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Lukeh41 t1_jcwho20 wrote

It's making Vegas a lot of money.


historycat95 t1_jcwijtx wrote

No it isn't. Every year they come out with these BS numbers based on someone's estimate.

It's ridiculous.


errol_timo_malcom t1_jcwjs9z wrote

March Madness saves employers an estimated $17.3 billion in healthcare premiums covering Actual Madness.


NachoBag_Clip932 t1_jcwkaly wrote

Twenty years ago I would say this was true but now, not so much. Back then you knew the players and there were no phones with updates, I knew alot of people who took time off just for these four days. Now, you dont know the players and your phone hits you with updates, a brief glance and you go back to work.


not_a_masterpiece t1_jcwkt5t wrote

Hey look! A completely made up and unverifiable stat that will generate clicks! Let’s run it every year!


[deleted] t1_jcwnd3t wrote

Thank goodness someone crunched the numbers! CNN is so reparable it must be factual


cryptoderpin t1_jcyqckx wrote

Let me cry for the riches 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