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bossmt_2 t1_jeamiaw wrote

Sabres and Jets bringing up the rear. Only double digit teams left.


boricimo t1_jeavief wrote

Actually is was Sanchez bringing up the rear for the Jets.


Yung_Corneliois t1_jeb8092 wrote

Coincidentally the last Jets QB in the playoffs lol


Born2Lomain t1_jee41ut wrote

Dude this brings back memories. Sanchez was so bad I couldn’t believe that was their QB


Hershy_ t1_jee7522 wrote

Is it so hard to believe now, after Wilson?


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jed1tmq wrote

Worst thanksgiving ever


boricimo t1_jed3guk wrote

Worse than for Lions fans each year?


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jedctvf wrote

I haven’t seen a lions highlight be the first Not Top Ten highlight for 52 weeks in a row, it was the first time they stopped it

Edit: forgot about the thanksgiving we found out that Avenatti ripped off my uncle for $20k, think that was 2016 but the sting of the butt fumble still burns deeper


boricimo t1_jedfd3p wrote

That is true. Sounds like your thanksgiving starts with lots of shots


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jedh07i wrote

Shit it’s NJ stuff - worst ones where when my relative wasn’t there due to a pay to play thing with a bunch of the Dems in NJ - think they ended up doing about 1 mil into campaign donations. Everyone on their side was implicated but I think most of the guys receiving (politicians) still run the state.

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get downvoted for that previous comment. Found this on the news tab and think anytime you bring up something Woodie Johnson or Avenatti based you just get buried on here.


MissionarysDownfall t1_jed9v8a wrote

Just need to invent a Time Machine and go back and attach Sanchez’s arm to Penningtons body and we might have a shot at the Super Bowl.


boricimo t1_jedf0nu wrote

Why not attach Brett’s arm to Ryan’s body?


Kreto_Kreto t1_jeck76l wrote

Sabres with an outside chance of ending their drought in the next few weeks….


keister_TM t1_jef5g5n wrote

If sabres miss the playoffs this year they will be tied with the jets


BluffMysteryMeat t1_jeg85r5 wrote

The Patriots, I mean the Bruins are going to stomp everybody in the playoffs this year, so what's the point?


Augen76 t1_jeb8qfj wrote

Each league

NFL - 12 years (New York Jets)
MLS - 5 years (Houston & Chicago)
NHL - 12 years (Buffalo)
MLB - 8 years (Detroit & Los Angeles Angels)
NBA - 6 years (Charlotte)
Once you get to a decade you're in select company in US/Canada sport landscape.


Bismarck913 t1_jebbp5e wrote

How does a team with two of the best baseball players in MLB not get to the playoffs?! Ohtani and Trout? (Clueless Brit here).


madmoneymcgee t1_jebga1u wrote

Everyone else on the team is someone paying off a debt they incurred while at Disneyland.


WowDoILoveEatingAss t1_jed8rdi wrote

I grew up an angels fan, how much time do you have

Edit: definitely meant to reply to the other guy but y’all get the point


False-theblackbear t1_jebl2zq wrote

The Angels have sacrificed building a complete team for signing aging players (namely hitters) for too much money, with Ohtani as the exception. They got lucky with Trout, who they drafted, but otherwise they also draft horribly. Additionally, they have consistently had a bottom 5 pitching staff in the league (and yes, even with Ohtani at full strength).

Every year there is some glimmer of hope they will be somewhere between ok and good with their new crop of signings, but each year they prove they are downright bad at winning baseball games. Its very sad to see as a fan.


MathMaddox t1_jed5obr wrote

Have your dad tell you he'll come get you when they win the pennant, and then make a wish.


Markosaurus t1_jebgbro wrote

The batting order is 9 players long. 2/9 only gets you so far when everyone else sucks.


[deleted] t1_jeco0ce wrote



mouse1093 t1_jecqxqm wrote

Uh, ohtani bats for himself. Not only does he play the field 4/5 games, but you don't have to dh for the pitcher. You can dh for anyone else


ceviche-hot-pockets t1_jebpbg9 wrote

Their owner is a pompous cheapskate asshole who pays for big-name flashy signings instead of developing a healthy organization. They always have talent, but never a larger plan.


stanley604 t1_jec5g60 wrote

Fate is too embarrassed to let a team named "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" get to the playoffs.


tommypopz t1_jedw6p4 wrote

Sadly, their Spanish twitter account calls themselves “Los Angels.” Missed opportunity for “Los Angeles de Los Angeles”


HighKing_of_Festivus t1_jechbg6 wrote

They aren't good at developing talent and Moreno is one of those meddling owners who loves spending but only on the shiniest toys on the market instead of what actually makes sense for the team. Leads to a listless team with consistently poor results


MaximumZer0 t1_jedcde6 wrote

What it breaks down into is this: One player cannot dominate a game of baseball like they can in soccer or basketball. The greatest hitter only hits once every nine batters. The best defensive wizards can only field the balls hit to them. The highest caliber starting pitcher will (usually) only pitch once every 5 games, and usually not a full game. The best relievers usually only work 1 inning (3 outs) at a time.

No matter how good Ohtani and Trout are, they can only do so much to influence any given game.


willghammer t1_jeeni55 wrote

Hornets fan here. We were in the play in! That counts….right? Go ahead and put 7 years, we’ve lost 51 games.


nascarfan624 t1_jea9noh wrote

Tied with the Buffalo Sabres


lesjag23 t1_jecgid3 wrote

And for further humiliation, the Bills previous drought was 17 years - which only ended a few years ago. 12 years is nothin.


Grohlyone t1_jeb8p02 wrote

As a hockey fan, this headline was very confusing.


