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bossmt_2 t1_jeamiaw wrote

Sabres and Jets bringing up the rear. Only double digit teams left.


boricimo t1_jeavief wrote

Actually is was Sanchez bringing up the rear for the Jets.


Yung_Corneliois t1_jeb8092 wrote

Coincidentally the last Jets QB in the playoffs lol


Born2Lomain t1_jee41ut wrote

Dude this brings back memories. Sanchez was so bad I couldn’t believe that was their QB


Hershy_ t1_jee7522 wrote

Is it so hard to believe now, after Wilson?


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jed1tmq wrote

Worst thanksgiving ever


boricimo t1_jed3guk wrote

Worse than for Lions fans each year?


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jedctvf wrote

I haven’t seen a lions highlight be the first Not Top Ten highlight for 52 weeks in a row, it was the first time they stopped it

Edit: forgot about the thanksgiving we found out that Avenatti ripped off my uncle for $20k, think that was 2016 but the sting of the butt fumble still burns deeper


boricimo t1_jedfd3p wrote

That is true. Sounds like your thanksgiving starts with lots of shots


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jedh07i wrote

Shit it’s NJ stuff - worst ones where when my relative wasn’t there due to a pay to play thing with a bunch of the Dems in NJ - think they ended up doing about 1 mil into campaign donations. Everyone on their side was implicated but I think most of the guys receiving (politicians) still run the state.

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get downvoted for that previous comment. Found this on the news tab and think anytime you bring up something Woodie Johnson or Avenatti based you just get buried on here.


MissionarysDownfall t1_jed9v8a wrote

Just need to invent a Time Machine and go back and attach Sanchez’s arm to Penningtons body and we might have a shot at the Super Bowl.


boricimo t1_jedf0nu wrote

Why not attach Brett’s arm to Ryan’s body?


Kreto_Kreto t1_jeck76l wrote

Sabres with an outside chance of ending their drought in the next few weeks….


keister_TM t1_jef5g5n wrote

If sabres miss the playoffs this year they will be tied with the jets


BluffMysteryMeat t1_jeg85r5 wrote

The Patriots, I mean the Bruins are going to stomp everybody in the playoffs this year, so what's the point?