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danxmanly t1_jdylqkx wrote

Yes... He promised her a Lombardi Trophy in the 2000's. Has yet to deliver.


El_mochilero t1_je0le6b wrote

“Come back to my hotel room, and I’ll give you our next Lombardi trophy.”

He has been using this line for decades, and it still hasn’t caught up with him.


EternamD t1_jdyuo9r wrote

2000s **

You may be thinking of the apostrophe in '00s


chronoboy1985 t1_jdz319x wrote

Nah. He’s making an educated guess about their future prospects.


mrwaltwhiteguy t1_jdz9aip wrote

A simple cheek swab will settle it.

If he’s not her father, then we know that. If he is…. Well, don’t be a dickhead and have your lawyers settle or some such, and be done with it.

No one needed to know a single thing about this if Jerry had just done right by her in the first place and not been a giant piece of shit about it.


brett1081 t1_jdzg9y2 wrote

I mean I love someone not motivated by money that continuously sues for, you know, money.


Pktur3 t1_jdzja5c wrote

Idk, if he is her father and had been intentionally neglectful in raising her, why wouldn’t she be entitled to restitution? I mean plenty of deadbeats out there are sitting in jail over the lack of support, it shouldn’t be different here.


Kidnovatex t1_jdzrrnl wrote

He's already admitted to being the father and has paid millions to her mother based on an agreement they signed years ago. You could call him a "deadbeat" for not wanting to be involved in her life, I suppose, but he's paid out plenty of money to give her a very good quality of living over the years.


[deleted] t1_jdzsz2d wrote



Kidnovatex t1_jdzti4h wrote

Small installments? No, I'm saying that the woman was a consenting party when she chose to have sex with a married man, so there's fault on both sides. She also was a consenting party when she signed an NDA which included millions of dollars in payments from Jerry jones over the course of her daughter's childhood and college years. Does that make Jerry Jones a saint? No, obviously not, but it's not much different than if they had gotten divorced and she was given custody. He paid his child support payments.


jorge1209 t1_je1lpbz wrote

The agreement Jones had with the mother is with the mother. It excuses Jones from any legal and moral obligation he has to her as a co-parent. It does not satisfies his moral obligations as the father to the child.

As a society we tend not to recognize that children have any kind of legal right to parental affection, but its pretty clear that Jones has opted not to fulfill that moral duty. He has given what amounts to pocket change to this girls mother, but no amount of money can substitute for not having a father.

Legally the woman cannot demand anything on the basis of that, but morally I'm all for her taking Jones for a ride. Fuck the guy. When you bastardize your own children, you are the bastard.


dirtybird131 t1_je0nrx7 wrote

My guy, he's BEEN paying, did you even read the article? This bitch just decided he wasn't paying enough, despite a free ride thru college and a brand new Range Rover on her 16th Bday.

But honestly, it's probably less about the money and more about what being Jerry Jones' daughter could do for her political career


jorge1209 t1_je14r31 wrote

"the bitch" decided that the pocket change of a billionaire was not sufficient to offset the moral obligation to fulfill ones parental obligations.

I tend to agree with her. If Jerry Jones wants to make bastards of his children, then I'm all for those children taking every penny they can from him.


LightningVole t1_je2pktc wrote

What makes her a bitch? She’s suing for defamation, because they’d lied about her, and to free herself from a contract that she never signed. Why should she be bound by a contract she never agreed to?


chocolate_thunderr89 t1_jdzdvm8 wrote

Wow she was one of Trumps aides? Enough said…


Boggie135 t1_je4hr47 wrote

It says she was an aide in his white house. Not to him directly


[deleted] t1_jdy6psb wrote



LightningVole t1_jdyhz00 wrote

She’s entitled not to have people tell lies about her. Also, she shouldn’t be tied to a confidentiality agreement signed when she was a baby. She never agreed to that.


obik501 t1_jdynf9w wrote

I'm with you. She was getting PAID, for years. She had no issue with that. But when the money stopped, oh no, time to tap that gravy train again... This gal has gotten more money GIVEN to her than I have made my entire life. She can fuck off.


porchpooper t1_jdyyde8 wrote

375K is not a lot money and it’s not like she saw much of it. That’s 20k in child support annually over 18 years. I pay more than 20k a year for daycare for one kid…


Boggie135 t1_je4izdr wrote

What the he does all this have to do with you?


obik501 t1_je6s72e wrote

Nothing. What does it have to do with you?? Almost 100% of everything posted on Reddit has nothing to do with anybody commenting on it. Get your panties out of a bunch.