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spiderborland t1_jd39kq4 wrote

Hold on... a baseball player overstays their invitation and it's considered defecting, but someone crosses the border and they're an illegal immigrant?

Legit question.


AZraver t1_jd3fhpg wrote

He’s escaping a communist regime country, which when seeking asylum it’s easier to get into American you can say you’re escaping religious\political\violent persecution rather than crossing illegal. (It’s been said that the reason the federal government doesn’t designate the drug cartels terrorist organization because than a flood of “asylum seekers” go the border trying to get in here.) So I think it’s that’s the difference.


spiderborland t1_jd3ft8e wrote

A solid answer. That's fair. However, I feel like recent history doesn't show the US being particularly lenient for even non-Latin asylum seekers. Maybe this is just the establish status quo for the Cuban community.


druidofnecro t1_jd3bwud wrote

No one in Mexico is trying to force them to stay there against their will.


Relyst t1_jd3h9y8 wrote

Most of them trying to cross aren't Mexican.


jopnk t1_jd3qf0m wrote

IIRC any Cuban is granted the ability to stay the moment they touch US soil.


KounetsuX t1_jd3p5k8 wrote


These are the same fuckers who then turn around and turn into trump frothing pieces of shit that think illegal immigrants are a massive problem.

Literal pieces of shit. Every single fucking one of them.


ChallengeLate1947 t1_jd3stm4 wrote

I feel what you’re saying bro but Cuba has always had special status. The moment a Cuban fleeing their country touches American soil, they have a legitimate claim for asylum.

Been that way for a long time, since the early days of the embargo


KounetsuX t1_jd6lcyw wrote

Oh, I know, I grew up in Hialeah. It's been that way for decades all one of them has to do is touch sand. Not the millions of hoops any other immigrant has to go through.


V4refugee t1_jd6jqy3 wrote

Who? All Cubans or just the Cubans who support authoritarian dictators and personality cults?


KounetsuX t1_jd6labh wrote

You mean all of them? Cuz I grew up in Hialeah. Bruv, it was all of them.