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sconniepaul1 t1_jd34dyg wrote

Welp, there goes the quality of NHL jerseys now too.


ChronicMaster912 t1_jd4x5gv wrote

That makes 4/5 of the major North American leagues now they get a cut of one way or another.

NHL will be straight up Fanatics.

MLB, NBA and NFL are technically under deals with Nike, but it's Fanatics manufactured jerseys. Nike just slaps their logo on it. So the quality is still shit.

MLS is the only one that bucked the trend going with Adidas (can't comment on their quality kit)


Throwawaydontgoaway8 t1_jd5mpu1 wrote

How long have they been fanatics, and do the players have the same shit quality as us consumers?


cjcfman t1_jd5sqm7 wrote

I can only judge based on toronto fc, but their authentic jersey is the exact same quality as a manchester united replica jersey. So not that good


jpm8766 t1_jd3l8p2 wrote

I can't help but think of the Seinfeld episode where George convinced the Yankees to wear cotton uniforms.


BCLetsRide69 OP t1_jd2xpg2 wrote

this means they’ll make on-ice jerseys. Oh boy


ethanw_27 t1_jd3r7qd wrote

Just another reason to boo Bettman


Throwawaydontgoaway8 t1_jd5mvoc wrote

Dude is a puppet lawyer for the owners. As much as I hate bettman, the real issue is the owners greed and nothing will change until their bottom line does


Monkeyfeng t1_jd4k137 wrote

Fanatics merchandise quality is shit.


Throwawaydontgoaway8 t1_jd5mlmx wrote

A travesty of a year for the nhl

-ads on the boards that everyone hates and hurts to see

-blackout restrictions making it almost impossible to watch even 2/3 of games unless you have cable, the nhl network, and pay for espn + streaming

-bettman saying digital ads on boards make fans enjoy game more while at the same time coming out with a report that viewership is down 33% this year

-the pride night controversies

-and now the players and anyone buying new jerseys will get $300 jerseys that rip or melt within a year

I love hockey. Am a huge goddamn fan. Literally forced into pirating games and buying second hand older jerseys. I’m not sure how to maintain this trajectory except as a die hard


robthepope86 t1_jdecs5m wrote

Does anyone know the average life of a game worn jersey in the NHL? I can understand giving the players Fanatics quality, because they last 3 washes before replacing. The average fan wants and pays for better quality than what fanatics makes. They need a better price point for their disposable product.