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Bismarck913 t1_jebbp5e wrote

How does a team with two of the best baseball players in MLB not get to the playoffs?! Ohtani and Trout? (Clueless Brit here).


madmoneymcgee t1_jebga1u wrote

Everyone else on the team is someone paying off a debt they incurred while at Disneyland.


WowDoILoveEatingAss t1_jed8rdi wrote

I grew up an angels fan, how much time do you have

Edit: definitely meant to reply to the other guy but y’all get the point


False-theblackbear t1_jebl2zq wrote

The Angels have sacrificed building a complete team for signing aging players (namely hitters) for too much money, with Ohtani as the exception. They got lucky with Trout, who they drafted, but otherwise they also draft horribly. Additionally, they have consistently had a bottom 5 pitching staff in the league (and yes, even with Ohtani at full strength).

Every year there is some glimmer of hope they will be somewhere between ok and good with their new crop of signings, but each year they prove they are downright bad at winning baseball games. Its very sad to see as a fan.


MathMaddox t1_jed5obr wrote

Have your dad tell you he'll come get you when they win the pennant, and then make a wish.


Markosaurus t1_jebgbro wrote

The batting order is 9 players long. 2/9 only gets you so far when everyone else sucks.


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mouse1093 t1_jecqxqm wrote

Uh, ohtani bats for himself. Not only does he play the field 4/5 games, but you don't have to dh for the pitcher. You can dh for anyone else


ceviche-hot-pockets t1_jebpbg9 wrote

Their owner is a pompous cheapskate asshole who pays for big-name flashy signings instead of developing a healthy organization. They always have talent, but never a larger plan.


stanley604 t1_jec5g60 wrote

Fate is too embarrassed to let a team named "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" get to the playoffs.


tommypopz t1_jedw6p4 wrote

Sadly, their Spanish twitter account calls themselves “Los Angels.” Missed opportunity for “Los Angeles de Los Angeles”


HighKing_of_Festivus t1_jechbg6 wrote

They aren't good at developing talent and Moreno is one of those meddling owners who loves spending but only on the shiniest toys on the market instead of what actually makes sense for the team. Leads to a listless team with consistently poor results


MaximumZer0 t1_jedcde6 wrote

What it breaks down into is this: One player cannot dominate a game of baseball like they can in soccer or basketball. The greatest hitter only hits once every nine batters. The best defensive wizards can only field the balls hit to them. The highest caliber starting pitcher will (usually) only pitch once every 5 games, and usually not a full game. The best relievers usually only work 1 inning (3 outs) at a time.

No matter how good Ohtani and Trout are, they can only do so much to influence any given game.