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Fun_Elk_1431 t1_jdxogvw wrote

Randal Cunningham, mike Vick, Robert griffin, Dante culpepper, can newton, Donavan mcnabb… my point is not that drop back qbs don’t get hurt, nor is it that mobile qbs get hurt more. The point is when you take away the dual threat (due to injury) the player is no longer good.

But thanks for replying in an irrelevant way to the point


Count_Joshoo t1_jdxyelu wrote

This list is ignorant as hell. Did you just list black QBs? Randal had his best season after his injury and he had an actual offensive minded coach and weapons to throw too. Culpeper was not a running QB in any way, he was a lumbering giant who, coincidentally, also had incredible weapons to throw to. McNabb returned from his injury and had many productive years, bosltered by.....wait for influx of pass catching talent at the end of his Eagles tenure. RG3 had a freak leg injury and a coach who hated him and didn't want him. Cam also had a good and long career.

Are you trolling or do you really think you made a good point? Holy fuck dude.

Edit: Holy shit I forgot Vick, who returned from his injury in year three and went on to play 7 more productive seasons as a starter and 3 more as a backup, including the best football of his career when he....stop me if you heard this before....landed with offense minded coaches and tons of pass catching weapons.

Edit 2.0: You didn't read a single article I posted. Damn.


Fun_Elk_1431 t1_jdyosle wrote

I almost responded, but what’s the point you be argumentatively correct, as opposed to conversing. It’s a list of top quarterbacks who relied heavily on their running and broken play ability, once that was gone the wins went too. Ps all these guys became backups. That’s not a position you earn by “flourishing”


Count_Joshoo t1_jdzhmq0 wrote

Except you are objectively wrong.

Edit: You did respond. You named multiple guys who had their best seasons after injuries, one guy who basically stopped being a running QB after one season (McNabb) and another who never was a running QB (Culpepper).

I bet you are like 20 and never watched Abby of these guys play. Three of them played for my team and I watched them all.