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MauricioPochettino t1_jea1cjo wrote

Surely Newcastle has to be one of the first to be sanctioned?


Amasterclass t1_jeagxwm wrote

Then Man City and potentially Utd…


socializm_forda_ppl t1_jeav5au wrote

Gonna have to wait for the Glazers to sell for that United investigation. Unless the Glazers are up to more bad shit than I’m aware of


Colavs9601 t1_jeb2gyt wrote

Slumlords and the abuse they’ve given United fans but it’s nothing compared to the other big money owners.


MC_ScattCatt t1_jed6cwm wrote

Glazers should be on the list for the way they’ve run our club.


Elmodipus t1_jeellrf wrote

I'm an American and a Buccaneers fan.

It's so wild to me to see the Glazers run Man U the way they do.

We really like them over here.


itsfeckingfreezing t1_jeelzsq wrote

We want to see them hanging from the terraces here.


Elmodipus t1_jeepkkg wrote

Why? What have they done for you to hate them? (Other than making the club take out a loan for the first time in its history, I already know about that)


MC_ScattCatt t1_jeet1nu wrote

Basically the club is self sufficient, but they have taken money that could have been used for players, stadium, staff, etc. for themselves or pay off the debt they put on the club. Now, because they’ve put it off when we need either a new stadium, or massive rebuild, and upgrades to training facilities we can’t afford it with the Glazers as owners. The debt they put on the club is becoming too much in part because of interest rates and other factors like salaries of players.

We are reaching a point where the club despite it being a money making brand can’t keep up with the debts the glazers put on the club, let alone get new players or upgrade facilities. The way they took ownership of the club is no longer allowed in the UK.

Imagine Raymond James being a dump and you can’t afford to fix it or the practice facility or get new talent because your owner rather take his money than be a good team.


Elmodipus t1_jeeykq7 wrote

Yeah that's fucked.

We've had the complete opposite experience, stadium upgrades, new practice facility (built in 2014/2015), marquee player signings, etc.


Britz10 t1_jeey4nw wrote

Honestly they aren't that dad as far as football club ownerships go, not even the worst in greater Manchester, considering the state of Neville and Scholes' local clubs.


banned_after_12years t1_jeby4pm wrote

Any club owned by Middle Eastern royalty or oil tycoons should immediately qualify.


hkbenlui t1_jed3i1t wrote

Any future Chinese money too


Britz10 t1_jeeycdz wrote

Wouldn't that eventually mean US exclusion? King Power would also be on thin ice.


Thingisby t1_jec052m wrote

Our owners don't qualify as human rights abusers according to the new law.

I mean obviously they are. But the Saudis are allies so the UK govt have no interest in sanctioning them.

It looks like nothing will happen there.

Out of curiosity why did you kot say Man City?


MauricioPochettino t1_jedzxg3 wrote

My thing with City is the shell corporations etc. that are on the books. Might be tougher to prove.

I'm sure Newcastle have done similar, but the publicity surrounding the sale, coupled with Kashoggi incident being so prevalent in western media makes me think they're an easy target.


If we're being honest, all of them will get off with a slap on the wrist anyway.


CastleBravo45 t1_jeblbf0 wrote

How do you figure? None of the owners, nor PIF have comitted human rights abuses and dont appear on the UKs list.


prollyanalien t1_jebmb7u wrote

Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is the chairman of the PIF; in November of 2018 the Central Intelligence Agency concluded that MBS had ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Despite the UK not putting MBS on the list for political reasons, it was absolutely a human rights abuse.


particle409 t1_jed5il7 wrote

> MBS had ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

I'm just going to add some color to this, as people may not remember. This is the Washington Post reporter that was chopped up in a Saudi embassy in Turkey.

>Despite the UK not putting MBS on the list for political reasons

Not only is Saudi Arabia a key ally in regards to Western energy resources, but Jared Kushner may have greenlit the assassination. It would put the UK at odds with the Trump administration, not just the Saudi royal family.


haydesigner t1_jedy2gq wrote

There is no longer a Trump administration. He lost.


CastleBravo45 t1_jebqc5i wrote

Yasir Al-Rumayyan is the governor of the PIF and Chairperson at Newcastle. MBS is not on Newcastles board, so how would Newcastle get sanctioned? Its unclear how much control MBS actually exerts over the PIF.


prollyanalien t1_jebro3i wrote

In the PIF the governor serves under the chairman, and the chairman is the head of the organization. The PIF owns Newcastle, and the PIF is headed by MBS effectively making Newcastle’s owner MBS.

It would be like if Ratcliffe’s INEOS bought Manchester United and installed someone other than Ratcliffe as chairman of the board, nobody would be saying that Ratcliffe isn’t the owner of Manchester United despite him not being the chairman of the club.