to the finals in my bracket. To whoever at work wins my buy-in, enjoy it. Next year Im throwing darts for the first round


penelopiecruise t1_jci99db wrote

in basketball this is called a reach-around


noldyp t1_jcih6hv wrote

I had Princeton and Furman today!


justgarcia31 t1_jckareu wrote

I’ve followed Arizona basketball for a majority of this season and could see this L coming in the first round. If not, definitely would’ve been done in the second round.

Team always played down to their opponents’ levels (look at Stanford/Washington/Oregon losses). They could never close out games late (look at ASU upset on 02/25). Play was sloppy/inconsistent; if the defense was on, the offense wasn’t and vice versa (Princeton game yesterday). Lloyd’s game management and use of timeouts was questionable (e.g. making adjustments, managing final seconds/minutes, shutting down momentum swings, etc.).

It goes beyond saying/making excuses that the team was gassed from the Pac-12 tournament, or that Krissa (one of UA’s best shooters) was hurt, or how Ballo/Tubelas were slumping.

Wildcats just never looked ready for the big dance IMO. I like Tommy Lloyd much better than Sean Miller and do believe he is the right man for the job. However, talent-wise, Arizona just never had any depth beyond their regular 3-5 starters. I mean, they barely pulled off that win against an injury-riddled UCLA in the Pac-12 championship last week.


DumbassTexan t1_jcj2jho wrote

Not me having Arizona losing to Houston in the National Championship. Goodbye chances at money


philkid3 t1_jcj43q1 wrote

So my winning percentage in my bracket today was terrible.

But also I didn’t lose a sweet 16 team so I’ll take it!


robonsTHEhood t1_jcjatz3 wrote

I don’t know why but I always root for the Ivy League schools — I guess it’s because their academic standards are so much higher for their student athletes it puts them at a clear disadvantage


-Economist- t1_jci0daw wrote

When does baseball season start? Lol.


paul-cus t1_jcilko8 wrote

My best pick in years


Lowfuji t1_jcitlhi wrote

The deadly 15-2 match.


loupr738 t1_jck8len wrote

I should’ve set my brackets on fire before I fill them, I would’ve had a better chance because in all of them I had AZ going to the final four lol


OJimmy t1_jckjn4s wrote

My UA friend went to the game and was so bummed out.


RasixF13 t1_jcko811 wrote

New coach, same March results.

2 years in a row that we’ve looked completely lost in the tournament. Sure we can put this one down due to injuries, but that does excuse the team playing brain-dead sloppy basketball, blowing defensive assignments, and Tubelis once again playing like a timid idiot.

I want to scream.


Bob_the_peasant t1_jckx5tm wrote

I swear they seed UofA so high every year just to get an upset like this on purpose. The last time they deserved to be in the tournament was 2005


notataco007 t1_jcl4ks7 wrote

Idk a goddam thing about basketball and picked Furman and Princeton AMA


staticattacks t1_jclu1e0 wrote

I'M not shocked


A Sun Devil


Unlikely_Ad7194 t1_jcn1sox wrote

Picked Princeton to be in my Final Four! Let’s go boys!


beejers30 t1_jcieezl wrote

Bruins fan here. Hahahaha.


SharkAttache t1_jciszwg wrote

Well this is a glorious day for anyone that likes America


GreyPanther t1_jcl78e2 wrote

My Wife wins her law firm pool almost every year by choosing her favorite colors and mascots.


Sir_Noobs t1_jckd5c2 wrote

Absolutely love to see it. Go Devils!


wildadragon t1_jciwyev wrote

Awww just like my life... who gives a shit?


SunDevilSkier t1_jci6bkl wrote

I love this very much


SunDevilSkier t1_jci7vlb wrote

Cry more u of a fans. Probably karma for that idiot Kerr still being butthurt over their loss at McHale to ASU while cutting the net in Vegas.