SpartanNige329 t1_jeba7a4 wrote

Same. I was just thinking that this couldn’t be true. Maybe Vezina calibre goalie, solid D core, great top 6. How would they be on a playoff drought? Especially since I then remembered them sweeping the Oilers in 2021


GreatLakes2GoldenG8 t1_jeb3fpu wrote

If only a drama-filled 38yo QB could magically change that….


Mikniks t1_jecaw3y wrote

You might be right, I think Kevin Kolb can finally get us over the hump


SayNoToStim t1_jeblllx wrote

What are you talking about? Brett Favre took them to the playoffs just a few years a...oh no I'm old.


orbitwhitegum7 t1_jecdpsg wrote

I had the exact same thought, I can't believe it's seriously been 12 years


carmoy t1_jebgbb6 wrote

Jets, rebuilding since 1969


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jed20ym wrote

As a jets fan I equate it to the space race - we got there first (besides the packers)


Maerwolaeth t1_jeahoip wrote

We're number one!


lswins t1_jealtej wrote

May the world continue to tell you your number one, one bird at a time.


Gbrusse t1_jeb4ow9 wrote

*longest active drought


war_m0nger69 t1_jec3t99 wrote

I read this as an NHL fan and was confused until i saw the picture.


HuggyMummy t1_jec13ps wrote

Huh, never pegged Charlie Sheen for a Jets fan.


CoraxTechnica t1_jec1l9x wrote

I was having a hard time figuring out the Basketball Football connection


Lookalikemike t1_jecl8f5 wrote

If Aaron Rogers can't make the playoffs in NY, the media will eviscerate him daily.


plantslut2000000 t1_jecxazb wrote

Good thing they are getting Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers


fredbrightfrog t1_jed80ah wrote

There's a storyline on Curb Your Enthusiasm where somebody from the country club kills himself because of the Jets.


buyerbeware23 t1_jec5qvv wrote

That’s what I want to hear woody speak about!


DamagedOne8001 t1_jecdgop wrote

Another ridiculous stat, I believe the last time the Jets had a QB throw for over 3000 yards in a season was Joe Namath in the late 60’s!


RedStar9117 t1_jecg7xk wrote

So glad my Orioles managed to sneak in a few years ago


triggerpuller666 t1_jecwhif wrote

I'll take 12 years. It's a long time but it speaks to how much parity has come to all four 'big' sports in America. If you really want to suffer, do the KC Royals from 1986-2013.


CaPN_CoOkz t1_jecyrfd wrote

This made me smile for a sec, thanks internet


bhp126 t1_jed1nia wrote

We’re making moves.


Fartrell-Clugguns t1_jed7kzj wrote

Good. That fireman fan seems so annoying! Keep going Jorts


rustyhandcuff t1_jed8gpl wrote

Maybe Aaron will use his witchcraft this coming season….


ChariBari t1_jedci78 wrote

The Lions have 1 playoff win in the Super Bowl era. 57 years. Top that.


FuckThatIKeepsItReal t1_jef1zqs wrote

Yeah as a Jets fan, the Lions and Browns are right down there with us as perennial shitty teams. The Browns had a good year recently but overall they're shit.

The Bengals used to be down there too but these last few years have elevated them out of the bottom tier.


Beelzabubba t1_jedh1k8 wrote

Don’t worry, number 12 will lead them to 13.


sjb-2812 t1_jeehus3 wrote

So, when will they be relegated and replaced by someone else?


mordorxvx t1_jeelypy wrote

Yay!! It’s finally not the Mariners!!


RedNeckBillBob t1_jeer2u5 wrote

Tied with the sabres :(

Who are probably going to miss again this year :(


im_absouletly_wrong t1_jeernmn wrote

Definitely need an aged QB that doesn’t really want to play, not like there are any better options….


Despicable2020 t1_jeffd4j wrote

The Kings fully deserved it. They have been exceptional and exciting to watch all season.


kgilpin72 t1_jeaqf67 wrote

Patriots: You’re welcome


Brokenose71 t1_jebx4f0 wrote

Rogers to the rescue ! 😂 prediction; puts on uniform gets Covid misses a quarter of the games then gets injured- no play offs 🥳


TastyRancorPie t1_jeceh7v wrote

No way he gets covid, he's immune from butt-chugging ivermectin on the advice of Dr. Rogan


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jed2bjy wrote

He hasn’t missed a game due to covid or much injury for that matter, I would say we would require a Mono shot instead due to our quarterback missing a month plus a couple years ago. People get covid now and miss 2 days.


Gundam_Ranch_Dip t1_jebcobn wrote

Nobody is a more diehard fan than a jets fan. To take that kind of beating and keep coming back. That’s Stockholm level attachment.


Taudruw t1_jeckr8t wrote

Aww, poor NY team can’t buy their way into a pro sports playoff every year due to a salary cap? How will they ever be good on an equal playing field?? I feel so bad for them.


MaimedJester t1_jecmzph wrote

I mean they're in the same division as the Patriots... I wouldn't call the Jets the Yankees of the NFL, they don't even have their own stadium they just play when the Giants are on away games.


Taudruw t1_jecnu96 wrote

My point is that they aren’t allowed to be the Mets/Yankees of the NFL because the NFL has a spending limit.


MichaelHoncho52 t1_jed2yla wrote

Only team that has dominated in the NFL is the Patriots - and I don’t see too many players outside of the early teams saying they enjoyed their time there. Boston sports has been 10x more prolific with salaried teams.

Also your argument is off - Mets last won 35+ years ago and the Giants, with a cap, have won 2 super bowls in the past 20. Bills have been good in NY with a cap.


ascagnel____ t1_jecob66 wrote

The Jets are the Devils/Islanders/Nets of the NFL — clearly less popular than a more established team (Rangers/Knicks).